The Non Surgical Nose Job That Transforms The Nose

There are people who drag complexes throughout their lives, which does not allow them to be fully happy. The nose is usually one of those parts of the face that take the cake when it comes to complexes. Fortunately, resorting to a non surgical nose job is no longer a fantasy.

Having an aquiline, very wide nose is not necessarily synonymous with complexes and disagreement with the physical appearance of the face, but it is a reality that we find many people who are self-conscious about the structure of their nose throughout the years.

Normally, this complex is dragged out for fear of the operating room, for fear of undergoing rhinoplasty, and facing the scalpel. But, a few years ago, a technique emerged to correct small aesthetic defects of the nose without going through the operating room. We are talking about the liquid nose job. An alternative to rhinoplasty? The solution to any aesthetic or functional problem of the nose? A temporary or ultimate solution?



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The Non-Surgical Nose Job

The non-surgical nose job allows you to change the shape of the nose without having to undergo an operation and without having the typical postoperative discomfort. In addition, it is a treatment that has come a long way because, initially, it only allowed temporary results, but now they can be permanent.

The latest study carried out by the Diego de León Clinics, with a sample of 960 patients, states that it has grown by 20% compared to the first quarter of 2016. Miguel de la Peña, director of the clinics and cosmetic surgeon, explains that one of the reasons why many people decide to have a non-surgical nose job is because “they can decide to temporarily or permanently modify their nose. It all depends on the type of filler used in nasal remodelling”.


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No surgical nose job


How is a non-surgical nose job done?

Rhinomodelation, also known as a non-surgical nose job, consists of small amounts of hyaluronic acid through microinjections that equalize and rectify the profile of the nose. The plastic and aesthetic surgery professional performs a preliminary study of the patient’s features to determine the proportion of the infiltrations.

The medical staff evaluates the particular situation of the patient and shows him the options to treat this issue.


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After this previous study in which the patient’s wishes and the real possibilities that exist will be shared, the “before” photos would be taken to set the aesthetic objectives with the patient. Once the procedure has finished, the “after” photos are taken in order to compare the results.

Then, the specialist cleans and disinfects the area to be treated. They apply a local anaesthetic cream and, once it has had its effect, they begin with infiltrations through microinjections that fill the small depressions in the nose with hyaluronic acid. With these fillers, the angles to harmonize the profile are softened, as well as the bridge or back of the nose. The angle of the tip of the nose can also be raised.

Once the hyaluronic acid has been infiltrated, the doctors massage the nose to shape it and thus achieve the results they are looking for. Thanks to the surgical experience and anatomical knowledge, they achieve harmonic results without modifying the facial features that characterize each person and make them unique. They try hard to respect the essence of each face, harmonizing and beautifying it.


permanent non surgical nose job
Liquid nose job before and after


Rhinomodelation vs. Rhinoplasty

These are the main differences between these two options:

Rhinomodelation or a non surgical nose job allows you to modify the curvature of the nose, that is, it can make an aquiline nose have a completely straight contour and even allows you to raise the tip of the nose.


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Rhinoplasty: it is a procedure that completely modifies or reduces the size of the nose, in addition, in case of septal deviations, it allows an improvement of breathing.

Pre-treatment check

In cases of a liquid nose job, it is possible to carry out a preliminary test, so that the patient is sure of the decision.

A nose filler is applied to patients with a special serum that is reabsorbed in just one day so that they can check how their nose would look after treatment and be able to choose more precisely, always under the recommendation and advice of the medical team.


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It is not recommended for minors

Doctors advise that teens should not undergo these procedures, since the shape of their nose can still change.

An exceptional case would be that the young person has a breathing problem or has suffered some type of serious accident, but it must always be under medical criteria. The nose filler cost never surpasses 2000 USD.

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