Champa Flower and Its Benefits

The Champa flower is a plant that requires very little general care. Well known as Cacalosúchil, Frangipani, this tree has multiple names. Belonging to the Apocynaceae or Apocinaceae family, it is native to tropical and subtropical areas and is cultivated almost everywhere.

The Champa tree has large, elliptical, bright green leaves that come out at the tips of the branches. The tip gets blunt after losing its branches.

The flowers, which are arranged in panicles, are reddish and white. The variety Plumeria Rubra, also known as “acutifolia”, is white with a yellow center. This houseplant has a very pleasant scent that is reminiscent of jasmine or vanilla. These flowers do not have a reddish tone and grow well in warm climates, with a rather dry limestone substrate.

Champa is a bushy general care plant that can be as tall as 8 meters, depending on the variety and the place where it is cultivated. The houseplant has a thick stem with very smooth bark and whitish sap. Featuring a spectacular appearance, the beauty of this plant lies in its large leaves and beautiful and aromatic flowers.


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Growing champa

It is cultivated as a houseplant, as its flowers are pretty, picturesque, and fragrant. In fact, in some places, it is cultivated to extract the aroma for commercial purposes. The champa flower does not require too much care, in general. It has large leaves are large with well-marked veins. Some are dark green, smooth, shiny, and light-colored on the upper side and feature small hairs on the underside.

The flowers of this houseplant are intensely aromatic and are composed of 5 to 7 petals that stem from a pinwheel. Most champa flower variates are white, cream, pink, red and even violet, and usually have a yellow center.


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Champa flower bloom

Champa flower care

The champa plant is very resistant to excessive heat, drought, and the attack of some pests or insects. It is very sensitive to cold.



This shrub requires light soil composed of black earth, sand, and peat or compost in equal parts. As it does not resist flooding, the pot must have enough holes. It should have too much drainage not to get waterlogged, otherwise, the root of the plant can rot.



Champa flower requires moderate watering, at a rate of 1 time per week in summer and spring. During autumn, water it every 15 days. In winter, you should stop watering it consistently once all its leaves have dried and fallen. Hold on until spring begins.


Substrate and temperature

Supplement the substrate with “homemade compost” before and during the flowering season. It is best to grow the champa tree outdoors in full sun or in a warm temperature. It does not resist drafts or sudden temperature fluctuations. It can tolerate mild winters but does not tolerate frost. In very cold winters, this shrub is grown indoors with very good lighting.


Nag champa incense

Champa flower is used for producing incenses like nag champa. Here are some nag champa incense benefits:

Nag champa incenses have many varieties of aromas for different situations and environments. Either way, they’ll give you greater harmony and calm.

These incenses are ethical and do not contribute to labor exploitation. They are made by well-paid artisans, actually.


champa flower in english, nag champa incense benefits


You can use champa flower scent sticks for aromatherapy, or if you want to create a relaxing environment, to improve mood, and promote relaxation. Besides, these incenses are ideal for meditation practices, yoga, art craft, and praying before going to work or study.

Apart from cleansing the negative vibes in spaces, the Nag Champa incense aims to give peace of mind and eliminate bad odors, as you’ll see below:


  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Purifies the body
  • Purifies the mind
  • Helps you stay calm
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Hides bad odors
  • Eliminates stress and anxiety.
  • Promotes a healthy environment (for meditation or yoga)
  • Promotes love
  • Boosts healthy liver function
  • Improves the way the kidneys function
  • Increases sexual desire. If you lack sexual desire or suffer from erectile dysfunction, this plant can do a good job.
  • Scents an entire room gently


Champa flower in English

In addition to its purely ornamental use, it is a shrub that looks great in parks and gardens. Likewise, the champa flower has other applications to improve health.

Similarly, this plant can be found in tropical areas around the world. It has even spread to tropical Asia, where it is known as ‘the temple plant’. Its flowers are offered in Hindu temples.

Finally, the champa flower is perfect to decorate your home. Its red, yellow, pink, and white colors will make any place look colorful and happy in many ways.

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