34 Best Easter Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

Easter is around the corner again! Check out these genius easter tiered tray decor ideas to celebrate the holiday and add festive décor to your home. 

A tiered tray is referred to a tray that has 2 or 3 levels to it. Tiered trays offer a visually appealing way to display various seasonal decorative items in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. 

This decorating technique is bang-on-trend at the moment and it looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future.

You can simply grab one from the craft or home goods store. You can also put your DIY hats on and make one yourself. The obvious benefit of a tiered tray is that it allows you to maximize vertical space.

This makes them ideal for decorating small or limited areas such as countertops, shelves, or dining tables in a declutter-free manner.

 Best Easter Tiered Tray Decor ideas


If you’re wondering if they would be suitable for your space — then you may be pleased to know that tiered trays can be customized to suit any décor style or theme, whether it’s rustic, traditional, modern, or eclectic.

In this article, we’ve curated 34 genius easter tiered tray decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 


Things to Include in Your Easter Tiered Tray:

● Wooden crosses or plaques

● Coffee mugs

● Decorative Easter eggs

●  Easter-themed figurines (bunnies, chicks, lambs)

●  Faux grass or moss

●  Small vases with faux spring florals (tulips, lilies, daffodils, etc.)

● Rae Dunn decor

●  Easter-themed candles

●  Miniature nests with eggs

●  Bunny-shaped salt and pepper shakers

● Fabric carrots

●  Easter-themed coasters

● Spring gnomes

●  Bunny ear headbands or hats

●  Easter-themed plates or serving trays

● Fairy lights

●  Easter-themed garlands or banners

●  Pastel-colored ribbons or bows

●  Easter-themed cookie jars or candy dishes

Feel free to mix and match these items to create a personalized and festive Easter-tiered tray display!

Here are some incredible Easter-themed tiered trays to inspire you:


1. Pastel Inspired

Easter tiered tray 2020 full shot 4 Easter Tiered TraySource: Living on Cloud Nine


2. Spring Fling Tiered Display

887f77f84b4c83743eaee0e35f4f763b Easter Tiered TraySource: Etsy


3. Bunny Hop Heaven Stand

3ec933a88debfcdd8582a9acfd406a01 Easter Tiered TraySource: Pinterest


4. Chick Trail Tiered Tray

IMG 9906 Easter Tiered TraySource: Southern Spangled


5. Rae Dunn Display

IMG 9921 Easter Tiered TraySource: Baileys Branches


6. Sweet Treat Delight

IMG 9912 Easter Tiered Tray Source: Bows and Silos


7. Carrot Farm Theme

IMG 9907 Easter Tiered TraySource: Nicole Mcdaniel


8. Pale Pink Display

IMG 9913 Easter Tiered TraySource: Farm_charm_treasure


9. Bunny Cupcake Party

IMG 9901 Easter Tiered TraySource: Dining Delight


10. Carrot Cascade Showcase

IMG 9908 Easter Tiered TraySource: Jennifer Nutt


11. Farmhouse Style

a16c940ac8237cf5cc47cabcb6ea8e8b Easter Tiered TraySource: Tina Foster


12. Fairytale Easter Tray Display

IMG 9914 Easter Tiered TraySource: Pink Cottage Chic


13. Faith-Based Display

IMG 9909 Easter Tiered TraySource: MelDenverOnEtsy


14. Pink and Blue Scheme

IMG 9910 Easter Tiered TraySource: Fabulous_farmhouse_designs


15. Pretty in Pink

IMG 9911 Easter Tiered TraySource: Erminda Dominguez


16. Green and Pink Scheme

IMG 9915 Easter Tiered TraySource: MelDenverOnEtsy


17. He is Risen

IMG 9903 Easter Tiered TraySource: Ever Grace Designs


18. Easter Joyful Jumble Tray

IMG 9916 Easter Tiered TraySource: Felt Creative Home


19. Springtime Splendor

IMG 9902 Easter Tiered TraySource: Dining Delight


20. Purple Easter Tiered Display

IMG 9917 Easter Tiered TraySource: Crafted Farmhouse


21. Easter Enchantment Tray

IMG 9918 Easter Tiered TraySource: Blogs by Aria


22. Bunny Bliss Tiered Delight

IMG 9920 Easter Tiered TraySource: Felt Creative Home 


23. Pastel Perfection Display

IMG 9919 Easter Tiered TraySource: Lorraine Corrine


24. Carrot Bonanza Tray

Spring tray decorating ideas 10 Easter Tiered TraySource: Willshire Collections


25. Minimalist Easter Tray

IMG 9904 Easter Tiered TraySource: Blake by Design



26. Bunny Bliss Tiered Tray

IMG 9905 Easter Tiered TraySource: MelDenverOnEtsy


27. Rustic Tiered Tray

49449334362d628ac14c38fb070bd882 Easter Tiered TraySource: Linda Judice


28. Bunny’s Carrot Patch  Display

IMG 9922 Easter Tiered TraySource: MelDenverOnEtsy


29. Eggstra Special Easter Tray

f9d2041d887a4557a859a7c965bc8d74 Easter Tiered TraySource: Teresa Bezold


30. Bunny Inspired 

easter tray 3 Easter Tiered TraySource: Living on Cloud Nine


31. Black and White Scheme

98a27f2d4f4384c5d48f41ba8ca28b38 Easter Tiered TraySource: Pinterest


32. Hello Spring

ee3c71a9fcecd09c975fdf69d4457f92 Easter Tiered TraySource: Design Style By Marci


33. Religious Easter Tiered Tray

81TejlUAo8L Easter Tiered TraySource: Amazon


34. Beach Themed Easter Tiered Tray

How to Decorate a Summer Tiered Tray Easter Tiered TraySource: Dining Delight



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