What To Look For When Buying Artificial Christmas Trees

If you’re putting up a fake tree this holiday season, there are several things you should be aware of. First, for safety, you should look for ASTM-certified artificial Christmas trees. These trees must meet stringent standards for child safety and corrosion.



Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are increasingly popular because of their realistic appearance and ease of assembly. However, consumers should be aware that pre-lit trees are electrical products and are subject to some safety standards.

Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come in many different styles and features to suit any decorating style. Some have traditional incandescent bulbs, while others are equipped with energy-efficient LED lights. You can even opt for LED fairy lights if you want your tree to be as cheery as possible.


Unlit artificial Christmas trees can be purchased from a variety of sources. Many of these sources offer discounts of up to 60 percent. In addition, these companies offer a vast selection of artificial Christmas trees. These trees are great for a home with modern or classic decoration. You can decorate them with large ornaments and warm LED lights.

When buying an artificial Christmas tree, it’s important to ensure it meets safety standards which is why it is essential to check resources like Balsam Hill reviews. Most trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, but you can choose ones made from less toxic plastics. However, several chemicals in PVC are associated with negative health impacts. Because of these chemicals, it’s best to store an unlit artificial tree outside for a few days before bringing it indoors.


What To Look For When Buying Artificial Christmas Trees


Self-incorporating Stand

When buying artificial Christmas trees, always look for ones with self-incorporating stands. These are essential for ensuring your tree remains upright and is easy to store. Flimsy stands may cause your tree to tip over, costing you money if you have to replace it earlier than planned.

The height of your tree is also an important consideration. Typically, a tabletop tree is under 6 feet high, perfect for small spaces. A 7′ to 8′ tree is best for average-sized homes and apartments, while a 10′ to 15′ tree will fit perfectly in a large home.

Fullness Of Branches

When buying an artificial Christmas tree, check for the fullness of the branches. If some branches are too sparse, fill in the gaps with large baubles or oversized flowers. Also, add some snow to the tree to make it look fuller. Your tree’s appearance also depends on the type of ornaments you put on it.

The fullness of the branches is a good way to judge the quality of an artificial Christmas tree. A fuller tree looks more realistic, but it is more expensive. Also, check the branch tips to make sure they are sturdy.

Quality Of PVC

When buying artificial Christmas trees, it is important to know the difference between PE and PVC. PE trees are polyethylene, while PVC trees are made from a PE and PVC blend. PE trees offer the look of a freshly cut tree without the mess. PE trees are created through a molding process, while PVC trees are created through a cut-and-spin method. As a result, PVC trees have a more realistic look, and many feature cotton branches.


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