Everything You Should Know about Moss Wall Art

Do you like houseplants? Moss wall art is one of the best and latest home trends!

It is a pity that you do not have a landscaped garden and that your apartment does not have enough space. Unless your townhome has no patio or is concreted over, it is not possible to bring greenery into this setting. Yet, moss wall art can solve this.

Do you like the presence of plants in your home, in your interior and would you like to give it even more importance? Have you ever heard of moss wall art? Composed of real moss but also sometimes lichen, moss wall art adds softness and serenity.

In this article, we’ll learn about moss wall art, how to incorporate it into home interiors, and some of its benefits.

Below are some examples of how you can install moss wall art.

Moss wall art for houseplants

Moss decor comes to be an alternative to regular houseplants. Some houseplants are expensive. Moss wall art can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room since it is versatile. It’s a nice project, but a little complicated.


Everything You Should Know about Moss Wall ArtImage source: Planthropy


Principles for moss wall art

Moss wall art brings green to the interior. This is made possible by a plant stabilization process, which keeps plants naturally beautiful and supple without wilting or drying out.

The principle of these plants is simple: instead of the sap, a sugar-like biodegradable product is injected. This process allows for the preservation and flexibility of the plant, keeping the original color without water or light. Therefore, no maintenance is necessary for the plant to maintain its beauty!

Moss wall art does not require air conditioning. You do not have to transplant, add fertilizer, prune or worry about the CO2 it releases. However, it is not recommended to have too many houseplants in the room. No need to have a green thumb.

Best places to install preserved moss wall art

You can install preserved moss wall art wherever you want.

It is quite possible to install moss wall décor in the living room or a simple strip in the kitchen. . In fact, their extreme conservation allows them to be integrated into any room of a house or apartment.

So you can create a moss plank to decorate the living room and add a piece of wall that goes from the floor to the ceiling, which can serve as the original headboard in the bedroom. In the bathroom, moss wall art creates a zen atmosphere.


moss wall art preserved moss wall art moss wall decor diy moss wall art preserved moss art moss frame art


Moss wall art is a beautiful and unique way to style a room in an ecological way. Moss wall art matches many home interior designs and can be maintained with proper care. The only requirement is that the preserved moss art is in a place where it can be exposed to the sunlight, otherwise, it will dry.

Moss wall art is a type of decoration that only lasts a few months. It is high maintenance and requires exposition to sunlight. The lifespan of the moss will also depend on the type of moss, considering that not all offer the same resistance and adaptability.

Live Moss Wall Frames, How Are The Artworks Hung?

Moss walls are not made of artificial plants, but live plants that are protected by a frame, creating a type of moss frame art. Preserved moss is more durable since it uses dried moss, which sets it apart from regular moss wall art, which uses live plants and obviously has a limited lifespan. Live moss does require to be watered on a constant basis.

Moss wall art not only decorates a house but also acts as an insulator or soundproofing material. Plants help purify the environment and improve air quality. Moss wall art helps bring nature indoors.


Screenshot 2022 12 19 at 11.44.26 moss wall art


Live Moss Wall Care

You just need to install your moss wall art in a place with enough sunlight exposure. Dry moss wall art does not need water for preservation. These plants require minimal sunlight to last months.

The popularity of moss wall art

Surprisingly, eco-friendly art is popping up in most home interior designs with the incorporation of more houseplants, flowers, floral carpets, and moss wall art. This trend has also become popular in offices and cafes, which means it hasn’t been restricted to households. Moss wall art purifies the air of restaurant backdrops and revamps the place in a way that artificial plants cannot.

Plus, moss wall art is minimalistic and stylish, and adds a modern and futuristic vibe. Finding moss for decorating rooms is simple, but the installation does require expertise.


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