Reasons to Invest in Bulletproof Glass Windows?

This is one glimpse of bulletproof glass and it’s quite possible that it might look like another regular glass— however, that’s where the similarity ends. Installing Bullet proof glass windows at your place provides you with that sense of authority and protection.


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Bulletproof Glass Working 


How Productive is it to Invest in Bulletproof Glass Windows?


Bulletproof glass is made from the finest materials ensuring total clarity of the content without compromising the strength— Polycarbonate, the toughest compound available in the industry, is widely used in its manufacturing. Any impact experienced by the glass is distributed all over the sheet to mitigate its influence.

Bulletproof glass is segregated into two types:

  • Solid acrylic
  • Laminated polycarbonate

Solid acrylic comprises a rigid plate having a thickness of either 1-1/4 “or 1-3/8″— depending upon the solicited degree of durability required.

Conversely, the laminated polycarbonate is formed by using two panes of glass, sandwiching a polycarbonate layer in-between. For starters, polycarbonate is a robust and clear form of polymer; Finally, all the components are bonded together with the aid of transparent and sturdy glue. Based on the level of security that you are aiming at, Laminated polycarbonate ranges between 3⁄4″, 1″ or 1-1/4″ thickness volume.

While a laminated polycarbonate outside glass surface might get penetrated by a bullet, the inner composition assimilates the energy of the projectile and spreads it evenly, thus preventing a shot from perforating through the entire Bulletproof glass sheet.

Now, since you know about the durability and unparalleled strength of bulletproof glass, let’s just see how it can be utilized in various settings to great benefit.


How much amount will you need to install bulletproof glass windows?

How Productive is it to Invest in Bulletproof Glass Windows?


Bulletproof glass serves many functions that include restraining forceful entries, destructive blasts, and wind gusts. Installation expenses may vary as per square footage, as well as advanced features and items that you might decide to add on, such as screens, currency trays, or passer packages. Depending on bulletproof glass grading level 1 – 3, the price may range in the bracket of USD 45 to USD 85 per square foot (it’s material value only that does not include ballistic framework or deployment).

A simple barrier arrangement – anything appropriate for a stand-alone ticket counter or after-hours transactional window – usually costs anywhere between USD 3,000 – USD 5,000, excluding installation charges. A much more advanced set-up of barriers could range between USD 15,000 to USD 20,000 catering to the window requirements of a gas filling station, grocery store, or even a local banking branch.

Again, the cost is a highly variable factor here which is going to rely heavily on the choice of material (in range of level 1 – level 3) that you chose to go with, along with the count of stations required— the deployment charges will be additional. 


What are the expected returns on this investment?

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The bulletproof glass is a multi-purpose defensive design feature, which preserves and protects the interiors from harsh assaults. This clear armor-like material is a stylistically consistent design choice for the areas where there is no room to compromise on protection. Such high-end security glass continues to increase its applicability and is now commonly used in cars, businesses, corporate houses, financial institutions, and homes. 


Potent protection against crime 


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If the crime statistics of the last few years are anything to go by, you’ll notice a consistent surge in the graph. In several distinct situations, bulletproof glazed windows have provided security and protection against different types of crimes. Since it is very tough to break the bulletproof glass, they can offer reliable support by averting theft attempts.

All the burglaries are usually preceded by forced entries into the intended properties and, if the bulletproof glass is used in the window accesses, an illegal entrance will become virtually unlikely— simply because the glass used is not vulnerable to gunshots, explosives, or attacks through axes, sticks and other weapons used to bust-in.


Protection from natural calamities 


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The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has put the damage estimates around USD 91 billion in total against last year’s natural calamities that included wildfires, typhoons, floods, and other crises.

Windows are likely to suffer significant damages during such environmental hazards. As we have already mentioned, bulletproof glass is the most robust material of all the available options— when it is used in the windows of homes, workplaces or automobiles, the risk of suffering injuries in the event of natural catastrophes drops significantly.

Curb noise pollution

unnamed 1 Bulletproof Glass Windows


Overcrowding, growing vehicular traffic, and manufacturing operations have dramatically increased noise pollution levels that can lead to anxiety, headaches, high BP, or even progressive hearing loss. The polycarbonate component of bulletproof glass is a potent acoustic insulator, which can be used to regulate the noise inside your premises. 

Protection from the damage through glass fragments


mn 2 Bulletproof Glass Windows


In the event of car accidents and explosions, regular glass splits into small shreds and scatters with impact around the ground— hitting people and causing massive damage to property falling in its trajectory. Considering that bullet-proof glass will not crack in such cases, it could help prevent many casualties and injuries.


Increase the property worth 


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A secure property can easily command its value in millions. 

Installing high-quality bullet-resistant glass not only enhances the curb appeal, but it also puts your estate in the league of best-protected spaces. It helps to give an immediate and massive boost to its selling value in the market, bringing your property in the list of highly desired— should you be interested in selling it, sometime in the future. 


Energy efficiency 

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By investing in bulletproof glass, you can easily enhance the energy efficiency ratings of your building and cut down drastically on your utility bills too. The sturdy glass structure successfully prevents the inner air from escaping out, or the outside air from getting in— this helps maintain the temperatures inside the premises (both during winters and summers) without relying too much on the air-conditioning units. 


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