Your Guide to Geiger: What This Exciting Apocalyptic Series is Bringing to Comics

The name Geoff Johns has become synonymous with quality in the comic world. Through his work with DC, including the hit show Stargirl, and much more, Johns has continually pushed the boundaries of the comic world and has created consistently interesting and exciting work. His newest series, Geiger, takes place in a bold new universe that may surprise many with its insight into the unique challenges that people would face in such devastating circumstances.


Who is Geiger?

Geiger is a fascinating character created by Johns to explore an apocalyptic universe from a unique setting. While his origin story seems to fit in with many Golden Age comic ideas, it takes things from a different angle.

Geiger is a heroic figure but also quite tragic. Even his big moment of leaving his home city is explored with more depth and emotion than you typically get from these stories, while also not ignoring the potential for the exciting action and intrigue Johns typically brings to his work.

While the apocalyptic setting has been heavily used in some years (with some thinking it’s overused), Johns brings his characteristic intelligence, wit, and strong character work to the series. His ability to create engaging universes and explore them with fascinating characters is practically unmatched. That’s what makes his Unnamed Universe such a fascinating place to explore through his work.

What is the Unnamed Universe?

Expanding upon Geiger and his realm, the Unnamed Universe is part of Johns’ expansive Unnamed War universe that includes multiple different characters. In this world, the war to end all wars causes massive damage to the planet and basically ends civilization as we know it. Geiger is a result of this situation, though there are far more interesting side stories explored throughout this universe.

For example, Junkyard Joe is a unique spinoff robot character that’s been online since 1972. During his time, he has seen nearly 100 years of history, including various wars, battles, and much more. He is programmed to do good and protect his country, which goes at odds with the everything-goes nature of Unnamed Universe. Other characters include The Redcoat, an immortal warrior.

While the Unnamed Universe is still in its early stages, it’s easy to imagine Johns expanding it even further. For example, he could build many extra comics that explore this universe, including in other continents on the planet after the Unnamed War. The possibilities are endless and, with a creative touch, Johns could bring a whole new and immersive universe to comics.

Learning More About This Universe

If you’re interested in Johns’ work and want to explore the Unnamed Universe, it’s best to start with Geiger and work your way to other comics. Currently, Geiger is the mainline with The Redcoat comic coming out soon. How these two comics will tie together isn’t certain, but it is known that he will interact with both Junkyard Joe and Geiger in engaging and fascinating ways.

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