How Much Does uPVC Front Doors Cost?

uPVC front doors are quite popular in the United Kingdom, and for good reason. They’re not only durable and resistant to bad weather (as well as the occasional door slam), but they’re also incredibly easy to keep clean, requiring only a short wash every now and again to keep them looking like new.

External doors are necessary for both security and personal comfort in the home. Unwanted visitors are kept out while we are allowed in. They also serve as an important barrier against the weather. This final layer of insulation keeps the heat in while keeping the cold out, lowering energy expenditures. While there are many other types of doors to choose from, uPVC doors are the best value for money. These “plastic doors” are the cheapest, but they are also the most durable.

When compared to traditional wooden doors, they provide far more weather protection while requiring significantly less maintenance. Weathering does not cause them to distort, and they simply require minimal surface cleaning. The average life expectancy is up to 25 years, while manufacturers’ warranties of up to 10 years are usual.

The multi-point locking techniques utilised are thought to be extremely safe. For easy security, they use a combination of hooks, latches, and deadlocks. A number of internet businesses sell made-to-measure doors in the UK; they allow for unique designs and a large range of accessories. Use this guide on this page to get an idea of how much a pristine uPVC front door costs in 2023.


How Much Does uPVC Front Doors Cost?


How much does uPVC front doors cost? 

The typical cost of uPVC front doors is between £300 and £800 excluding installation. The cost of front, back, and side doors is quite similar. When it comes to front doors, though, you might want to consider adding extra panels or windows.

These are custom-made uPVC front doors that are designed and produced to your specifications.

The total cost of uPVC front doors is determined by the following factors:

  • Glass

The cost of plastic doors will increase based on the type of glass you choose. Expect extra charges of up to £50 throughout the range of transparent, tinted, ornamental, and safety windows. The following are the most prevalent glass door styles:

Bevelled: A series of angular cuts are made into the bevelled glass to produce elaborate patterns and decorations. When the sun shines through the bevels, it casts a rainbow of colours throughout your home.

-Obscure: This glass has a patterned surface that allows plenty of light in while blurring the view from the outside, making it difficult to see anything through it. This provides a lot of seclusion, so it’s perfect for a front or rear uPVC door.

-Etched: acidic or abrasive substances are used to chisel artwork into the etched glass, such as letters or patterns. This sort of glass is commonly used on uPVC front doors to give your property a more spectacular entrance.

-Bars: thin glazing bars in geometric forms (typically rectangles or diamonds) can be added to your door’s glass to divide it into smaller panes. This gives your uPVC door a more classic appearance, which is ideal for period homes.

  • Colour

The most common colour for uPVC doors is white, but there are many more options. There are even wood imitations available, such as Rosewood and Golden Oak. These options can add up to £150 to the total cost of your door.

The most common colour for uPVC is white, although you may get it in a variety of other colours. You may also choose from a selection of textural woodgrain finishes to give your doors a more natural look and feel. It’s common to be able to have one colour or finish on the outside and a different colour or finish on the inside of your door.

  •  Accessories

Any other accessories will need to be added to your door’s final price. Letter-plates range in price from £10 to £20, Knockers are £15, Spyhole is £10, and Custom Sills are £10.

  • Door grids

Georgian bars and other decorative grids will raise prices to the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Insulation

It may cost roughly £20 to add additional insulation to your door. Then you may add sealing tape (£5) or warm edge spacing bars (£10) to finish it off.


How Much Does uPVC Front Doors Cost?


How much does the uPVC bi-fold door cost?

Bifold doors are quite similar to patio doors, except that instead of moving one panel of glass in front of the other, they fold up like a concertina to a width of just a few inches. When compared to patio doors, this produces a larger aperture.

All of the glass panels of certain bi-fold doors open in the same direction from one end, while others open in both directions from the centre. Within your bifold doors, you can also incorporate a traffic door. This is a regular hinged door that allows you to enter and exit without having to open the bifold door completely.

The cost of uPVC bifold doors ranges from £1,200 to over £3,500. (excluding installation fees). The cost will be determined by the size of your uPVC bi-fold door and the number of glass panels it contains. The table below provides an estimate of how much uPVC bifold doors will cost you.

How much does uPVC door installation cost?

A new uPVC door will normally cost between £100 and £500 for a simple installation (e.g. replacing an existing door with a new uPVC door of the same size). You’ll almost always be charged more for more difficult installs. For example, if you’re converting an existing window into a door or making a completely new aperture in your wall for a door, the installation might cost up to £800 due to the structural work that must be done.


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