12 Interstate Moving Tips

Moving intrastate can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. Statistics show that the country’s population is “incredibly mobile” and has remained migratory since the past decade – especially the youngsters. Thus, one-third of citizens aged 20+ change dwellings every year while two-thirds relocate every five years!

Many people don’t just move to another city (intrastate) but also to another state. So, these long-distance relocations require special preparations. We learn that folks are now relocating between different states increasingly after the emergence of the pandemic.

So, how can they make this move an improved experience for the family?

Here are some suggestions for concerned homeowners.


Things to do when you’re moving to another state

 12 Interstate Moving, Packing, and Traveling Tips


1. Schedule in advance:

You can make this experience less stressful for you by scheduling your relocation one month earlier. It’ll give you some time to transfer your utilities, research potential movers, and deep-clean the new house.

Also, moving companies often give stretched delivery windows, so making arrangements one month before will enable you to organize the long-distance (interstate) move properly. When you’re relocating during holiday seasons especially, it’s important to structure your move in advance.

2. Declutter the house:

Relocation gives you an excellent opportunity to declutter the house by throwing away the stuff you don’t need anymore. So, utilize this opportunity to discard your clutter – worn-out books, yellowed documents, ancient furniture, and useless paperwork – to lessen your burden.

We recommend you recycle the stuff, donate what’s left, or organize a yard sale to fund your moving schemes. There is another option involving renting a self-storage unit where you can dump this garbage for now.


12 Interstate Moving, Packing, and Traveling Tips


3.  Get a moving container:

You can also purchase some shipping containers for storage and transportation. So, check the shipping container dimensions before making a sale or contact a sales representative if you must get the exact measurements. These moving/shipping containers make any interstate relocation easier for both businesses and homeowners.

Today, some moving companies deliver these containers right at the customer’s doorsteps, enabling them several days to load their belongings.

4. Rent some space:

We’ve already mentioned how you can rent some storage space. These climate-controlled storage facilities allow homeowners to safeguard the stuff with which they’re emotionally connected. There may be family portraits you can’t hang inside your new building so that these precious heirlooms can go to a self-storage unit.

While moving interstate, homeowners often find themselves unable to transport everything. So, these storage facilities help carry your belongings while you’re traveling.


12 Interstate Moving, Packing, and Traveling Tips


5. Gather packing supplies:

We also suggest starting packing two/three weeks before relocating. Gather the correct packing supplies to ensure that everything’s been appropriately bundled. You shouldn’t pack the house at once; instead, finish each room separately.

Avoid using newspaper for wrapping items individually, as the paper isn’t the perfect protective packing material for your valuables. So, what are the essential packing materials for homeowners? We’ll give you a list of items you should procure for packing:

  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Packing tape
  • Fragile stickers
  • Boxes that come in different sizes
  • Wrapping supplies such as bubble wrap
  • Some colorful markers to label these containers

6. Create a budget:

Moving isn’t cost-friendly, so you should start saving early for your relocation strategies. Also, make sure that you’ve created a budget for the move. Moving interstate costs a fortune, so people should set a budget according to their desired destinations.

Experts have estimated that moving to another state within Australia will cause you 2,600-5,850 dollars on average for a three-bedroom house. So, you must start saving money before hiring movers or before looking for homes in another state.


jjn Packing and Traveling Tips


7. Label everything:

You can pack/unpack your belongings effectively by labeling everything. So, you can remember later which boxes contain which items. That’s why we recommend gathering some colorful markers to write down “kitchen” on boxes containing objects procured from the kitchen. Similarly, separate the objects from every room inside your house.

This practice will help you unpack your stuff easily after settling in the new house. Labeling solves many packing problems while moving to another state.

8. Hire reliable movers:

Research properly before hiring a moving company. Ask friends/family for their recommendations; don’t forget to check online reviews to contact professional movers. During holiday seasons, many scammers attempt to defraud innocent homeowners by pretending to be movers so you can avoid getting scammed by checking their licenses.

Get quotes from different companies and then choose one for the job. Or you can also ask your friendly neighbors to help move your stuff long-distance.


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9. Get some insurance:

Statistics from ABS show that around half a million Australians relocate to another state every year. Accidents aren’t uncommon during these episodes, and movers may damage your stuff accidentally. So, get some moving insurance.

It typically ranges from 200-1,200 dollars and prevents your valuables from getting broken with any compensation. While moving across the state, getting some insurance can help you avoid lost/damaged items and reach your destination successfully.

10. Transfer your utilities:

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to connecting your utilities to your next home. We suggest you immediately inform the authorities, cancel your utilities, and have them transferred before you try moving in with your family. Since you don’t wish to arrive at the new house without any electricity, don’t you?

So, transfer these utilities – gas, water, electricity, television, the internet, and others – in time. Also, inform your friends, family, and coworkers about the address change before you move.


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11. Pack your essentials:

Don’t make the mistake of not bringing anything with you while traveling long-distance to reach the house. You should pack your essentials and carry them on your person. So, your jewelry, documents, and other important objects must always be with you.

Carrying these essentials will help you spend the first night at your destination comfortably. This first-night package should include toiletries and toothbrushes, phone chargers, a change of clothing, pet food, and medications, among other stuff.

12. Organize the destination:

Before settling in with your family, don’t forget to organize your new house properly. We’re talking about cleaning every nook and cranny, repainting the walls, and changing the locks.

Since you’re unsure to whom previous owners had given a key to your apartment, make the necessary repairs and other suitable adjustments before calling this place your next home. That’s how you can make this house in another state familiar to your family members and a building where they wish to reside.


12 Interstate Moving, Packing, and Traveling Tips



Moving to another state within your country constitutes a troublesome, time-consuming, and stressful experience for your entire family. Though following our suggestions mentioned above can make moving a smooth transition for you. Visit your new address and local research enterprises. Find reliable movers to transport your belongings and transfer your utilities to the changed residence.

We suggest renting a self-storage unit after decluttering your house where you can store your useless objects. Don’t forget to forward your mail before relocating to the house of your dreams. Pack your essentials and settle in the house after cleaning it thoroughly. That’s how you ascertain a seamless transition to another state.


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