How to Paint Radiators

The reasons for painting a radiator can be varied. From the consequent deterioration of the original paint to the attempt of achieving an aesthetic combination between the radiator and the rest of the elements that make up the room where it is located. If you’re planning to paint radiator, this blog can be helpful for you.

With the passing of time, radiators lose their color, and thanks to the dirt that accumulates and the activity they darken, thus damaging the paint in the process.

Replacing a radiator may seem like a quick fix to this problem, but it’s also quite an expensive fix. That is why the best option is to paint radiator.

Painting it ourselves is not very complicated. We just have to take into account a few things before doing it. With the paint options and the variety of colors that exist in the market, it is really easy, fast, and entertaining. Considering that you will not break the bank, you only need to have a little time to paint radiator.


How to paint radiators?

There are several methods of painting a radiator. If you want to paint radiator to ensure the cleanliness of all parts, then you must dismantle it. Do so prior to cleaning and dusting it. Spray-painting a radiator will help you finish the work much quicker.


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Painting a modern radiator

If you have modern radiators made of aluminum in your house, it is possible that these have been chipped somewhere and need a small cosmetic repair. These radiators are not usually painted since they are lacquered in white and painting them in the interior areas is extremely complicated, due to the very little space left between their elements.

If you have one of these radiators and your problem is the one described above (superficial chipping), we recommend that you apply a radiator spray paint or enamel that has good adhesion and heat resistance, such as White Spray Primer or Colored Spray Paint, which is by far the best radiator paint for this purpose. You will hide those small flaws completely.

Applying this paint is extremely simple. Shake vigorously for a minute and spray in a vertical position over the area to be repaired, leaving a distance of about 20 cm apart, so that it is uniform and there are no areas with accumulated paint, at the same time you spread the paint smoothly. It is also recommended that you protect the nearby areas so that they do not get stained.

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How to paint a radiator that has to be disassembled?

The first step is to disassemble a radiator.

Before starting to paint radiator, it is advisable to wash it deeply to lengthen its lifespan and keep its performance at its best. This is just as important as the painting itself.

If the radiator has been previously painted, clean it with soap and dishwater.  Rinse it well and allow it to dry later.

After washing and before proceeding to paint, sand gently with a very fine sandpaper block to open the pore of the previous paint. In addition, clean the dust with a piece of cloth after sanding.


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Some radiators may require dismantling


Painting old radiators you do not want to throw away

If you are going to paint an old radiator, it is important to choose a color for it that matches well with the rest of the room. You can do it with tones that are similar to the color of the walls, so that it is more hidden, or you can choose black radiator paint to contrast the colors of white walls if it’s your case.


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Old radiator

Doing the job with a brush

To paint a radiator in the best way possible, you can do it with a radiator paint brush.

The most common and well-known is the Curved Paletina Radiator Brush, a brush that allows you to reach places where normal brushes cannot reach.

Also, the radiator magic paint curved brush is one of the most recommended because it reaches all the places where other brushes cannot. With this brush, you will be able to paint radiator very easily in the most remote corners of the radiator, thanks to its design and to the fact that it is articulated.


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Final recommendations

Whenever you work on the radiator, bear in mind it must be cold and turned off.

Clean it and maintain it for around a year before painting. This way, the radiator will always be in good condition.

Do not cover your radiator with tablecloths, curtains, or other types of material. It makes no sense.

Grey radiator paint combines perfectly with white and dark-colored walls.

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