Enhance Your Fashion Store with a Suitable Exterior Design

The first impression is everything, and if you are in the fashion industry, you shouldn’t joke with your store’s exterior design. It tells customers what to expect and determines who will stop by and shop with you.

Of course, it takes money to go bold with our exterior design. The cost isn’t high enough to warrant a business loan in most cases. You can meet such expenses out of pocket or consider applying for microloans from an online lender.


Benefits of having a great exterior design

  • Create a compelling first impression: Your exterior design is the first thing customers see. If your curb appeal is excellent, it helps set the right atmosphere and expectations.
  • Boost sales: You can only sell to someone who walks through the door, and research shows that 70% of first sales are driven by exterior business appearance.
  • Communicate business values: The exterior theme of your business helps customers identify and connect with your brand values and should be significant enough to establish authenticity and win trust.


Enhance Your Fashion Store with a Suitable Exterior Design


Exterior design ideas for fashion boutiques

  • Nail your store’s theme

Your store’s theme is everything when it comes to reinforcing your brand image. It helps customers have the correct perception of your brand and what it stands for.

Thus, they can identify and connect with your business, encouraging them to spend and surrender their loyalty to you because they know what to expect.

So make sure that you have a theme for your boutique that’s consistent with your brand values and the type of clothes and fashions you sell to evoke the right emotions, improve customer experience and drive more sales.


Enhance Your Fashion Store with a Suitable Exterior Design


  • Digital signage

Having digital signage is a great way to grab shoppers’ attention and direct them to your store.

The top advantage of these modern merchandising tools is that they use interactive elements, video, and motion graphics and can be a great way to showcase your fashions.

The best way to do it is to integrate LCD and LED projections on windows and out front of your store to attract buyers.

  • Physical displays

Displays are a great way to utilize exterior spaces and showcase your products. They can help keep your fashion store organized and present an attractive outside appeal if done right.

Also, you can use counters, tablespaces, and other smaller spaces to create visual displays throughout your store.

Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with it, and only use one display in each space to avoid overwhelming or distracting customers.

The aim is to use exterior displays to highlight your products, not clutter spaces.


FELIZ PÁSCOA ROSA POST DO FACEBOOK 1000 px × 700 px 5 1 Exterior Design


  • Smart lighting

Lighting is everything and can have a significant impact on the overall design of your store. Using adequate lighting inside and outside of your store helps highlight products, improve visibility, and draw customers’ attention to products.

It also sets the stage for what the whole of your store space looks like to the customers.

The point is, you should use adequate retail lighting in different sections of your store to create an ambient environment for your customers.


FELIZ PÁSCOA ROSA POST DO FACEBOOK 1000 px × 700 px 4 1 Exterior Design


  • Enlarge your space

A great way to improve both the inside and exterior of your store is to create an illusion of extra space. You can easily do that by painting accent walls, using mirrors & glass elements, and incorporating light colors.

It is a great strategy to make your space larger, especially when you have a small shop.


FELIZ PÁSCOA ROSA POST DO FACEBOOK 1000 px × 700 px 1 4 Exterior Design


Other tips to improve your fashion store spaces

  • Keep the exterior of your store clean and well maintained
  • Make sure your storefront is safe and easy to access
  • Employ AR and VR technology to improve customer experience
  • Ensure there is enough space for customers to walk around with shopping carts
  • Play music that sets the right tone and evokes the right atmosphere in your store
  • Have a photo op feature inside or outside of your store
  • Use your products as decor to create appealing patterns and wall displays


kmln Exterior Design


Fund your exterior design with microloans

Building a successful business is about putting money on things that help your business grow. That is what your fashion shop exterior and how you design it can make or break your business.

You don’t really need a huge business loan to get the work done. A microloan should be enough to fund your exterior design. Visit the link in the intro to learn more about microloans and where you can get one in a few steps.


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