8 Ideas to Inspire Your Living Room Design and Aesthetic

Did you know that people from the United States spend about 10 hours awake each day at home?

This time is spent showering, cleaning, and relaxing with the family, but it’s hard to relax when you don’t feel comfortable.

If you want to make your home a comfortable place, since you spend so much time there, you should consider redecorating.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best living room decor ideas that will help inspire you to decorate!


1. Nature

One of the best living room decor ideas this year is inspired by nature.

Since so much time is spent indoors, you can try to bring the outdoors to you, no matter what time of year it is. You can decorate a living room with shades of green, plants, and wood accents to make it feel like you are outside.

Using nature as inspiration for your living room decor can create a calming environment and invoke curiosity.

Other ways to use nature are by decorating with ocean themes, using wildlife, and incorporating plants around the house.



2. Farmhouse 

If you have always dreamed of having a home in the middle of the country, you should think about using farmhouse styles.

Farmhouse decor is charming and unique but it is also practical and rustic. The simplicity of these decorations will make your home feel free of useless clutter but still add details to the design.

Many people recommend comforting, modern, and rustic pieces that will complement each other. You can save on money and get a lot of these items at second-hand shops and thrift stores. Don’t be afraid to use prefabricated walls or exposed wood in your home and also, create a beautiful front porch to complete the look!



3. Minimalist

If you enjoy modern homes and decor, you should gear toward a minimalist style for the living room.

The minimalist decor uses a lot of modern designs but it can also incorporate more rustic and chic items that serve a purpose. The goal of minimalism is to live with the bare essentials and only have what you need.

Getting decor that is functional and simple will help you get this design.

For example, you can purchase a large silver mirror to achieve this look. Mirrors are often bought because they are practical and can also act as decor. Getting multi-function decor can help you live a minimalistic lifestyle that will keep you relaxed.



4. Comforting 

Instead of focusing on one design, you could decorate your living room in a comforting way.

This type of living room design involves you using furniture and decorations that evoke feelings. If you are out shopping, only buy the items that give you a sense of comfort or relaxation. Even if you get decorations from different styles, they can pull together to create a relaxing environment.

Large blankets, fireplaces, and calming colors can be used to get a comforting living room. Once you get the right balance of decorations, this will become one of the most used spots in the house. People will walk into your home and feel like they are at home as well.


Living Room Decor: 8 Ideas to Inspire Your Design and Aesthetic


5. Bright & Vibrant

Finding living room decor ideas that are bright and vibrant can be difficult.

Most people use the living room as an opportunity to decorate with comforting pieces. If you are hoping to get a bright living room, you should focus on the colors and themes used for your decor.

A great way to get bright colors in the living room is by using floral patterns and brightly colored plants or artwork. You should also try to let as much sunlight in as possible, sheer curtains can help you do this. Yellow, orange, or pinks are bright colors that will look wonderful in the living room.


hamptons living room ideas slip cover sofa Living Room Decor


6. Theater-Style 

If you and your family are always watching movies in your downtime, you should consider the theater-style living room.

To improve your movie and TV experiences, you can hang curtains or blinds that block all of the sunlight. If you want it to feel like the theaters, use simple decor. Some people recommend painting the walls white, or another light color so that you can install a projector and improve your movie display.

This is a fun way to decorate the living room while thinking about your kids and hobbies. You can also look for posters and artwork of famous movies to hang in the background!



7. Toddler-Friendly

Do you have a baby or toddler living in your home?

Decorating with your child in mind is essential, otherwise, you will end up boxing all of your decorations to keep them safe. Fortunately, you can find a lot of decorative toys made of wood and other simple materials. Having items within reach that your child can play with will make parenting easier and you will have less cleaning to worry about.

Toddler-friendly furniture and artwork can make the living room a playful place but it can still look mature if you find the right pieces.


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8. Industrial

If you enjoy the rustic and modern look but want to add a twist, the industrial style is recommended.

Industrial living rooms use exposed beams, wood, and other raw materials. These materials are used to add style, but they can also serve a purpose. You can find this interior design most often in lofts and livings spaces, which makes it perfect for the living room.

Take a look at some old factories and industrial spaces in your area to find more inspiration and don’t be afraid to mix other elements in. You can achieve this style by using weathered-looking materials, bricks, and stripped architecture.


wood and concrete industrial country living room Living Room Decor


Is It Time to Update Your Living Room Decor? 

Finding living room decor is easy, it’s choosing a theme that is the difficult part.

Many decorative living room ideas can be combined to create a comforting and fun environment for your family. Think about how you want to feel when you enter the room to decide which design will be best.

Depending on your decor, you can feel happy and awake in the room, calm and relaxed, or excited to watch movies.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about how to decorate a living room and make your home feel like home!

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