Your Home Might be Losing its Value Due to These Foundation Issues!

The structural integrity of your home totally depends on its foundation. If you show negligence towards the major problems then it may turn into a big catastrophe and you might have to bear a loss of thousands of dollars to repair it. Wondering if your home might be losing its value? As this phrase says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this goes perfectly with your home foundation.

It may be astonishing for you but major problems related to the foundation are caused by water. This goes in both ways, if the soil is dry then it will shrink and if it is moist then it will swell. Both situations are harmful to your home, especially when this happens in one area of the foundation. In simple words, the soil should be evenly dry or wet under the foundation.


Your Home Might be Losing its Value

Let’s throw some more light on other issues as well:

Poorly compacted soil

For the ease of construction of the commercial and residential buildings, the land is leveled artificially. If the soil is compacted perfectly then the foundation of the base will be solid, but in case it’s not compacted properly then it may cause Foundation issues. This is because the soil might be settled and compressed not evenly under the foundation. All this will ultimately lead to damage to the structure.

Vibration of the Soil

Seismic activity and close-by road traffic can cause a vibration of the soil. This ultimately shifts and settles the soil unevenly leading to structural damage to the building. If the home has suffered structural damage, the owners may need to do repairs to the house and its foundation. Some structures would need their foundations to be reinforced, but the only way to do this is to excavate the ground around for access to the damaged area. 

To prevent further harm to the already weakened structure, contractors could use hydro excavations as part of the process. This form of ‘digging’ uses pressurized that is relatively safe to bystanders and the home’s underground utilities.

Soil moisture changes 

Foundation settlement can be caused by too wet or too dry soil. The load-bearing capacity of the soil is lost when the moisture builds up because it saturates the soil. Whereas dry soil will shrink in volume. Both the situation will cause uneven settlement of the foundation. Because of prolonged drought, soil moisture changes can occur. In a very unusual situation, leaking in ventilation, air-conditioning ductwork, and subfloor heating might affect the soil moisture under the foundation.

Soils with a weak bearing capacity

There are a few soils that are highly compressible and weak by nature. The homes that are built on such soils need special footings so that the load can be spread in a wide area. The local architects are familiar with this issue and it is normally addressed at the time of construction and excavation of the foundation.

Based on their studies and assessment, if they find that the soil would not hold the added pressure from the home’s structure, plans are put into place to strengthen the foundation before the actual construction process can begin.

Trees and vegetation

Along a building’s foundation if huge shrubs, trees, and other vegetation are planted then it will slowly draw the moisture from the soil leading it to shrink. With shallow foundations, this sort of situation is more likely to occur than with the foundation that has a basement. As the large trees are drying out the soil, hence the soil is most likely to shrink.

And with that in mind, homeowners should keep an eye on any vegetation around the base of the structure and make sure that the plants or trees don’t become overgrown. Trimming them down regularly will not only keep them looking great but can help save the structure at the same time.

Last Words

The uneven settlement of soil is the major reason for foundation issues and with a repair, it can be sorted out. There are plenty of construction companies that offer the repair of the foundation. So hiring one can make the process easy as they know their work and you will be stress-free with the fact that your home’s foundation is in the hands of professionals.

Furthermore, instead of waiting for issues to arise, be proactive and take care of the soil around your home’s structure. Regularly check around the home or building to see if there are any structural issues, and call the professionals immediately before they put you in a life-threatening situation. 





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