Is It Safe To Spray Paint A Crib? Find Out Now!

The urge to paint your baby’s wooden crib is not something that only you want to do. Almost all the parents want to give the crib a special look with colorful paints. But is it safe to spray paint a crib? You need to get the answer straight because you shouldn’t compromise even for a little bit when the concern is about your baby.

That’s why we brought the answer to you here. With our thorough research, we got a better understanding of whether the spray paint will be safe for your baby or not. Also, we have found other amazing pieces of information that you will be glad to know.

In short, we found out that if you want to spray paint the crib, that’s fine as long as you choose the safe non-toxic (containing no silicates or lead), non-odor paint without any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Otherwise, the paint can harm your baby’s health. Keep on reading to know more about it!


Is It Safe To Spray Paint A Crib? Know What To Do


Is It Safe To Spray Paint A Crib?

If you choose the right paint, it will be safe for your kid. But the question is, how to do that? After our discovery, we figured out that the safest paints for cribs are mainly water-based paints. These paints contain Zero-VOC so these are nontoxic to your baby.

If you attempt to paint your baby’s crib with spray paints, you need to pick the ones that contain no silicates or lead. Organic spray paints are the best for your baby’s safety.

Spray paints that contain VOCs can be hazardous once they dry off because they keep discharging VOCs. As a result, when your baby inhales the air containing these substances, it will harm their lungs. These paints are not environmentally friendly as well. The most concerning fact is the concentration is 10x stronger in our homes compared to the outer environment. So, now you know how dangerous it can be for your kid’s health.

Not only breathing issues, but these harmful substances can also cause a cough, skin irritations, damage to the heart, and cause damage to other vital organs. So when you want to paint your baby’s crib, you need to pick the paints that come with approval under the SCAQMD-113 regulation.

Also, look for a “Waterborne Interior-Acrylic-Enamel” in the paints which meet these standards and are safer to use. You can also choose paints that are EN71-3 or ASTM F963-17 certified, these paints are the safest for your kid’s health.

Another fact that you should keep in mind is that if you want the paint to be safe for your baby, you need to buy one that comes odorless. Odored paints can irritate your baby as babies are super sensitive to smells.


Is It Safe To Spray Paint A Crib? Find Out Now!


Are Cribs Painted With Non-Toxic Paint?

Not always, but you need to make sure of that. While you buy a crib, make sure to buy the crib that’s painted using non-toxic paint. Get a crib that has a formaldehyde-free finish or paint to keep your baby safe from all the health hazards.

Is Spray Paint Kid Safe?

Spray paints are kid-safe as long as you pick the non-toxic ones. Most of the paints contain volatile organic compounds which are highly hazardous for your baby. So if you can pick a VOCs-free paint without any toxicity, you can safely use that for your baby’s necessities.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to stain a baby crib?

Yes, if you pick non-toxic stains that will dry off quickly and are made of organic compounds, those will be entirely safe for your baby. Make sure of the approval under the SCAQMD-113 regulation to get the best paint for your baby.

Can you paint or stain a crib?

Yes, you can do both. You can do whichever you want as long as you make sure of the safety. Pick the safest paints or stains for the crib. Also, pick the quick-drying ones to have the best outcome. Odorless paints are another fact to take into consideration to ensure extra safety.

What paint is safe for babies?

Odorless and non-toxic VOCs-free paints are the safest. You need to check for approval under the SCAQMD-113 regulation to get the safest deal. Also, you can choose paints that are EN71-3 or ASTM F963-17 certified to ensure maximum safety.


Is It Safe To Spray Paint A Crib? Know What To Do


Wrapping Up

Our discovery on is it safe to spray paint a crib is completed with various research and results. We have shared every single piece of information with you. By now, it should be clear to you what to do and what not to do. If you want to keep your baby the safest, you need to choose the right paint.

Once you pick the right paint for your baby, there will be no other obstacles in painting the crib. The right paint can keep your baby out of danger while giving the perfect look to the crib as well. So enjoy the painting after choosing the safest paint for your baby’s crib and you can leave a sigh of relief!


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