How Create a Unique and Highly Functional Nursery in a Small Home

If the new baby is on the way, it’s easy to feel at a loss about the nursery, even if you have been preparing all the way long. Organizing a nice place to serve as a kid’s bedroom and playing space takes effort and a vision. In the case of smaller dwellings, it becomes even more of a challenge.

This article is a helper for anyone desiring to make a timelessly beautiful and practical nursery for their baby. We’ll also discuss how to personalize it by adding accessories such as a name sign or wooden growth chart ruler.


5 Key Ideas to Make the Most of Limited Nursery Room Space

You don’t always have the big choice where to organize a nursery in your house, and this is perfectly okay. Small nurseries can be as cute and practical as more spacious ones.

  • Make use of unused space

If you want to use every square inch, consider unusual storage places. For example, in-wall shelves, vertical organizers on closet doors, additional hooks, and a small book ledge near the cot – all of this will help and increase storage space.


How Create a Unique and Highly Functional Nursery in a Small Home


  • Double the closet storing capacity

As the amount of baby clothes grows more and more, make sure you store them without getting the room cluttered. But how can your essential closet contain more?

First, think of closer rail placement, adding rods or boxes, keeping socks and shoes separately in organizers – these ideas expand the closet without consuming space.

Investing in some good space-saving furniture like cots with drawers will also do you a favor. Besides, under the baby’s crib, you will be able to keep all the things you will need within easy reach when getting ready to fall asleep or change in the evening.

  • Pick the right pallette

It’s well known that the right shades of light colors can make the nursery appear spacious. No, you don’t have to buy white wallpapers – have a look at warm and muted yellow, green, blue, purple, or patterned wallpapers or paint (washable). Let the furniture support the cheerful palette!


How Create a Unique and Highly Functional Nursery in a Small Home


  • Elevate lighting

This includes having fancy lights everywhere and making use of natural light. But, of course, you don’t want too much light there all the time so find a compromise – let the room have big windows (which will also help you ventilate the room well) and provide blackout curtains to ensure a good daytime nap.

It can actually make the nursery look bigger when it comes to artificial lighting. So don’t hurry when choosing these items – instead of typical floor lamps, try wall scones or some soft lighting on the changing table or windowsill. The main idea is not to include harsh lights or have them regulated.

  • Add name signs

There is a huge choice of wall and shelf signs with designs or just with fancy fonts at Crawoo. Including the baby’s initials or a full name will be the statement: this is the baby’s place and belongs to the family.


How Create a Unique and Highly Functional Nursery in a Small Home


In Conclusion

Smaller space doesn’t mean worse, and these ideas prove it. We hope they will help you transform a small room into a beautiful nursery to serve you for years to come and be a cozy and relaxing place.


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