5 Tips on Improving Your Office Space Through Feng Shui

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of enhancing the energy of a space through object placements. It can be applied to all kinds of spaces, from homes to offices. When feng shui principles are applied in the workplace, it can create a harmonious working environment and business prosperity. Also, good feng shui can have an energizing effect on employees and improve their work productivity.

The best way to experience the positive effect of feng shui in the workplace is through the guidance of a feng shui professional. If your office is located on the west coast, you can contact a feng shui consultant California residents trust or a practitioner near your area. Even if you can’t get in touch with feng shui expert near you, you can always try these simple tips to improve the energies inside your office space.


Place Your Work Desk in a Command Position 

In feng shui, the position of your work desk plays a vital role in the success and happiness you experience in your professional life. Your desk represents your career and must be placed where you can have visual control of the room, called the command position. This prime desk placement influences your control over your work.

While you need to see most parts of your room, you can’t position your desk right in front of the door or the window. Being able to see people approaching your office or looking out the window can distract you from your tasks. Instead, position your desk to be diagonal from the entry point of the room, with your back against a solid wall.




Declutter Your Workspace

A desk filled with clutter can impact your overall performance. The same is said to be true from a feng shui perspective. When you have a ton of things on your desk, productive chi or energy cannot flow freely because something is blocking it. If you want to improve work performance and get more positive results, remove objects causing the energy obstruction.

To declutter your desk, begin by taking out all the items. Carefully assess what you need to use daily and put those back on the desk. When it comes to documents and papers, limit them to those you need for whatever project you are currently handling. For other papers and office items, keep them in file cabinets, desk drawers, and storage spaces. Having a tidy desk can also remove visual clutter that can distract you from accomplishing your tasks.


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Liven up the Space with Plants

Adding plants and flowers to your office can help improve air quality. It can also promote good feng shui in the space. Plants connect you to the natural world and their green color encourages personal and professional growth. To take advantage of plants’ positive influence on your workspace, make sure to keep plants that are healthy and have a vibrant appearance.

If you are looking for plants you can bring to your office, choose the best plants that bring prosperity and harmony according to feng shui practices. For example, the lucky bamboo plant is said to bring wealth and luck. The plant has an odd number of five stalks, which represents wealth. On the other hand, the money plant has leaves that resemble coins. In feng shui, this means the plant attracts money. When the plant has more numerous and greener leaves, more money will come in.




Incorporate Water Element in the Office

The element of water symbolizes money according to feng shui. But you need to incorporate the element in your office the right way. First, the water must be clean and fresh all the time. If your office has space for it, you can install an aquarium in the workplace.

For a more scaled-down representation of the water element, desk fountains are also great options. When adding a desk fountain, make sure the water flowing isn’t rapid or blocked. In case you can’t accommodate these water-related objects, you can still bring water elements into the space by placing artwork depicting water like a picture of lakes or any body of water.


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Integrate Vertical Shapes

To invite positive energy that will help with business expansion and growth, integrate vertical lines and shapes in your office. You can use different objects that will create height and make the space appear taller. You can do this by placing objects that will direct your gaze to move upward such as bookshelves or a tall plant. While the vertical placement of objects represents growth, keep in mind that anything diagonal or horizontal, like a bent tree, can mean the opposite.

Feng shui principles can be applied in different spaces, whether you want to improve your personal or professional life. In the office, there are various feng shui practices you can follow, such as the position of your desk and the decorative accents you place in the space, to promote positive energy. While these techniques can help you improve your office space, it’s best to consult a professional to ensure you promote good feng shui in every corner of your workplace.

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