Yes, It’s Always Worth Reupholstering Your Sofa

If you want to breathe new life into your dull old sofa, reupholstering can help you achieve a new look. New fabric gives unsightly furniture a fresh new look, revealing its true potential. The classic furnishing can be easily modified to fit your current décor. All you need is the right type of fabric, and talented upholsterers. It’s worthwhile reupholstering your sofa if the frame isn’t broken or damaged. Rather than tossing the sofa out, you should remove the old fabric and invest in a brand new one. You reupholster once, and you don’t have to think about it again. 


Signs It’s Time to Reupholster Your Sofa Right Now

The sofa creates a striking focal point in the living room. In other words, it’s the star of the room. It’s the cosiest place of the home where you, your loved ones, and guests spend most of the time. Reupholstering the sofa can help it last longer. But how do you know for sure it’s time? Keep an eye out for these signs.

  • You Have a Stain You’re Not Sure How to Get Out 

Spills permanently stain the fibres and affect the dye. With time, from wear and tear, repeated spills, and natural light exposure, the sofa becomes stained and discoloured. You can send the piece of furniture off for a professional clean. However, it might not solve the problem.

It would be best to replace the fabric completely. It’s not the end of the road for your sofa, far from it. Make things easier on yourself by choosing upholstery fabric that is easier to clean to reduce the amount of maintenance. You clean less often and less painfully when you have an easy clean sofa.


Yes, It’s Always Worth Reupholstering Your Sofa


  • The Fabric Is Slightly Damaged 

Mishaps can cost you dearly. Burn marks, tears, snags are unsightly, to say the least. You can repair the fabric using essential sewing tools or a repair kit. If there’s significant damage to the fabric, it’s beyond repair. Reupholstery can give your sofa a second chance.

You can choose a material for restoring the upholstery that’s identical to the existing one. With the proper approach to this problem, you’ll get a high-quality result without much difficulty. Extending the life of your favourite piece of furniture is easy with just a little effort. 

  • You’re No Longer Comfy 

Even a comfy sofa can become uncomfortable over time. The only solution to make your sofa a little comfier is to reupholster it. When you reupholster a furnishing item, you install new foam and other inserts, which adds years of comfortable use.

The firmness can be adjusted to suit your needs. If there are damaged springs, reach out to an expert artisan. You can’t possibly fix the problem yourself. It may be more costly than the DIY method, but it’s an excellent investment. Under all that wear and tear, you have an excellent furniture piece. 


Yes, It’s Always Worth Reupholstering Your Sofa


What Is the Best Fabric to Reupholster a Sofa?

Upholstery fabric provides a cushioned covering over the sturdy frame of the sofa. As you’re searching for upholstery fabric, consider practicality. Stain proof fabric is the best option in a house with kids and pets. Stain proof fabric is a type of performance fabric that is resistant to stains, easy to clean, and doesn’t lose its shape or color.

The protection is built into the fabric. Once you’ve cleaned the surface, you don’t have to worry that the sofa will give off unpleasant smells. Check the label on the fabric or consult the fabric guide at the shop before putting it to use in your home project. 

Stain proof fabric is built to last, which means that your sofa will remain beautiful forever. As a performance fabric, it has water-resistant qualities. Simply put, it can stop water from passing through the material. If you spill wine on your sofa, the liquid won’t soak into the cushions and cause irreversible damage.

When you have kids and pets, you have to make sure that your furniture can stand up to them. Stain proof fabric resists contamination from melted popsicles, spilt sippy cups, and muddy paws. You don’t have to forgo style for durability. 

You’ll be happy to know that stain proof fabrics are available in a wide range of patterns and textures. If you’re new to the world of upholstery, take a look at the options and decide what type will best suit your home’s needs. It’s recommended to choose a fabric that complements the sofa and the interior décor of your house. You don’t have to pair the same colors.

On the contrary, you can get away with a mix of colours. While some upholstery fabrics are casual like, for example, linen, cotton, and denim. Others tend to be more formal. Examples include silk, velvet, and jacquard. Select a fabric that reflects your personality and the mood of the décor. 

mk Reupholstering Your Sofa


Why Sofa Reupholstering Isn’t a DIY Job 

Sofa reupholstering is too hard to do it yourself. You can indeed save a lot of money, but the process can be a bit tricky. It’s hard, especially if you have no experience whatsoever, working with fabric, jute webbing, springs, and so on. It’s a lifelong profession that takes years to master. If you want to revive your old sofa, call a furniture upholsterer. Do a quick search on Google and find upholstery shops close to your home. They will be able to help you out. You can trust them to make the sofa as good as new. 

People with proven skills are the best in the industry. That’s because they know secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation. You can have confidence that the professionals will restore the furnishing item to its former glory. The cost of reupholstering the sofa depends on the fabric, foam, nails, and other supplies needed. The larger the sofa, the more fabric and supplies are necessary to reupholster. It’s certainly better than buying new. You should expect your piece of furniture to last at least 20 years. 

The upholsterer will ask you many questions to get an idea of what you want. At the end of the meeting, you’ll receive a free quote. If you’re pleased with the offer, the professional will get to work. Your sofa will be ready in no time. 


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