Simple and Low-Cost Design Ideas for Bedrooms

We tend to associate decoration with luxury and think that we have to spend a lot of money to have a well-decorated home, but this is not the case. You can have a charming and stylish home, and a bedroom, without going broke. You just have to know how to choose the right furniture and know some tricks to make things much easier for you.

The key is to have some objects with class and personality that are the essence of the bedroom and mix them with others that are simpler and low-cost. Take note of these 9 ideas that we leave you below to decorate your bedroom so that it looks beautiful and original without spending a lot of money.


 1. Use moldings on the walls

Moldings are an architectural element that raise the level of bedroom decoration. They don’t take up space and generate a sense of care and wellbeing. They are usually associated with a classic decoration style. Still, it has been shown that, nowadays, this is no longer the case and that any decorative style can incorporate moldings on the walls. They can be made of plaster, and you can even fit them yourself if you choose the ones made of synthetic material.


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 2. Add some houseplants as decorations

You probably already know that plants add vitality to a space, and your bedroom is no exception. They are a cheap, eye-catching, and unique solution for a room. What’s more, they go well with any material, color, or decorative style. Best of all, you can change them around and replace them with new ones, so your bedroom will never be the same, and you won’t get tired of it.

 3. Buy a headboard, or make it yourself

The headboard is one of the most eye-catching decorative elements in a bedroom. You will find endless varieties of them in decoration shops (large, small, minimalist, or the most elaborate), but it is always better to make them yourself, especially if you want to save money. You can use pallets, shelves, or any idea that comes to mind. Furniture chalk paint is a great ally when it comes to personalizing your headboard.


marble accent wall in luxury bedroom with king size bed with oversized headboard Low-cost Interior Design Ideas


  4. Pay attention to textiles

As we have said, you should also have a bit more expensive things that attract attention, one of them can be the bed linen, as the main piece of a bedroom is the bed and it attracts a lot of attention.

A quality duvet cover is practically a well-decorated bedroom. And you also can’t forget about the rest of the textiles in your room (curtains, blankets, carpet, etc.). Bear in mind that the bedroom’s look will also change radically if you change them.

Therefore, if you want to renovate your room without making significant changes, renewing the textiles (all or some of them) can be an excellent economical solution and relatively easy to do.

 5. Get yourself a multifunctional bedside table

If you don’t want to invest in a bedside table, you can always use another object or piece of furniture to do the same function. A chair, for example, will give personality and character to the room. If the Nordic style is your thing, we recommend some wooden trunks. They are inexpensive and are the perfect solution alone or together.

Simple and Low-cost Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

6. Buy some original cushion covers and interchange them

The cushions we place on the bed can say a lot about us and the care we take with the decoration. They provide a cozy, pleasant, and comfortable feeling and give a bed presence and character.

They are great allies for dressing up the bed, as they decorate it and can give it a touch of color. It is always great to have a couple of different cushion covers so that you can interchange them and create a dynamic atmosphere.

 7. Don’t forget the mirrors

Mirrors are great allies when it comes to creating visually much larger and brighter spaces than they really are. Analyze and study where to place them so that you can achieve the desired sensation. A good advice for you is to have a large, full-length mirror, and if you want a smaller one, it should be just another decorative element.


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 8. Use light colors while painting the walls

Neutral and light colors are perfect for bedrooms, as they transmit peace, serenity, wellbeing, calm, and tranquility. After all, that is what you are looking for in a bedroom, to be able to rest and disconnect from daily stress. Grey walls, for example, are a good option because they are not cold and combine perfectly with almost any other color and material.

 9. Mind the lighting, add it just enough

Lighting is a very important aspect in decorating any space in the house, and therefore also in the bedroom. It is important to have different points of light, although the ideal solution is to have as much natural light as possible.

Use ceiling lamps and some table lamps next to the bed or desk lamps for studying. You can also opt for floor lamps with an adjustable light that will help you to create different atmospheres in the same space, thanks to the light.


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