A Look Inside this Stunning Bangkok Home by Mepitree Design Studio

Design and Inspiration were growing up and develop interior space and decorations. The participate with designer and client fulfill the space and decorations that make this private residence project alive and full of memories. Not just design the interior to have beautiful and harmonious space but we as Mepitree Designer want to convey our client feeling and memories in the space as a place of memorable, always warm, and wonderful forever for our client retired life. Continue reading for a peek into this stunning Bangkok designed by us at Mepitree Design Studio.


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The heart of this house has been created from our client’s desired and experience, they told us what they were, what they dream, and what lifestyle they want to be in this house when it was done. Through the story they told, being an inspiration to design this space the journey and experience storytelling inspired us to get the perfect element of classic architecture to deconstruct with eclectic style to define their character.

Our client has bought the bare shell house and start a design project. This project covered extension architecture, interior design, and landscape. So first step our client entering the house they will appreciate everything they saw because every element they see are coming from their identity.


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First, start from the ground floor, entering the house will see the working space where the place that they will lay down all their works before going to other areas. The reason why the working area is the first place when entering the house as this will be the only area that doing the strength and talking business when their retired life. So those other areas will be private and not have reasoned that a person who is not their family can access it.


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The working area starts with an elegant and gorgeous teak decorated wall that combines the living area together. Decorated wall inspired by American country style with the classic proportion. Even how the space looks elegant but the way we use teak as the main material gives us a warm touch feeling.


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Living area, the space that connects the garden by the glasshouse. The glasshouse contrasts the feeling between interior and exterior. Outside there is a landscape garden where the pavilion is located.

The pavilion has created for taking a green space, taking fresh air, looking at the water flows, and enjoy activities outside (for example, romantic dinner in the pavilion). Water flow giving peace and calm feeling, green garden with a big tree giving cool and pleasant.


02 living 1 scaled Mepitree Design Studio

Mepitree Design Studio

Mepitree Design Studio


Through the dining area and pantry separated from the living area by using a sandblasted mirror door. Giving more fancy feeling with a grey color scheme at the pantry cabinet, the teppanyaki stove at the center of the pantry. Having Teppanyaki cooking is an activity that everyone in the family spends time together. The pattern on pantry cabinet come from American country style so the sense of seeing will goes harmony along with others area.


Mepitree Design Studio

Mepitree Design Studio


The tearoom is the romantic relaxing area for retired couples, spending time in this room while looking a tree that they have selected by themselves and having an afternoon teatime. This room collected the souvenir that they bring back from their journey. The souvenir, the memorable gift from the journey they have travel.


Mepitree Design Studio

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Step to the upper floor, the first area you will see is the family area. This area connects to the ground floor by the double volume space that has a crystal chandelier fulfilled the space. The family area also being the center of this family, it’s an area where families will relax and spend together before going to their private area. Using a huge round sofa is giving a closer moment than the living room. Teak wall decorations at the back of the sofa keep privacy from outside.


Mepitree Design Studio


Pray room, the room where the client mostly spends time in the morning after they work up and at night before they go to sleep. This pray room is the Buddhist pray room. The activity they usually do in this room is meditation.

So, this room wants a quiet and peaceful, how wonderful is this room place beside the big tree in front of the house. The green and shady come into the room also keep a calm and relax atmosphere when they are doing meditation. And the design is a Thai Contemporary style that like sense in a temple.


Mepitree Design Studio


For the most private room of our couple client is the master bedroom. The Master bedroom decoration style is a very American country as the client wants to be the best. The main material using in this room is American walnut wooden. Also, the furniture using in the room design inspiration comes from Art History when American Country style was.


Mepitree Design Studio

Mepitree Design Studio


The decorated wall showed the moldings pattern and details on teak and the impact point is Crema Marfil marble that is on the headboard. That gives an elegant and brightness points to the room.


Mepitree Design StudioMepitree Design Studio


And the last floor is on the third floor, this floor belongs to the daughter’s client. Because of her modern character, the decoration in this area will add up art décor, modern, and luxury elements. This area has a walk-in closet, living room, and bedroom.

At first, we are entering this zone, we will see a Walk-in closet where the client wants all collectibles she has. Her lovely bag, certificate, and memorable items will be placed on show display behind the island.

On the left side, there is a set of wardrobes and on the opposite side is a dressing table. The next is the living room is a mini area she spends on free time doing homework or Netflix. And the last, the bedroom is where the sense of sleeping is. Using the star on the sky as a concept of this room, design the ceiling like there is a little star to have a dreaming atmosphere while using the bedroom.


 Dressing area

08 ploy 2 scaled Mepitree Design Studio

08 ploy 3 2 scaled Mepitree Design Studio

08 ploy 8 scaled Mepitree Design Studio



08 ploy 9 Mepitree Design Studio


Living area

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Interior Design Project by MEPITREE DESIGN STUDIO, Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Website: https://www.mepitree.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mepitree/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mepitree/


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