Best Mosaic Designs To Add A Color Splash to Your Kitchen

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After you’ve settled on the color palette, electric appliances, and the overall design of your kitchen, it’s time to think about the backsplash. It is one of the key elements of kitchen design as it takes up a considerable amount of visual space and is easily seen from afar.

If you want to showcase your creative side and try something more unusual than tiles, go for a mosaic backsplash. Mosaic wall art is made from durable natural stones, such as marble, quartz, or mosaic glass, and is easy to install and clean. It brings an additional dimension to your kitchen design. Read below to learn more about the five best mosaic designs to uplift your kitchen.


Scenic Mosaic

Small kitchen? No problem. Try adding a scenic mosaic kitchen backsplash to create an illusion of the window opening towards a scenic landscape or a bigger space in general. Scenic mosaics can feature a great variety of views and are easily customizable: You can take inspiration in places you love or want to visit or choose serene scenes from nature to visually open up your space.

Remember that objects located on diagonal lines will add extra depth to your mosaic, therefore making it easier to add an extra dimension to your kitchen. For more advanced effects, choose imagery that mimics an open window.



Flowers and Fruits

What can be more natural and organic-looking in the kitchen than the image of beautiful flowers and fruits? Adding mosaic art depicting a nature scene or flowers in a vase brings a refreshing countryside feel.

Try matching the dominating colors in your mosaic with your general color scheme or, on the contrary, go for a contrasting feel using opposite colors from the color circle.


Vertical Mosaic

Usually, when we think of a kitchen backsplash tile, we imagine stretched horizontal images located all across the wall of our kitchen. However, an unusual and stylish solution may be adding vertical mosaic artwork to the wall behind the kitchen stove.

Such mosaics will look like an elegant painting inserted in your kitchen design while still being durable and easy to clean.



Of course, you may add patterns to your kitchen backsplash even when using usual tiles, but mosaics offer a more textured and detailed option. Being manually assembled from hundreds of tiny pieces of cut natural stones, mosaic patterns have a more luxurious and exclusive look and feel compared to patterned tiles.

Try adding some repeating abstract patterns or go for ancient-style geometric patterns to structure your space and add complexity to your kitchen’s visual motif.


Round Medallion

In ancient times, round marble mosaic medallions were an essential part of floor and wall mosaics. Even though the round form may seem unusual for a kitchen backsplash, if it’s installed on the wall above the kitchen stove and properly integrated into the rest of your backsplash, it may add style and elegance to your kitchen design.

Get inspired by famous fashion house logos—think Versace!—ancient Roman medallions, or flower patterns and get artistic to create a truly unique design for your kitchen.



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