Small Garage Renovation Ideas

Let’s face it, your garage is probably a messy jumble of tools, bikes, toys, and gardening equipment with barely enough room for your cars. Now that spring is here it is time to unpack that unruly garage and really make it work for you. We’ve put together some ideas for how to make your garage a place you can actually use. In this article, we will go over 4 ways to change your garage space on a budget.

We will start out with very simple small garage renovation ideas and the revitalization method of cleaning and reorganizing. Then move to the timesaving method of switching to having an electric garage door opener.

After we will discuss options for using part of your garage and shopping in your home to create a whole new space for you to use. Then we will close out this piece with the quickest option, the garage transformation that can be accomplished with accessories.



1. A Garage Clean-Out, Inspection, and Reorganization

One of the most simple small garage renovation ideas you can do is a garage checkup. Start with an inspection of your garage space by removing all the stuff in there and looking for issues.

For your garage roof, you may want to reach out to your local residential roofing company to pop up onto your garage roof to make sure it is in good condition. If there is damage, the roofing company is already there and can provide a quote for repairs.

After checking on the roof, you should check the garage door for dents or damage. If there is damage you need to determine if the garage door repair is simple enough to do yourself or if you need garage door repair services. Part of checking that your garage door is working properly means testing the garage door opener.

Most garage door openers are hearty pieces of technology so keeping them in good condition can be overlooked by most homeowners. It is still an essential part of the garage check-up, so you don’t accidentally drive through your garage door when that door opener fails.

If your garage roof, doors, and door openers are in good condition, then you are in fantastic shape with this as it is one of the most simple small garage renovation ideas. The next part is the reorganization. After pulling everything out of your garage then you probably found some stuff in there that you never use, those items should be inspected to see if they should be recycled, sold, or trashed.

Maybe you store clothes that are out of season in your garage, part of the small garage renovation ideas you use should be going through those clothes to get rid of pieces you no longer wear.

Or if you have old toys that your children have grown out of, they can bring in a couple of dollars at a garage sale. Maybe you upgraded to a new lawnmower and just shoved the old one to the back, well now you can post it for sale online.

Now it is time for one of the potentially money-making small garage renovation ideas: the garage sale. Go through all the stuff you want to sell and lay it out on your lawn. Put up signs directing people to your garage sale, and you will be surprised how much you can make.

After you have gone through everything you were storing in your garage and sorted out what you are keeping and sold off or donated the rest, you need to organize what you’ve kept making your garage functional.

You could install a pegboard for your tools so that you don’t have to rummage through a full toolbox when fixing things. Were the family bikes scattered throughout the garage? You could install bike hooks to save on valuable floor space, or set one section of your garage for bicycles and bicycle equipment.

Rakes, shovels, and outdoor brooms can be hung along a wall for easy access no matter what you need to clear up. If your garage already has shelving you can put soil, flower pots, and gardening equipment there to make a nice potting shelf.

You could also use shelving for sporting equipment like baseball or softball bats, lacrosse or field hockey sticks, hockey sticks, and any helmets associated with those sports. Congratulations, you’ve successfully used one of your simple and low-budget small garage renovation ideas.


2. Going From a Manual Garage Door to a Power Garage Door

Most homes these days have power or electric garage doors that you can open with a remote as you drive up to your home, so you can just drive right into the garage bay. If you are one of the lucky few with a manual garage door then you know what it is like to pull up to the garage, park the car, unlock the garage door and open it, get back in the car, and then drive into the park.

It is so many extra steps that you just don’t want to deal with after working all day, and what if you accidentally back into your garage door as you sleepily head off to work in the morning? Such a hassle. Luckily there are many garage door services that can transform your door from a difficult hassle to a sleek power door.

You may be thinking that switching from a manual door to a power door involves buying a whole new garage door, which is simply false in most cases. Most overhead garage doors already have the tracks necessary for rolling up the door, and other styles of garage doors will have the necessary hinges needed to attach the motorized openers.

In order to turn a manual door into a power door, the garage door service provider will inspect your garage door. They will submit a bid to make the upgrade that goes over the work they will complete and what they will charge as well as the cost for a warranty and whichever warranty is included in their bid.

It is a good idea for you to reach out to your local residential garage door service providers to be sure you get the best price. Don’t forget to test your new garage door opening system with the service provider there, so they can address any problems that occur after your small garage renovation ideas have been implemented.



3. Use Your Garage as a Creative or Relaxing Space

Instead of building yourself a shed to get away from the hustle of your home, why not just use the garage? Creating a custom glam cave is pretty simple using things you probably own already and this is a really great idea if you live in a very temperate area where you do not need to clear snow off your car regularly. A crafting area or hideaway doesn’t even need to take over your whole garage if you have more bays than cars, or just have some extra space in the back of your garage.

To start you need to survey the space you have available and decide what level of escape you are planning. If you are looking to make a large crafting area for making custom planters to sell online or hand painting decorative signs then your needs will be different than if you want to use the space for relaxing with beverages or recording and producing voice-overs or music. Whatever you will be using your newfound space for, you will need to measure your garage to be sure you know the amount of space you have to use.

After you measure the space you have available you need to review what resources you have and start plotting out how you will use the space. If you are building up an enclosed space within your garage, then you will need to gather the wood or screening material you’ll use and start to block out the space.

You may be able to find a screen or room divider in your local buying and selling group instead of adding in a room and as a way to keep your costs low on this project. If you do build a new room into your garage you will need to contact an electrician, so you can safely have lighting for your retreat.

Now that you have cleared your space and added lighting you can start to set up your new retreat. If you are making a cozy relaxation space or even recording space then search your home for some throws or blankets you can hang up on the walls to provide insulation and a cozy atmosphere for recording or relaxing.

For a relaxation space, you will want to go shopping in your home for an old, cozy chair or loveseat that needs upgrading and pop it into your new space. Cover that chair with a plush blanket, and now you have your comfy relaxation spot. Now it’s time to look for a table for snacks and a drink or books, once again check inside your home for an end table that doesn’t quite fit inside.

If you don’t have one in your home, you can check out local yard sales and your local buying and selling group to find one at a discount. Rugs are optional though you can swing by your local discount store, and you will probably find something workable. Use these small garage renovation ideas and you’ll have a little escape from your busy household where you can relax without interruption.

What if you want your space to be for a creative endeavor, like recording voice-overs, podcasts, or music? You will want to keep up the throws on the walls and test your equipment to make sure the soundproofing is decent enough.

You can build shelves to store your recording equipment such as your microphone and pop screen, then you can use a folding card table to set up the recording equipment when you are ready to record, or microphone stands if you plan to record with your band.

You will want to get several area rugs to cover the floor and make sure that the sound isn’t bouncing off the floor and creating echoes. Now you have a comfortable recording studio right in your garage. If you plan to use your space for painting or visual arts, then you just need to set up an easel or a table and shelving to store your brushes and pigments.

Creating a fun space for you to let your mind unwind is another, low-cost, fun way to renovate your garage.



4. Accessorizing: a Simple Facelift For Your Garage

If your garage is perfectly fine; you’ve cleaned and reorganized it, your garage has a power door, and you already have a creative or relaxation space then maybe just sprucing up the décor is the path for you. Most garage door service providers and hardware stores have garage door accessories that you can use to change up the look of your garage door.

You can add false windows or cast-iron strap hinges. You can paint your garage a new color. You can buy new doorknobs and door handles. There are many styles of decorative numbering you can add to your garage. There are so many options to make your garage match your personality. This simple facelift for your garage is one of many nice small garage renovation ideas.

Now you have a few ideas on small ways to renovate your garage that don’t involve many contractors. You always want to contact an electrician when you are working on anything electrical, and garage door service providers will make sure that your garage door doesn’t drop onto your car or, worse, your foot.

It is always a good idea to have a reputable roofer come and check your roof for holes so that your belongings aren’t damaged by a water leak that could’ve been prevented.

You can transform unused space in your garage using these small garage renovation ideas to suit your creative pursuits or provide a refuge from your busy life. These are just a few ways that you can renovate your garage without breaking the bank. And some, such as building out a new space in your garage, can be one step on the path to converting your garage from a storage space for cars to a new functional space for you and your family to use.

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