6 Different Types of Calacatta Marble

The Calacatta Marble is a very distinct type of marble that is very unique and highly sorted after. The marble gives a high-end natural appearance that is both distinct and precious. There are different features that distinguish the Calacatta Marble from the rest.


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Its Appearance

The Calacatta Marble has a very distinct appearance as compared to the other types of marble. It contains thick and bold veins. The veins are more unstructured and dramatic as compared to veins found in other marbles. It’s general, pigmentation is naturally attractive. This type of marble has been preferred by both interior designers and architects due to its soothing white background, veining, and color tone.

The white background contributes to its expensive appearance. the veins of the Calaccatta give distinctive patterns if installed properly thus giving your house a great flooring design. Calacatta comes in neutral colors which makes it easier for them to be used alongside either dark or light woods. The tiles can be used alongside other materials as well to magnify or downplay some architectural elements.


Calaccatta Marbles are very rare and thus the high-end factor. Business rules dictate that when a product is scarce and the demand is high, the prices go higher too. Calacatta is quarried in only one quarry across the world; Carrara, Italy. This makes its availability very limited.

The production of Calacatta Marble is limited and controlled by Carrara. Furthermore, during seasons such as winter, it becomes a challenge for miners to continue with the production thus making the Calacatta Marble even more expensive and rare.


Due to its price and luxury, Calacatta Marble is always used on very visible points. In most cases, it is used in entryways of buildings or offices. However, these precious marbles are not restricted to the entryway, they can be used in different parts of your home where you need elegance. Calacatta marble countertops have grown in popularity in most boardrooms as well as modern kitchens and backsplashes.

Marble is easy to clean and maintain that’s why it is mostly preferred in the bathrooms, vanity, shower walls, and bathtubs. Most people are very sensitive about the appearance of their bathrooms and it is a room they need after a tough day at work. The Calacatta marble not only gives you a clean feeling but also a luxurious experience around your bathroom.

Types of Calacatta Marble

calacatta gold, calacatta viola marble calacatta oro, calacatta viola, calacatta white

Calacatta Oro

Calacatta has a natural shine and gold veining. It is a very great choice for lovers of Tuscan-style remodeling of a home. This marble is not as scarce as other Calacatta marbles.

Calacatta Gold

Unlike the name of this marble, Calacatta gold does not have gold veining and coloring. It contains intricate veining that makes it a perfect choice for designer kitchens and bathrooms. Calacatta gold is more expensive due to its scarcity. It should be regularly cleaned and maintained when applied to a home to make sure it gives you value for money for a substantial period of time.

Calacatta Viola Marble

Calacatta viola can also be referred to as Breccia Vagli. It is a classic Italian marble that has an appearance like ice sheets floating in a deep red sea. It is really appealing and makes a statement to the space where it has been applied. 

Calacatta Michelangelo

Calacatta Michelangelo was widely used by legendary Italian artists for his intricate sculptures. The Calacatta white color together with the fine veining that is blue and gray in color makes the marble even more poplar. 

Calacatta Extra

The veining of Clacatta Exytra is larger and more random. The veining is almost similar to tiger stripes or paisley designs. Calacatta extra marble is suitable for a kitchen Island as a countertop. This is because Calacatta Extra gives a finer and more polished look to your kitchen. Apply marble and granite polish and buff the surface using a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth to give it a durable shine.

Calacatta Borghini

Calacatta Borgini is a colorful white Calacatta Marble and can be used for both flooring and countertops installations. They have uniform veinings that have touches of gold and blue. They are mostly preferred by luxurious and high-end hotels and boutiques in Rome. To give it an even more shine, you can brush or polish it.

How to Clean Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble slab does not have a stressful management procedure. Ensure the cleaning products you use for cleaning are of neutral PH as marble is very sensitive to acidity. Add a few drops of cleaning solution to a spray bottle, spray a substantial amount on your surface and wipe using a soft clean dry cloth.

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