Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Ideas

Today, talking about a low budget modern 3 bedroom house design is an oxymoron most of the time, considering that finding a 3-bedroom house plan on the net is well-nigh impossible. In a small house, we seek to save on space at a very low cost. You can have a 70-square meter home, and that will provide the space necessary for a family of 4 people, even 5 if you squeeze a little.

You don’t usually find many modern 3-bedroom house plans on the Internet right now. At the present time, modern houses should be spacious, wide, and showcase a minimalist vibe, but they always must be roomy. A low budget modern 3 bedroom house design does not follow these rules, as it is neither very large nor very minimalist. It is just a modern house that more than one person will be interested in building.

In this article, we’ll go into 10 low-cost 3 bedroom house designs.



   1.  Using metal mesh and a sunlight filter

It is interesting how architects have chosen simple and inexpensive building materials to create a low budget modern 3 bedroom house design. You can filter the sunlight through perforated panels. The fence can be made of metal mesh and should not be so long. This design is actually pretty small. It is not over 6 meters wide and 30 meters long.

   2. Without boundaries

This is a style that suits places with a high temperature. Use a design that allows the lighting and ventilation to get in from the front and back side. 60 square meters can suffice for the construction of the house, and for the green areas, you need no more than 10×20 square meters.

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   3. Concrete and steel

Concrete and steel can be perfectly combined in the construction of this housing. The concrete is used for the floor and wall cladding, while the steel is more suitable for stair railings and handrails.

   4. Recycled materials to build houses in little space

Recycled materials can be also used for a simple low budget modern 3 bedroom house design. You will need two containers and plenty of aluminum to complete the main structure and the façade. For the bathrooms, you can use any secondhand wood or glass you find. An alternative is the use of OSB panels. This makes the house more eco-friendly.


low budget modern 3 bedroom house design
Container house


   5. A small house with a very big kitchen and living area

A low budget modern 3 bedroom house design can feature a large living room – dining room and kitchen in an area of ​​over 90 square meters. You can design a linear circulation between the rooms if you have a narrow terrain.

   6. Two-story house with social rooms

This house can also have two floors. On this occasion, the house is built with wood and metal. The floors are not made of ceramic, but if you want shiny floors, lay concrete and polish it. The maintenance of this house is easy and economical.

If you build a two-story 3 bedroom house, the first floor is for reunions. You can likewise add a foyer or vestibule that connects to the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

When you enter this house, you can go directly to the second floor where the three bedrooms are without going through the dining room and living room.


10 Ideas For a Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design


   7. Quick Build 32m² Tiny House Design

It is possible to construct a 3 bedroom house design in an area of ​​32 square meters. This construction is a great example of how social and private environments can be put together without sacrificing functionality. This style encourages easy fabrication and assembly.

For the building, use OSB panels. The social area heads toward the outside. Include sliding glass doors to let natural lighting in.


low budget modern 3 bedroom house design simple low budget modern 3 bedroom house design, low cost low budget modern 3 bedroom house design
OSB panels


   8. Building a cheap 2-story house in a 160-square meter lot

When building your house in a 160 square meter lot, put the social area and the bedroom on the first floor, and the bedrooms and the living room on the second floor. One characteristic of this house is that you can see the outside from the rooms.

   9. A-frame structure house model

Incorporate wood and tinted glass in the doors and windows of your low-budget modern 3 bedroom house design. You need around 100 square meters for this. The social area is on the first level and the private area is on the second floor. The three bedrooms are also upstairs. The main room should look towards the interior gardens.

   10. Modern and avant-garde style

Build your low budget modern 3 bedroom house design using solid metal in a ​​45 square meter lot. On the first floor, you have one bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. Regarding the other rooms, they are connected to the terrace. You can actually go from one room to another without a problem, as they are solely separated by furniture.


low budget modern 3 bedroom house design simple low budget modern 3 bedroom house design, low cost low budget modern 3 bedroom house design

Reasons to live in a low budget 3 bedroom house

  • It is more affordable

The materials and labor for a low budget modern 3 house design are definitely less expensive. All depends on the owner’s preference. You can use recycled materials or marble and porcelain in the kitchen.

  • It is cheaper to maintain

A small house will never demand more from you than a big one. In the end, you will have fewer things and the maintenance will take less time and money. The annual taxes will also not hit you harder.

  • You need less furniture

Since you will have less furniture, it is obvious that you will invest less in decoration and furnishing. Overall, you will deal with less space and furniture to clean.

Some choose the Nordic decoration to give their 3 bedroom house more spaciousness in the kitchen area, living room, and dining room. Just do not clutter it up with too many items. Decorate with the necessary stuff and keep it simple.

  • You will spend more time outdoors

People who live in small houses tend to live more outside of them. Many modern 3 bedroom houses do not have a garden or swimming pool, so there are fewer things to have fun. For this reason, many opt to go for a walk or play sports to not get bored at home.


In a nutshell, a low cost 3 bedroom house will always be easier to afford and maintain. If you have been searching for a design, you can go onto Pinterest and YouTube for more information. Consider your budget and the space you have before you buy or start building.


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