Wildlife Removal Tips: Make Your Home A Safe Place To Live

Animals are great and can help in uplifting the mood in an instant. That’s why almost 67% of U.S. households have pets. However, you can’t make every animal a pet because some animals are dangerous and can cause health threats. These are generally known as wildlife animals and include bats, raccoons, snakes, mice, skunks, barn swallows, and many more.

Usually, these animals keep their distance from humans and don’t bother anybody. But in the summer season, to save themselves from the harsh sun, they search for a resting space and start invading residential homes. The cities like Arizona, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Colorado have the wildest animals lurking in the house.

That’s why it is essential to learn the wildlife removal tips to keep you and your home safe from any threat.


Identify if any animal is in your house

First of all, you need to be sure that there is an unwanted animal on your property. To identify this, you need to pay attention to some signs. These includes:

  • Sudden noises on the roof and walls.
  • Look for animal droppings inside the house, garage, and storeroom.
  • Awful smell.
  • Signs of object chewing and scattered dustbins.

Besides these signs, you can also ask your neighbors if they have seen any uninvited guests roaming around in the garden or roof. You will need help from professionals like wildlife removal services for adequate bird management and to ensure that the animal is safely and humanely removed from the house.

Call wildlife control service

Once you are sure that an animal has turned your place into its habitat, you need to plan its removal as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will end up destroying your property and may also harm you. Nonetheless, these animals can get wild, so they might attack you. Therefore, you need to take help from professionals like Dallas Wildlife Removal Service and similar others. It will ensure that the animal is safely and humanely removed from the house.


Wildlife Removal


For future prevention

Once the work of professionals is done, you need to take matters into your own hands and make the following changes for future prevention.

Trim the bushes and overhanging tree

Wild animals love to stay near trees and bushes. So, you need to make sure that the bushes around your house are not overgrown. Otherwise, it will be an invitation to the raccoons and snakes to make your house their habitat. Also, cut the tree branches if they are easily touching your roof. Keep your garden well maintained and clutter-free so that no animal can find any place to hide.

Avoid piling of leaves

When you clean your garden, don’t pile up all the leaves, especially not near the house. There should be a distance of at least 20 feet between your house and piles of leaves. Animals like scorpions and snakes often make these leaves their hiding spot.

Moreover, snakes are very smart; they can find a way to break into your property and cause significant damage. If you doubt the presence of snakes in the garden or house, especially if you live in Texas (known for numerous wildlife species), you should take the help of snake removal Dallas, Texas, and get the invader removed. It will ensure that no harm is done neither to you nor to the reptile.

Seal all the entry points

Another thing that you must do is to examine the roof, windows, walls, vents, chimneys, and pipes of the house. Generally, these animals use them as an access point to enter and exit the place. After getting them removed, you need to ensure that there is no damage to the property. But in case there is any damage you need to repair it immediately. If necessary, try reinstalling the vent and chimney to restrict bats and birds.

Seal all these entry points properly so that no animal can enter your house. Furthermore, you also do a periodic check to avoid any invasion. Not to forget, keep your ears and eyes open all the time.

Install a fence

Last but most importantly, you should create a barrier for your house with the help of a fence. Ensure that the fence is high, slanted, and strong enough to prevent animals from making their way into the property. It will make it difficult for the animals to climb up the fence.

Furthermore, most of the fences are wildlife-friendly, so the animal will not get hurt after failing to get in.

To sum it all up!

Your home is meant to be a safe place for you to stay. If it allows the entry of wild animals, its primary purpose becomes void. However, with the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to make your home a safe place by removing all unwanted guests.


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