Pros and Cons of Gambrel Roof

Who hasn’t dreamed of a gambrel roof? The charm of a sloping ceiling and the sight of the sky from the window is simply breathtaking!

Well, like everything in life, a gambrel has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is very original to live in a house with a gambrel roof. However, these houses must include air conditioning and heating because of the exposition to weather conditions.

Would you like to have a gambrel roof in your house and you don’t know how to build it or where to start? Don’t worry, this happens to a lot of people. You actually require some accurate pieces of advice. In this article, we’ll provide details about the gambrel roof and why it is a good option for your property.


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Pros of a gambrel roof

1. Style

Gambrel roofs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from gabled roofs to more complex shapes that combine hips or gables. A gambrel roof is versatile and allows the architect to express himself freely.

In addition, there’s a wide variety of materials for the construction of gambrel roofs, which vary in size and shape and adapt perfectly to modern and classic designs.

2. Thermal isolation

Thermal isolation matters when it comes to the construction of a roof. A gambrel roof can help you reduce energy consumption by 10-15% more than a flat roof. Of course, you don’t have to forget that a gambrel roof is often more exposed to the sun and weather conditions, which require better air conditioning equipment inside.

3. Energy saving

Air circulation is downright improved with the installation of a gambrel roof, reducing energy loss at a 25 percent rate. It is an eco-friendly roof in all senses, as it has an impact on the conservation of energy.

4. Protects against environmental hazards

Although a gambrel roof seems more vulnerable to the weather, the truth is that it is very strong and resistant to things like snow, ice, water, and wind. It also enables homeowners to recycle rainwater through an improvised drainage system. The major part of gambrel roofs is made of natural slate, which is a very resistant material.

5. Affordable Extra Space

It adds extra space to the home, especially in the higher areas of the ceiling. You won’t need to add another floor or create an attic for extra storage.

6. Longer useful life

Gambrel roofs can be considered low-maintenance roofs, in comparison to flat roofs. In general, flat roofs require more maintenance because they are more prone to leaks, which do not happen to gambrel roofs. Because of this, you will not need to overspend on further maintenance and repairs.

The natural slate that makes up most gambrel roofs also guarantees at least 50 years of useful life.


gambrel roof

7. Rainwater recycling

As said above, a gambrel roof enables you to build a special drainage system that allows you to make the most of the water and rainwater in your home. This is an advantage that gambrel roofs have over flat roofs. Plus, the quality of water that goes down the roof is not affected, as it keeps the water clean and free of dust and debris.

8. Sustainability

Gambrel roofs have a perfect shape and infrastructure for the installation of solar panels. Gambrel roofs help in the conservation of energy and facilitate the installation of devices that minimize daily energy consumption.

Cons of a gambrel roof

1. Exposed to the external conditions

When summer and winter come and temperatures go up or go down too much, It can be cold or hot inside if no heating or air-conditioning system is operating.

2. Expensive

Although a gambrel roof is thought to last 100 years and actually requires no maintenance, you have to buy devices to keep the interior temperature cool or hot enough inside the property. This roof is unable to keep a good temperature inside when the weather is extreme.

3. Lift

Some houses or buildings with a gambrel roof might require an elevator to go up and down. It goes without saying that you will need to walk up/down the stairs if no lift is there.

4. Price

Many people like gambrel roofs because of their bohemian style. The price hasn’t gone down despite many homeowners looking for this roofing solution.


Final considerations…

Whenever you have a gambrel roof, take advantage of the free spaces or gaps. The higher areas are usually more useful than those that are on the low side. However, both the high and low areas can be used as storage spaces or decoration spots.

Sliding doors can likewise make a gambrel roof more practical than it is. Plus, you won’t need too much space to install it and it is space-saving.


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