4 Home Office Design Ideas for People Who Love Nature

How much time do you spend in your office? Now compare that to how much time you spend in nature. How does your mind and body feel currently?

Turns out that humans who spend at least 2 hours per week in nature reap the mental benefits it has to offer. Just to name a few, these benefits of spending time in nature include reducing stress, raising endorphin levels, and restoring your capacity for concentration.

If you’re in the office for the majority of the day, why not bring nature to you? For 4 nature-themed home office design ideas, read our blog post below.


1. Let the Sunshine In

When designing an office, the amount of light often gets overlooked. Artificial light is unavoidable, but allowing for natural light to flow through will increase clarity and brainpower. By opening the blinds in your physical space, you simultaneously open the blinds in your mind and your focus will boost as a result.

You will notice the shift if you feel awake. If you’re designing an office from scratch, face your desk by big windows. A bright glass chair mat or sitting/standing hybrid setup is ideal too, to get your creative juices flowing.


3 Green DIY Ideas for Your Study Room, 4 Home Office Design Ideas for People Who Love Nature


2. Vines and Moss

Plants are a sure-fire way to spruce up and liven up your office space. Why not take it up a notch and incorporate vines and moss along the walls?

By adding a vine or moss wall to your office, you not only ramp up the aesthetics with the greenery, but you will be breathing in and purifying the air too. You can add it to your window sills as well to bring in the cooler air as you work.

3. Crystal Clear

When it comes to nature-based home office design ideas, having crystals and rocks may not be the first thing that pops into your mind.

Crystals all have certain energetic properties that will stimulate something within you. For example, a citrine stone will keep you calm and productive while a pyrite stone will boost your health and intellect.


selenite stone, orange selenite, selenite stick, 4 Home Office Design Ideas for People Who Love Nature


4. Water Ways

Designing a nature-themed office is all about paying attention to all of your senses. Adding something like a small desk fountain will have you focusing in no time. If you have a larger space, why not have a freestanding wall water feature or other fountains?

For some more water-based home office design ideas, play with the variety of materials and sizes. The sound will be louder the further the waterfalls, and wood will mute the sound more so than rock or other materials.


Bring Nature To You With These Home Office Design Ideas

These home office design ideas will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of nature. Once you do, pay attention to the mental benefits such as productivity and the lowering of stress levels. As you focus on your work, you will be in a blissful state.

What other projects would you like to work on? Whether it’s keeping your psyche in a positive state or pursuing another home-based project, we’ve got you covered. Head on over to our blog to discover so much more.

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