How Much Do Real Brass Knuckles Weigh?

There are some weapons that are functional despite their design and structure. You can always train yourself to get used to using them without too much trouble.

When it comes to handheld weapons like brass knuckles, people often wonder if it’s hard to handle them. But they actually don’t weigh as much as expected as they are more solid than they are heavier. So how much do real brass knuckles weigh?

If we were to estimate the real weight of a brass knuckle, it would be around 10-20 grams. The size of the weapon is also a factor because you will get the starter and professional-grade brass knuckles. 

The deal is actually in the material; real brass knuckles are predominantly made from strong metals. You can also get plenty of options in solid alloys which might be lighter. But the purer the material, the more weight it tends to have.

Even though this is not a regular concern for most people, knuckle weight can be an issue. For someone who uses them regularly, carrying them around requires a little getting used to.

You have to hold them up and grip them to make sure they don’t slip off or fall on your feet. 


How Much Do Real Brass Knuckles Weigh?


The Origin Of Brass Knuckles And Their Relevance Now 

With so many different kinds of technologies coming together, traditional tools are losing value. But there are still some weapons that would work despite their primitive design. Brass knuckles have been around for centuries and they are still manufactured and used to this day.

Originally, brass knuckles go back centuries when they were first invented for firsthand fist fighting. The Romans have been reported to use them for fist fighting and direct combat in the Coliseum. Gladiators would also use them when they were up against wild animals in the ring. 

They have been viable weapons for a long time and have worked perfectly as handheld weapons. There are also accounts from 12th-century Asia where something like a knuckle was called the tiger claw. 

It was used to counter enemies on the battlefield with force and great impact. Brass knuckles have been part of almost all infantry around the world at some point. All the way till World War I there were versions of this weapon being used in the army.

Since then there has been a decline in most military forces using brass knuckles. Technological advancement in weapons has replaced them as the primary tools. But before they could go obsolete, they were still very famous among civilians and small-scale gangs.

Other than being used for violence, brass knuckles also eventually gained popularity as accessories and bling. You will now find more reasons to buy brass knuckles than back when they were invented.

Ways Of Using Brass Knuckles Now 

For those of you who have never actually seen or used a brass knuckle, this list can be useful. There actually are a host of different possibilities that you might not have considered. But as for the weapon itself, it surely has translated into a handy tool and accessory over the years.

  • There’s a small population of gangs that still use them as weapons. They are very common in back alley fistfights and duels. But over time that number has started to dwindle since it doesn’t happen so often. 
  • But boxers and professional fighters do use a good knuckle buster for training.  In proper boxing training, you have to protect your hands from hurting so you wear them. Learning to throw proper punches requires a technique that knuckles allow. 
  • Other than all kinds of scheduled fighting, self-defense knuckles are very common now. Given their weight and impact, they work well for personal security in troubled situations. You can wear them on your hand when you’re out and might suspect some issues. If used in self-defense, knuckle weapons can cause serious bruising and muscle disruption.
  • Despite their inherent nature as weapons, brass knuckles are famous among young people. In recent years they have become quite common accessories. Celebrities and musicians are seen sporting brass knuckles as jewelry, especially rappers.
  • You will also find multiple renditions of the knuckle busters as belt and boot buckles. They are used to accessorize clothing and bags to give them an extra bling factor. 
  • In Navajo culture, bikers and outdoorsmen are often seen wearing brass knuckles. It is part of their biker persona and they also use them to decorate their bike handles and backs. They are also quite famous as hood ornaments for cars.
  • In the wilderness, brass knuckles can also be great survival weapons. They can be used to fend off wild animals to stay protected. You can also use them for breaking frozen ice to make drinkable water.

How Useful Are Brass Knuckles For Women?

It is not very common for women to use brass knuckles as weapons or accessories. But if you can train yourself with some basic punching techniques they can be pretty useful for self-defense.

Women are under threat all the time and they need to be vigilant when they are going out. A brass knuckle is easy to carry as you can wear it and there are some innovative designs that are more discreet. 

For women, some special two-finger brass knuckles are created that can pass off as quirky rings. They are often also known as cat brass knuckles as they are shaped like cat ears.

The ears are usually metallic and sharp; they can be used for stabbing and gauging when fending for you. If you travel alone on public transport or go out to clubs, this is the perfect weapon that’s discreet and effective.

Get The Best Brass Knuckles In The United States

If you are looking for high-quality brass knuckles, you can survey your local weapon stores.  But since knuckles are not the most famous weapons you might have to look around a bit. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always check out online stores. 


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