LVT Flooring – 5 Things You Should Know About It and Its Uses

Luxury vinyl floors, also called LVT by its name in English (Luxury Vinyl Tile), are a type of PVC flooring that has a natural look of wood or stone in different tones and styles.

Like other vinyl floors, this product comes in different sizes, presentations, and textures that give you the opportunity to creatively design the floor decoration of any area of ​​your home or workspace, as it allows you to easily combine textures to create unique designs.

LVT flooring is manufactured from different layers of PVC like LVT click flooring, which provide the stability to be installed on smooth surfaces, but also make it highly resistant to friction while remaining flexible to facilitate the entire installation process. In addition to the structural layers, it has a superior protection layer that gives it the texture and natural and realistic appearance that we seek, which, in addition to giving it a very striking appearance, protects it from damage that may be caused by the wear and tear of the day.



Among the advantages of LVT vinyl flooring we can find that:

  • It is more durable than flooring made of real wood, ceramic, or stone.
  • It is cheaper than floors made of natural materials.
  • It is resistant to humidity.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • Provides more heat than stone or wood flooring.
  • Isolates noise.
  • Its installation is much simpler than that of ceramic, stone, or wood floors.
  • One piece of the installation can be easily replaced.

So if you are looking for a floor that has a great appearance like herringbone LVT flooring Redmond and that at the same time is kind to your pocket, LVT vinyl floors can be an excellent option to decorate your favorite spaces. The LVT flooring cost is around $1 and 5$ per square foot.

Now, if you are curious about the correct cleaning and maintenance of these floors, below we will answer 5 of the most common questions.



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Is it necessary to apply wax on luxury vinyl floors?

The answer is NO. This is another advantage of this type of vinyl flooring.

Its surface has a natural shine that does not require the use of waxes to maintain its appearance. It is always important to make exclusive use of the products recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the quality of your floors, in addition, these are usually substances that are easily applied to the surface with a mop or mop.

When you buy your vinyl floors, tell the consultants about the area where you will install them, especially if it is an area of ​​high humidity, heavy traffic, or an area prone to scratches. Knowing all the characteristics of the place will be very useful to the advisor to recommend the ideal product to keep them looking good.


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Use only products recommended by the manufacturer

Can high-speed polishing equipment be used to enhance the shine of herringbone lvt?

NO, the force exerted by the polisher will destroy the protection film that covers the surface of your floors, destroying it and significantly deteriorating the natural appearance and shine. If you want to make your floors shine, we recommend using the necessary products and using low-speed polishing equipment.


lvt herringbone flooring, herringbone lvt, installing lvt flooring
Do not use high-speed polishers for cleaning these floors


If the floor already has scratches, what can I do?

It is important to follow the maintenance instructions from the beginning to avoid any type of scratching on your vinyl floor, but if the scratch is already present, you can gently wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth without using abrasive products, however this only works in shallow crevices.

Other options are:

  • Apply the recommended sealer, right after washing your floors, and this will help hide the subtle marks.
  • Ask your supplier about a stain repair kit. For this reason, we recommend two products that are: – Remover Solution
  • Sealer Plus Industrial

In the case of a deeper scratch, it is better to replace the tile, a process that is relatively simpler.

To avoid scratches or cuts appearing on your vinyl floors, remember to sweep or vacuum daily to remove dust residues, also clean your shoes well before entering your home or office to guarantee the elimination of traces of corrosive elements that you carry on the floor.


lvt flooring lvt click flooring,lvt flooring cost
Vacuum the LVT floor regularly to remove dust


What is the most suitable method for cleaning LVT flooring?

There is a “two-bucket” system that is considered effective for cleaning these types of floors. The idea is to use two clean buckets, one with the recommended cleaning product and the other with clean water, thus avoiding mopping your floor with dirty water and producing a cross-contamination effect.


lvt herringbone flooring, herringbone lvt, installing lvt flooring
Use a piece of cloth or sponge to get rid of the debris


Can some floor designs hide dirt and wear?

Using dark colors instead of light colors can help hide the dirt that is on your vinyl floors, however, the accumulation of dirt will increase the probability of creating scratches, and over time your floor will have deep wear notorious and difficult to remove, requiring a replacement of the entire floor.

It is essential to clean all the residues, liquid, and solid that may be on the surface to guarantee a good appearance. In addition, LVT vinyl floors can be cleaned very easily so this will not be an excuse to always keep them with the same initial quality.



Vinyl flooring is a flexible product. Without proper subfloor analysis, the flooring might become wavy and scarred over time. See below what are the necessary conditions to have a perfect subfloor for the installation of vinyl flooring:

  • Cleansed;
  • leveled;
  • Dry and cured;
  • Firm;
  • Waterproofed if necessary.


Final thoughts

Be careful: installing lvt flooring is not recommended in outdoor environments due to damage caused by bad weather, or in industrial kitchens due to the high temperature of the stoves and boilers.

Install vinyl flooring in bathrooms with showers, as frequent and excessive moisture tends to cause tile and tile to shift over time.

It should be noted that in high-traffic areas, the wear of your floors will be greater. In any case, remember to use the recommended products and thus you will guarantee a better appearance for longer.

Keep in mind that before carrying out any cleaning procedure not suggested by the manufacturer, it is necessary to consult the technical manual for your apartment or contact your advisors so as not to lose the product warranty.

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