Success of ADUs in California

What are ADUs?

ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units are known by multiple names, such as in-law units, granny flats, secondary units, backyard cottages, etc. The ADUs are not only affordable but they are also known to be an innovative and effective option when you need extra space for elders and guests to stay. With proper ADU design, you can add more rooms and improve the resale value of your house. With the help of a reputed ADU architect, you can build your own ADUs in no time.


What are the benefits of ADUs?

Before you start thinking about the cost of building ADU, it is mandatory to know the benefits you get from it. Also known as small homes built on the same property as a primary residence, ADUs consist of one or two bedrooms with a kitchen and bathroom. There are some benefits revolving around ADUs. Let’s find out.

  • ADUs are great rental units to help you earn passive income. So, if you have a space, you can add a secondary dwelling opportunity and earn extra money. It will add more to your living conditions to help you lead a better life.
  • Get the chance to increase your existing property’s value by adding ADUs to your place. Check out the ADU design cost first with experts. Depending on your comfortable budget, the designers will provide you with separate options to choose from.
  • If you have guests or family visiting out of town, they need a place to stay. Well, ADU will provide them with the extra space they need. It is one way to help them enjoy their stay without cramping up your place.
  • ADUs are considered low-cost housing designed for senior family members and caretakers. So, now you all can live together without worrying about extra space to accommodate all.
  • ADUs are perfect spots to turn into workout spaces or home offices. It will be a part of your house and separated from the main house.

Potential Uses of ADUs:

There are so many potential uses, and that’s why people are all set to build an ADU with expert guidance. Understanding the uses beforehand is necessary before you jump straight into investing.

  • ADUs provide benefits for both individuals and society.
  • It is targeted as an infill development, which will properly use existing infrastructure to help increase densities at levels where transit becomes viable.
  • The services are available at lower costs and with quicker permit processes.
  • As ADUs are considered to be relatively small and the amenities are modest, they offer more affordable housing options.
  • These units can also be used as the only rental housing available for older and single-family neighborhoods.
  • Significantly, the addition of ADU will help improve the value of your property. It constitutes an asset-building strategy for all the homeowners out there.

Rules for ADU construction in California:

If you reside in California, you need to be sure of the rules associated with ADU. Depending on the rules, you have to call experts to chalk out a perfect accessory dwelling unit design. There is a state-wide exemption ADU available. It is an ADU of not more than 800 square feet, which is 16 feet in height and potentially limited by the local agency. It consists of 4 feet wide and the rear yard setbacks. The reputed construction workers are well-aware of the ADU rules to follow.

Why are ADUs on Boom?

  • An Investment to help you financially:

ADUs won’t just increase the resale value of the home but will help families accommodate near and dear ones in a rather economic manner. By creating an ADU or renovating existing space, you can now allow college students, disabled family members, and seniors to live on your property comfortably without constructing a new place altogether.

  • The building is easy:

With custom ADU builders’ help, you can now build your ADU with ease. It won’t involve many steps like constructing a new home. Officials are further adjusting local and state ordinances to make it easier to build ADUs.

  • High-end affordability:

Building a home can indeed be quite laborious and expensive. But, that’s not the case with ADU. These units are cost-effective to make and also way cheaper to live in.

  • Paying for own self:

Even though ADU has some upfront costs, families now know that these units will pay for themselves. For example, college students can now stay with their family at home in an ADU rather than spending bucks on on-campus housing. In the same way, families with elders who need care 24 x 7 can rely on ADU. It helps them to say money on assisted living facilities.

  • Get to transfer Generational Wealth easily:

Passing down your property to the next generation can be a bit difficult, mainly when younger families fail to afford the initial expense associated with taking on their parents’ home. But, that won’t be the case with ADU. ADUs will allow members to live nearby and save money.


Best for the millennials:

Studies indicate that youngsters are asking reputed ADU builders to construct ADU units. They represent 38% of the market. With the minimalistic way of living, ADU is becoming quite popular among the youngsters.


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