Why You Should Fix Your Home Appliances Yourself

Why is fixing your appliances yourself such a good idea? You may have plenty of articles claiming that a DIY fix is always better than hiring an expensive tradesperson or buying an entirely new product to replace it. Here are 5 reasons why you should opt to fix your appliances yourself.


Save money

First is the most obvious benefit – buying spare parts is much cheaper than paying the extortionate amounts that tradespeople charge to source and fit them and indeed it is much cheaper than buying an entirely new appliance. Let’s use your trusty Kenmore dishwasher as an example.

This high-quality household brand is a familiar sight in many kitchens. Kenmore dishwashers are often bespoke and built into your kitchen making them expensive to replace whereas buying replacement parts for Kenmore dishwashers can save you a fortune. You can find just about any part at a competitive price as well as helpful videos to help guide you on how to repair or replace it.


Why You Should Fix Your Home Appliances Yourself


Much more convenient

We often incorrectly assume that getting someone in to fix things is more convenient than trying to fiddle about with it ourselves. However, you have to consider the time it takes to source a handyman, check their reputation, and arrange for them to come over (which could be a long time if you want a popular, well-reviewed handyman that is already booked up).

And so often they turn up to look at the appliance only to discover they do not have the right part and have to order it in and come back at a later date. All this wasted time could be better spent fixing it yourself. So, before you think a handyman is the easier option, do a bit of research and see if you can source and fit the part yourself much quicker.

Choice of a genuine or compatible part

A downside you may not consider when booking a repair is that you often do not get to choose between a genuine replacement part or a cheaper compatible part. Some people would rather spend a little extra to use a genuine replacement part from their appliance manufacturer whereas many others opt to save a bit of money with a compatible spare.

A general tradesperson will often only stock compatible or universal alternatives meaning if you want a genuine part then they will have to order it in, delaying your repair. Alternatively, if you hire an engineer from your manufacturer themselves then they will only offer the genuine branded parts (adding to the already high cost of employing them).


Why You Should Fix Your Home Appliances Yourself


Sense of achievement

If you fix your appliance yourself then you can bask in that sense of accomplishment. Every time you turn it on, and it performs its task without a hitch you can feel proud in the knowledge that you made that happen.

Build up your general appliance knowledge

Each time you fix a problem or replace a broken part you are getting to know your appliances better. As you build up knowledge about the internal mechanisms, you will get better at figuring out any problems in the future and establishing whether a fault is worth fixing or if it will need replacing completely.


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