Will Technology Save Or Destroy The World

Technology plays an essential role in the development of the world. If we compare our modern world to the past, those tasks that take months or years to be completed are completed in hours or days in today’s world. You can understand with the help of this example.

When the masses of two countries wanted to communicate with each other, they had to send a letter which generally took some days. But now you can make a call to your relative or friends in no time. This call takes a single minute to connect you with your friend. This is the role of technology.

In 2019 the deadly virus spread to the whole world, claiming the lives of millions of people. With the help of technology, scientists made vaccination for this virus and saved the lives of millions of people. If you are a student, you can understand this better. Modern technology makes you able to attend your classes without going to schools, colleges, or universities. The trend of online education become common after the coronavirus.

Now many high schools or colleges follow the trend of online education. Students love to continue their education in the online learning process.

Will Technology Save Or Destroy The World


Role Of Technology In The Medical Field:

Doctors or scientists find the best cure or vaccination for the deadly virus or diseases with the help of technology. In the past, when a new virus was introduced into the world. Scientists or doctors need time to find the cure. But now, they can easily find the cure by doing some experiments. In this way, technology plays a very important role in saving the lives of human beings or other living things.

Save The World From Any Disaster:

Now, scientists predict any bad event in the world with the help of technology before happening. If there are any chances of earthquakes, storms, or heavy rainfall, you get some time to take precautions before it happens. Even scientists can predict how much area will be covered by the coming disasters. They tell the masses and give some precautions and tips on how to save them and their properties from the coming disaster. In other words, technology helps to save us from any difficult situations.

Harmful Impact Of Technology On Nature:

Unfortunately, those things which provide us uncountable benefits have some harmful effects. When scientists perform experiments, it will definitely affect nature. Some experiments release dangerous gases or particles that harm human beings and nature.

Even all electronic tools or mobile phones are harmful to human beings. It releases some harmful rays which affect human health. To save human beings from these harmful rays, scientists should perform these experiments far away from residential areas. By doing this, they can easily provide benefits to the masses with their modern technology invention.

Students Get A Lot Of Benefits From The Technology:

In the modern world, students should have to learn in the modern environment. Here technology plays an essential role in giving students a modern environment. After the pandemic, many schools or colleges follow the trend of online education.

The online learning process helps students to continue their education from their homes. When everything is under control. All educational institutions allow students to continue their education in the traditional system as well as in the online learning process. Students can save much time by engaging themselves in e-learning.

Students do not have to pay expensive fees of college or universities that are not able to afford exclusive fees. It has become all possible just because of technology. Suppose we do not have this technology that helps us cover the loss of education. Many students lost precious years of their academic life.

Will Technology Save Or Destroy The World:

The role of technology is more to save the world than destroy. If you are using modern technology in the right way, it will definitely provide you benefits. Every technology has two sides, like a coin. One side is bad, or the other side is good. You should have to away from the bad usage of technology.

You can understand with this example that some students spend their time learning new skills with the help of technology. On the other hand, some students waste their time playing video games or on other unnecessary activities. There are so many examples in history where scientists save the world with the help of technology.

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