Your Top 5 Essential Gardening Tools

Did you know that a third of homeowners that garden is in the millennial generation? People born between 1981-1996 did more gardening in 2019 than ever before. The average home spends about $500 a year on gardening supplies. With 90% of people spending about 93% of their time indoors, gardening has become a way to distress, connect to nature, and disconnect from technology.  If you’re new to gardening you might be wondering about the essential tools you need to get started. Keep reading to find out what they are. 




1. A Good Hand Rake 

First on the list of essential gardening tools is a good hand rake. While a longer rake is right for picking up leaves in the backyard, a hand rake is the better option for a small garden.

A hand rake is sturdy enough to pick up debris but gentle enough to work around plants without damaging them. Get something that has a good grip so it doesn’t slip from your hand as you work. 

2. Garden Shears

Gardening shears are another important tool you need to start your garden. Shears are used for trimming small shrubs or removing unwanted branches. 

Shears can also help you with harvesting by easily cutting off your veggies without doing any damage to the plant. Gardening shears with a good blade and grip are a must. 

You want to opt for shears with steel and non-stick blades. Something with an easy-to-use lock mechanism is best too. 

3. A Quality Harvesting Bag

When it’s finally time to harvest the herbs and vegetables you worked hard on growing you want to have a quality harvesting bag to carry everything. 

The Barebones gathering bag offers a lot of versatility for carrying your tools, veggies, and herbs altogether. The bag can be customized to carry on your back or chest. It’s also resistant to natural elements like rain. 

4. Gloves Make Gardening Easier 

A good pair of gardening gloves is also crucial. These will make gardening comfortable and easy while also protecting your hands. 

Your hands and nails will remain clean and you’ll prevent accidentally cutting yourself. Even if you don’t get any cuts, all the time spent using your hands to work can make you develop blisters but gloves can prevent this. 

Waterproof gloves are key but you should also make sure you purchase thick gloves when it’s time to prune in your garden. 

5. A Watering Can 

Last but certainly not least on the list of gardening essentials is a high-quality watering can. After putting in all the hard work into your garden, watering your flowers or vegetables will help them grow. 

A good watering can should come with different stream capacities. Smaller plants will need a gentler stream while bigger plants need a larger amount of water. 

The Best Gardening Tools You Should Get 

If you’re looking to put together your gardening toolkit, this list includes all the essentials you’ll need. A good pair of gloves and a high-quality gathering bag are key.

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