Things To Know Before and After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Last updated on November 3rd, 2022

Teeth come out through the gums but the last teeth to come out are the wisdom teeth, which appear at 17 and 21 years o. But the age may vary.

Normally, wisdom teeth have no problem staying in the mouth. But, if a tooth cannot come out or does so partially, it is considered an impacted tooth. While some people experience no symptoms, I went through an ordeal that begins with a so-hard pain that I have no option but to look for wisdom teeth removal near me.

To avoid complications, the piece or pieces of teeth that are causing problems should be removed, according to Kumra Orthodontics Washington DC. It takes some serious work from the best dentists like the ones in Wilmot Family Dentistry to really fix things up. Since they are not in a good position, they could push other pieces or form cysts. When they are in a diagonal position, the molars emerge partially and bacteria and infections are likely to develop on the gums.

A lack of space in the oral cavity diagnosis is the first step before getting wisdom teeth out. This way, specialists prevent teeth straightening or other orthodontic treatments.

The surgery requires a specialist that sees your medical history. It is essential to let the professional know details such as heart disease, diabetes, blood problems, other surgeries, or if you have any allergies. He will also clarify the wisdom teeth removal cost.

Added to the wisdom tooth extraction cost, X-rays are needed to see the exact position of the teeth.  Depending on the person’s health, other tests may be required to make sure there is no issue with blood pressure or high sugar levels.

After analyzing the radiography and scheduling the surgery, it is recommended to take an antibiotic as a prophylactic measure. This is also necessary after the process.

The MedlinePlus portal explains that having wisdom teeth removed before age 20 is often less complicated than at an older age. The reason is that at this age the roots are not fully developed, while at an older age the roots become longer and curved. Plus, the bone is also much stiffer.


wisdom teeth removal near me, emergency wisdom tooth removal
Wisdom teeth removal can cause swelling that disappears after 5 days


After surgery

The first hours are essential to avoid complications. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions.

When the wisdom tooth is removed, the area or socket is filled with a blood clot. This clot must be taken care of because it produces the new bone that replaces the space where the roots of the extracted tooth were. If the clot is lost, it will bring serious and painful consequences.

Experts explain that using gauze is vital to control the bleeding in the area that was worked on. Bleeding may last at least 45 minutes to 1 hour after extraction. Use sterile gauze if bleeding occurs.

Cold is recommended to control this swelling during the first eight hours. Use an ice pack, but make sure to protect the skin with oil or facial cream first.

It is important not to spit or use mouth rinses during the first 24 hours, otherwise, the clot will become dislodged.

The diet must be soft, liquid, and cold. During this process, avoid consuming dairy food because it favors the entry of microorganisms. Wait for the anesthesia to pass to have your meals properly.


wisdom tooth extraction price, getting wisdom teeth out
This is how your mouth looks after a wisdom tooth extraction


3 to 4 days later

After 3 or 4 days, it is best to eat the food at a cold or room temperature. Hot meals could burst the clot.

Eat everything cold or at room temperature. Jellies, compotes, soups, fruit juices, and ice cream are excellent options. Avoid citrus and alcoholic beverages. Do not smoke or use straws to ingest drinks.

The day after the extraction, wash your mouth several times with salt and bicarbonate in a glass of warm water. Do it softly and brush your teeth carefully not to hurt the area.

Rest for the first three days. If you have doubts about your recovery, consult your doctor. Saltwater and bicarbonate rinses should be done gently and only 24 hours after the operation.

The use of analgesics for pain and antibiotics is also recommended from day one. Follow the times and take them with your meals.

At this stage, do not put ice on your face because it closes the arteries and it will not let the medicine work, making it difficult for you to recover. Your doctors may prescribe other meds.

Non-stop bleeding and fever are considered emergency wisdom tooth removal. Call your doctor immediately if this happens to you.

Go back to your normal diet slowly after 4 days.


wisdom teeth removal wisdom teeth removal cost, wisdom tooth extraction cost
Mouth rinses can be done moderately


Reasons for wisdom teeth removal

The first reasons are pain and infection. In this situation, antibiotics and wisdom teeth removal are the best alternatives.

When the wisdom teeth are totally covered by the gum, they can generate infection or a cyst and can damage the roots of other teeth.

Oftentimes, they erupt partially generating episodes of infections and periodontal problems due to the accumulation of bacteria. Whether they are included or partially erupted, they can cause pain and infection.

The highest percentage of extractions is performed in young patients. Wisdom teeth removal is more advisable in patients who are younger (before the root apex closes), as problems with the dental nerve are minimized.

Another frequent situation with wisdom teeth is when patients want to have orthodontics. If there is no pain, infection, or cavity, the extraction may not be called for.


wisdom teeth removal near me, emergency wisdom tooth removal, wisdom tooth extraction price
Pain caused by a wisdom tooth is the main reason people go to the doctor


When to resort to wisdom teeth removal

Besides studying the panoramic, lateral skull teleradiography, cephalometry, and photographic records, the orthodontist assesses the situation of the wisdom teeth. This is the criteria he considers:

Occasionally, wisdom teeth help apply orthodontic biomechanics because they act as mini-screws. These teeth can be pulled out following biomechanics.


getting wisdom teeth out
Wisdom teeth can lead to other dental issues if they have no space to erupt


A global dentofacial diagnosis is always key to achieving the best orthodontic treatment. Prior to wisdom teeth removal, ensure you find a good dental clinic that offers interdisciplinary treatment with specialists in each field to address all needs with criteria of clinical rigor. The wisdom tooth extraction price can range from $250 to $1100 per tooth if general anesthesia is used.

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    My wisdom tooth has been killing me and I am unable to move my jaw. I’m honestly scared to have it removed but it’s helpful to know that a specialist will consider it when it hinders in giving space for your third molar. I really hope to find a good private dentist that can make me comfortable throughout the extraction.


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