Bathtub Reglazing For Bathtub and Toilet Revival

Bathtubs and toilets can deteriorate severely over time because they are constantly exposed to an aggressive environment and different situations: exposure to humidity, friction, cleaning products, etc. However, bathtub reglazing can help.

When having a worn tub, there are two possible solutions: changing the old bathtub for a new one considering the process that this entails (work, investment, and inconvenience), and tub reglazing, which aims to return it to its original state.

Whether you like your old bathroom and don’t want to replace it or prefer to fix the enamel on your bathtub rather than throw it away, you’ve found the right post. Here you’ll get info related to bathtub reglazing: surface preparation, necessary products, methods, and more.


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Main bathtub renovation issues

The main problems you may encounter in tub refinishing are money and comfort.

This job is time-wasting. While it is intended to leave no debris, dust, debris, and noise are common. Also, if your bathtub is old, the tiles in your bathroom are too. If the work requires removing those tiles, you may not have spare parts and, in this case, they might not be available on the market anymore.

On the other hand, unless you are a handyman, you will have to hire someone to do the bathtub reglazing and buy everything. This may include the bathtub and toilet.


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Contact a handyman in case the job is beyond you

What you need to repaint your tub

Once you’ve decided to fix the enamel of your bathtub, the next thing is to determine what products you require for the bathtub reglazing. Here’s is a list:

  • Synthetic solvent to clean the surface of the bathtub
  • Polyester Putty; It will only be necessary if your bathtub is cracked or scratched. This putty is available with and without fiber. For damages of up to 2 mm, you can use putty without fiber while, for other cases, putty with fiber is best for bathtub reglazing
  • We recommend using sandpaper to open the pore of the bathtub and leave the surface ready for the primer.
  • Two-component enamel paint for bathtubs
  • A brush for the most difficult areas to paint
  • A rod and a foam roller to paint the rest of the surface of the bathtub
  • A bucket to mix the two-component products
  • Masking tape to avoid staining the tiles
  • Plastic cover to avoid staining the floor


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Gray enamel paint for bathtubs


With this equipment, you will get top-quality bathtub reglazing. Below are the steps to refurbishing the bathtub.


Repair the damages

The first thing is to repair the small damages in the bathtub, either due to blows or because the enamel came off.

For these cases, use a polyester putty or fiberglass putty. You will get a very smooth bathtub reglazing and the flaws will disappear instantly.

Let dry and sand not just the area with the putty, but also the entire tub. This will remove any embedded residue and limescale, and the enamel will adhere better to the surface.


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Clean the bathtub

Next, clean the tub of sanding debris and any remaining debris. To do this, clean it with water first and then let it dry completely.

Once dried, clean it up with methylated spirits. Rub the entire surface with a piece of cloth and let it dry completely again.


bathtub restoration, bathtub refinishing near me

Give one or two coats of paint

Paint with the appropriate paint to get on with the bathtub restoration.

First, as always, remove the objects near the bathtub and cover the areas around it, as well as the taps and the floor to prevent staining.

Be cautious with paint fumes. If the area is not ventilated, wear a mask.

Give a primer to ensure that the paint adheres correctly, although there are enamels that do not require doing so.

Now yes, it’s time to paint the bathtub. If the paint is two-component (paint + catalyst), calculate the amount you need for the primer because you might not save the excess. Use the brush for the most delicate areas such as the outer edges or where the taps are. Paint the rest with a roller.

Wait 24 hours for the second coat. You can sand a little before giving the bathtub a second layer, but it is not strictly necessary. Of course, if you sand it, clean it with a damp cloth, never with water. To use the bathtub again, let it dry for approximately 5 days, so the paint won’t come off.



Although this step is optional in bathtub reglazing, ideally seal the tub, allowing that the seal wears with the passing of time. Seal the areas between the bathtub and the wall and those that are between the countertop and the wall. You will prevent leaks by doing so.


bathtub reglazing tub reglazing, tub refinishing
Sealing Joints on the Bathtub


Bathtub reglazing is very simple, much cheaper, and less cumbersome than changing the bathtub. You can do it yourself at any time to revive your tub. Search bathtub refinishing near me on Google to find professional services.

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