Neon Lights Made a Remarkable Comeback in the Signage Industry

Have you already thought about what you should write on your neon sign? What about the shape, size, and color? Neon is the symbol of the 20th century. Neon lights’ signs gained commercial popularity in the first half of the twentieth century.


History of Neon Lights

The word Neon is derived from the Greek word “neos,” which means “new.” In 1855, Heinrich Geissler, a German physicist, created a “Geissler Tube,” which was the basis for a neon light. Many years later, on December 10, 1910, Georges Claude, a French engineer, unveiled the Neon Light at the Paris Motor Show for the very first time.

Claude was the first to apply an electrical discharge to a sealed tube of neon gas to generate a lamp. An electric discharge lamp is a lighting device that consists of a transparent container within which gas is activated and thus caused to glow. On January 19, 1915, Georges Claude patented the neon lighting tube.

Claude opened the “Claude Neon” company after understanding its huge marketing possibilities and opportunities for growth. In 1923, he sold two neon signs to a Packard car dealership in the US for $24,000. Those signs were so bright that people could see the glow even during the day.

Neon Lights Made a Remarkable Comeback in the Signage Industry

Evolution of Neon Lights

From 1920 to 1950, neon lights were very popular, and most of the businesses acquired them even though they were pretty expensive. After that, it started to fall out of style, and beginning in 1980, a new wave of interest began. Neon lights were used in a couple of famous TV shows, which played a major role in the comeback of the signs.

Nowadays, traditional neon signage is no longer used due to environmental and health concerns. Today the manufacturers try to come up with more ecologically friendly glass solutions. A substitute for neon signs is LED signs since they are much safer, more efficient, and less costly. Manufacturers widely use LEDs in faux-neon signs and design components which are the primary lighting source in lighted signage.


Neon Lights Made a Remarkable Comeback in the Signage Industry


Neon Signs’ Impact on Advertisement

Neon light signs are widely used for advertisement purposes. There are different reasons why businesses use neon lights. Here are some of the benefits neon lights provide to the businesses:

  • Long Life Span

Neon lights have a long lifespan. On average, neon lights last from 8 to 15 years. They are very durable; hence if you are hesitating whether or not to get them, then hundred percent they are worth it.

  • Energy-Efficient

They consume much less energy than ordinary light. And since they also produce light, they can be an excellent substitute for our traditional lightning.

  • Visibility

Neon signs are bright and easily noticeable. Usually, they attract a lot of attention, and people enjoy looking at them. The colors inherently draw our attention, especially in dim lighting. Businesses can use neon signs to draw attention to them by making it easier for clients to discover them, even on busy or dark streets.

  • Customizable

There is no need to worry about the variety of neon lights since there are more than 150 distinct colors to choose from. The lights’ tubes can be bent into any form or used to spell out any word you choose on a sign. Can you imagine how many different things you could do with this? You can create anything that comes to your mind.

  • Creative and Beautiful

Neon signs can immediately transform a boring atmosphere into a fancy and cheerful one. They bring a breath of fresh air to any room, whether it’s a clothing store, a bakery, or a cafe. You can select and choose colors that complement your business image and logo, your store or workplace’s interior or exterior architecture, or add light and artwork all at once, thanks to the unlimited design options.


Neon Lights Made a Remarkable Comeback in the Signage Industry


Light Signs in 2021

Even though neon lights have come a long way, they are still very trendy. The use of the signs has changed through these years. If years ago, people associated neon lights with bars and places such as Times Square or Las Vegas, today, people use them in their apartments to switch the vibes, create an aesthetic atmosphere and bring good energy to their everyday lives.

Social media had a lot of impact on the widespread use of neon lights. The trend of people searching for ‘neon rooms’ on Pinterest has increased by 800% in the last year, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It has become way too trendy to use Neon LED neon signs to transform ordinary walls into works of beauty.

People usually order signs that spell their words from their favorite music lyrics and movies, and it has become a way of expressing yourself. If it was mainly used for advertising purposes in the past, it has evolved into a form of art and a “tool” for people to be more creative.

5 Interesting Facts About Neon Lights

  • Most neon lights are manufactured by hand.
  • Neon lights can cut through a fog.
  • Neon signs aren’t hot to touch.
  • Neon signs do not need a special installation.
  • The sign “Theater” at the Lake Worth Playhouse in Lake Worth, Florida, is the oldest surviving neon sign. Since 1929, this sign has been shining brightly.

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