Modern Bathroom Sink Faucets to Add Eliteness to Your Bathroom

Updating and styling your bathroom needs a lot of passion and thoughtfulness. Shopping for modern bathroom faucets can be fun once you know what you want. It’s even more important to understand how the new bathroom fixtures will meet your needs. 

Thankfully, today’s bathroom remodeling industry is full of wide-ranging innovations and fascinating items. According to a bathroom trends study in 2020, about half 48% of all the new faucets comprise high-tech features.

The modern sink faucets can give your bathroom a whole new transformed look. But, you need to be knowledgeable before choosing your bathroom faucets. It would help if you also had a sense of style. Remember that, over the years, faucets for bathrooms ha­ve changed in design. 

One of the best ways to add eliteness to your bathroom is by replacing the old worn-out bathroom sink faucets with unique bathroom faucets. You can also decide to replace your entire bathroom suite with modern faucets. 

But, you don’t have to relocate your bathroom sink fixtures. Instead, you can replace them. In fact, this is one popular way of redoing your bathroom

Our article below will look at the modern bathroom sink faucets to add eliteness to your bathroom. 


Modern Bathroom Sink Faucets to Add Eliteness to Your Bathroom


What are the Modern Bathroom Sink Faucets to Add Eliteness to Your Bathroom?

The type of bathroom faucet you select is highly dependent on the sink or vanity arrangement in your bathroom. You need to note the number of installation holes present before making any purchases. You may find a specific faucet design that you like, but there are not enough holes for installing it. 

In this case, you’ll need a new sink or vanity. Before purchasing, it helps to know the sink’s layout and the appropriate faucet installation type.

So, some of the modern faucets you may want to consider include the following:  

1. Vessel Faucets

Perhaps you want to have a modern vanity faucet that comes with different finishing styles. You may also want one with several spouts to fit diverse vessel bowls. 

Also, you may want designs that excellently accommodate the above-the-countertop vessel sinks. If this is it, you should go for the vessel sink faucets. They add elegance to your bathroom. Also, they come with stylish selections that are eye-catching. Such designs offer a taller spout. 

Due to their extra height, you’ll find vessel faucets as a single-hole faucet. They also come as a lever handle. They mostly have a single-handle design for easy use.

You’ll find diverse vessel sink faucet options with many beautiful collections like the Isenberg faucets. You can easily coordinate your faucet sink with the other bathroom fixtures for this variety.


2. Wall Mounted Faucets

They are a fashion-faucet alternative to the traditional sink-mounted types of faucets. This design forms a unique bathroom faucet centerpiece and can include either single or double handles.

Wall-mounted faucets help clear up your space on the vanity or around the sink. Thus, you can use them for:

  • Inset basin sinks
  • Freestanding vessel sinks

Most importantly, they should be accompanied by a wall-mounted valve connection. This is because the water supply line must be channeled to the sink’s height along the inner side of the wall. 

Also, you need to have the spout measured keenly to ensure it aligns with the height and depth. This will help prevent water from flowing up and out to the floor.

So, you can choose the wall mount sink faucet to upgrade your luxurious bathroom. You also have the liberty to select finishes like:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed nickel
  • Antique brass

Besides, depending on what you like, you can select:

  • Single handle wall mounted bathroom faucet
  • Two-handle wall mounted bathroom faucet
  • Two cross handle wall mounted bathroom faucet
  • Wall mount bathroom faucet- with wall mount handles
  • Wall mount bathroom faucet- with deck mount handles

3. Widespread Faucets

This bathroom faucet type is the most popular faucet installation type, hence it is very reliable. It comes with the widest variety of styles and options. Widespread bathroom faucets are also available with two handles.

The handles are independently installed and not attached to the spout-mounting base. Instead, they consist of 3 pieces installed separately in a 3-hole basin. And they feature faucet centers ranging between 6-16 inches wide.

As a result, it makes installing a larger basin with several faucets possible. This creates a center distance of a maximum of 16 inches wide. These widespread faucets often use distinctive escutcheon plates sized to the individual handle.

Isenberg faucets have a wide range of widespread faucets. You’ll find them in varying styles and heights. This allows interior designers to quickly design the ideal bath space based on their taste and preference.

4. Modern Single-Hole Faucets

Just as their name suggests, single-hole faucets are installed in a single hole on the sink or vanity’s back. They mostly have a single handle or knob to control the flow of water and temperature. But, you’ll still find some designs that contain two separate controls. 

Single-hole faucets often result in much quicker installation work than any other type. They also come in a simple but sleek design and are ideal for tiny bathrooms. So, if you have a smaller bathroom, you can still attain eliteness in your bathroom using this modern design.

The modern Isenberg bath sink faucets contain a 1.2 GPM Flow rate. This complies with some of the rigorous water-saving requirements. The current water efficiency standards for bathroom faucets are meant to reduce water shortages.

5. Centerset Faucets

This is a common type of faucet installation. The beautiful and flexible design is a perfect fit for any bathroom size. With such kinds of faucets for the bathroom, the handles and faucet spout are mounted together. This forms a single unit. And, they come with two handles for quick operation. 

They mainly offer separate controls for hot and cold water with the two handles. Thus, you can mix the proper water temperature every time you turn on the tap for use.

Key Takeaways

The bathroom faucet is not only a functional element in your bath spaces. Instead, you can select designs that will add eliteness to your bathroom. Once you add a glamorous bathroom faucet type, your family will appreciate what they see and use often. 

So, whenever you plan a bathroom update, it’s an excellent idea to find the best fit for your bathroom aesthetics. You don’t have to overstretch your budget. Instead, you can start with simple designs. 

But, ensure you choose items you’re sure you’ll still feel good about them for years to come. Try to consider the essential faucet features and get creative with their installations. You can also discover how to install a faucet yourself.


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