Best Interior Design Books to Read Right Now

Interior design books give readers not only a general understanding of modern design and the theory of the correct color combinations. Such books are commonly written by well-known interior designers with a huge experience under their belts. Along with the theoretical knowledge, practical tips, and pictures as examples of what they are talking about.

If you don’t know where to start and what book to choose first, you can surely surf the internet and find reviews from previous readers. Nevertheless, we have prepared a compilation of the top interior design books that are o to obviously be read by each interior designer.


1.   Live Beautiful

This book written by Athen Calderone, an outstanding interior designer, aims to explain to readers what a huge impact our home interior design can have on our moods, behaviors, and lives in general. It also contains experiences and practical tips from different interior designers that have been creating homes for people for many years, like 5+.

In addition, the book author shows two of her houses depicting each element and explaining its choice. Every detail in interior design really matters – the colors and shadows of paints, the style of each furniture item for particular rooms, and so on.


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2.   Perspective for Interior Designers

Interior design trends are constantly changing so when creating a design project for clients, it is important to consider that fact and create a perspective design. This capability is considered to be pivotal for designers and architects. And this book tells about the importance of design perspective and gives practical tips on how to implement such practices in interior design.

Here readers can also find various techniques depending on the chosen design styles where the author explains that each ray of light or shadow really matters according to the room and its purpose.


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3.   Golden Light

It is a real talent to be able to combine modernity and classic styles in designing the interior for a single house. It is vital not to overdo with one or another and make the rooms look harmonized.

The author of the Golden Light book Nickey Kehoe shares his view and experience working with so many different interior design styles, where some of which are considered to be outdated but still work well for some clients. Home interior design should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the house owner.

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4.   More Rooms

Katie Ridder is a popular interior designer who is known for definitely combining colors and styles within each room. Actually, this book ruins all stereotypes and fundamental knowledge about home interior design showing designers can combine any colors, shadows, and textures they want.

Being creative is the main rule in home interior design due to Katie Ridder. She also depicts her rooms in this book explaining the choice of colors, patterns, furniture, style, and so on. If clients want to receive a marvelous design interior project, they should find a professional who can gain trust and reliability for 100%.


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5.   The Home Edit

This book can be considered as a detailed guide on how to design each room of your house or apartment. Sometimes people struggle with the lack of free space in their houses as they are not capable of organizing and optimizing it correctly.

The Home Edit book teaches readers how to arrange each corner of your home properly to make it look great and convenient at the same time. Each thing in your house should have its own place to keep the free and clean space as mess can negatively impact your mood and even mental health.

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6.   Travel Home

The ability to make the design project correspond to each customer’s request comes with the experience. When reading this book, you dive into a long trip through 20 marvelous home interior designs created by internationally recognized interior designers. Travel Home shows pictures and their descriptions not only of the different design styles but of the design styles in different countries including Cuba, France, Portugal, and others.

Along with replenishing knowledge about design, readers can also familiarize themselves with various cultures, their peculiarities, and the cultural impact on home designs. Well, the book can become a great source for inspiration and fresh ideas in the work of interior designers.


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7.   Home for The Soul

Furniture production requires huge stocks of wood and other materials extracted from natural resources. The Home for the Soul book enables people to care more about our Earth and ecology by choosing ecological materials that do not harm nature and have no impact on it today and in the future. The book author calls such houses soulful where people choose an eco-friendly lifestyle in all spheres.


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8.  House Dressing

As we have already mentioned, the home interior design should match the owner’s personality and way of living. The design is always a combination of convenience and decoration for your house. The author of the House Dressing book depicts the common but charming design for family houses that will suit adults as well as children.

The author also expresses her opinion on different modern styles in interior design and advises where to use each of them. Family designs don’t have to be boring, common, and calm. Experienced designers can easily harmonize the modern and classic ways to make the house look really stylish.


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9.   Modern Americana

The book author claims that each personality can create their own home interior design style and add any elements they want to it. The Modern Americana book shows various combinations of designs describing their details like patterns, textures, colors, and so on.

The author emphasizes the uniqueness and customization of each design project making it really special but corresponding to the customer requests. When he says “custom”, it relates practically to all items located in the rooms – wallpapers, clocks, chairs, tables, carpet, etc. Details in home design create a general picture and mood of the house and its inhabitants.


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10.  More Beautiful

It is the second book in the Beautiful series written by highly experienced interior designer Mark Sikes. He defines five primary home design styles that are the following:

  • Traditional that entails classic design elements
  • Country evolves modernity
  • Coastal unites people with nature through the home design
  • The Mediterranean implies unusual bright interior design decisions
  • Beautiful that combine different cultures and style in the house of the book author


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To end up

In this post, we have mentioned the most popular books written by outstanding designers where the starting designers can learn the fundamentals about classic and modern designs, different styles, their peculiarities, and belongings.

Additionally, the book authors commonly provide pictures of their best interior designers to help readers visualize and feel them better.  Reading professional literature matters no less than practical design execution in order to evolve the skills and be aware of the latest interior design games and trends.




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