Year-Round Bed Bugs Control: 5 Tips And Tricks

No one enjoys having bed bugs on their mattresses as they can feel extremely uncomfortable, making it difficult for them to sleep at night. While you can’t really see bed bugs, you can feel them once they bite on your skin, which could lead you to develop red bumps, which are extremely itchy, making it an uncomfortable night of sleep. With that, you should remove every possible bed bug from your bed as soon as possible.  

As you try to do some bed bug control, ensure that you practice it frequently to prevent the bugs from coming back, and allow for a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. Moreover, below are some tips and tricks you might want to try as you try to get rid of those annoying bugs.


Year-Round Bed Bugs Control: 5 Tips And Tricks


  • Hire A Professional Service 

Getting rid of bed bugs by yourself might be challenging, especially if plenty of them are already present. While you might try to go the DIY route, there’ll still be some cases when your effort won’t be enough as it requires expert intervention. That’s when you need to turn and ask for assistance from professionals.  

Ideally, you should hire an experienced pest control service provider as they can help successfully eliminate bed bugs inside your home. They have the right bed bug treatment that’ll help keep every bed bug away and allow you to sleep comfortably every night. Along with this, you need to make sure that you hire a reliable service provider with a good reputation so you’d be guaranteed excellent results.

  • Wash Your Sheets Regularly 

Regularly washing your sheets is one of the things you need to do to make sure that you reduce the number of bed bugs in your home. You need to wash your sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bed skirts and put them in a hot dryer for about 30 minutes. The heat from the dryer can also kill bed bugs since they can’t withstand high temperatures. 

Having clean sheets is better cause not only does it help you remove bed bugs, but it also helps you to have a better quality of sleep. The smell of clean bed sheets will soothe your scent and help you get into the deep sleep you’re looking for. This would allow you to hit two birds with one stone. 

  • Vacuum Frequently 

There are many reasons why you need to make sure that your bed is clean. You use your bed every day and night, and it’s likely to accumulate dust and dirt over time. There are a lot of things that could lurk just beneath your sheets. If you sweat a lot during the night, eat snacks on your bed, or even sleep with your makeup on, these are some things that cause chemicals and bugs to be attracted to your bed. 

The best way to keep your bed clean is to vacuum your mattress. This helps control and eliminate bed bugs and dust mites, and can even help prevent the buildup of bacteria on your mattress. It’s recommended to vacuum your mattress on a monthly basis, or at least make this a part of your seasonal cleaning. Moreover, if you could purchase a bed vacuum with UV sterilization, it would be helpful as it could help guarantee cleanliness on your mattress. 

  • Deep-Clean Your Bedroom 

Deep cleaning your bedroom is also an effective way to get rid of bed bugs. After washing your sheets, pillowcases, and the like, you also need to make sure that you wash your pillows. You should aim to wash them at least every six months, but you need to wash them quarterly if you have allergies. 

You also need to clean every corner of your bedroom. Use a mop to dust walls and corners. You can even use extensions to reach the cobwebs accumulating on your ceiling corners. You should also clean your furniture, floors, as well as the walls and windows to maintain cleanliness inside your bedroom.

  • Use Heat Or Cold 

Bed bugs can’t survive in temperatures reaching 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, in order to successfully remove them, it’s advisable to wash your bedding at high temperatures and then put them in the dryer. These high temperatures can instantly get rid of them as they can’t survive extreme heat. Leave them in the dryer in high heat for about 30 minutes, and that’ll do the work of completely getting rid of them. 

Aside from the heat, bed bugs can’t survive the extreme cold as well.. Alternatively, when putting your clothing and bedding in a dryer, you can place them in plastic bags, seal them tightly, and put them in a freezer at zero degrees for at least eight hours. It’s most likely that the cold will kill the bed bugs. 



Controlling bed bugs inside your home should always be your top priority, whether they’re present or not. This way, you can achieve comfortable sleep every night and completely get rid of the bed bugs. While it’ll require you to do some more intense cleaning, the benefits it’ll bring your home would be worth it.  


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