34 Dreamy Coastal Living Room Ideas

Are you on the hunt for the best coastal bedroom ideas? Here, we have curated some incredible coastal living room ideas to help you create a relaxing and dreamy escape. 

The Coastal interior design style is inspired by coastal regions’ soothing and breezy atmosphere.

This style is effortless to adopt and it is not just used for coastal homes alone — all kinds of homes can benefit can this interior style.

Coastal living rooms often feature a light and airy palette inspired by the beach, including shades of blue, white, beige, and soft pastels. These colors mimic the sky, sand, and ocean, creating a serene atmosphere. 

The coastal interior style aims to evoke the feeling of being near the ocean, whether through direct beachfront views or subtle coastal-themed decor.  

Here are 34 elegant and soothing coastal living rooms to inspire you! 


34 Dreamy Coastal Living Room Ideas



1. Use Natural Materials 

The coastal design incorporates natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, and wicker to evoke a sense of coastal living. These materials add warmth and texture to the space. 

Choose coffee tables, side tables, and shelves made of reclaimed wood or bamboo to add warmth and texture to the space. Also, consider including woven rattan or wicker chairs and baskets for a coastal-inspired look.

coastal decor 9 1 Coastal Living Room
Source: Melanie Jade Design


2. Mix Textures and Patterns

Texture and pattern add visual interest to a space by breaking up the monotony of solid colors and smooth surfaces.

In a coastal living room, incorporating a variety of textures and patterns mimics the diverse elements found in nature such as sand, water, rocks, and driftwood — creating a visually stimulating environment.

Blueandwhitelivingroom 9 Coastal Living RoomSource: Craft Berry Bush


3. Go for Ratten Accent Chairs

Rattan is a natural material that complements the coastal theme beautifully.

Its warm tone and woven texture evoke a sense of beachside living. This makes it an ideal choice for creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in a coastal-inspired space.

contemporary coastal home interior 2 Coastal Living RoomSource: Lean Muller Interiors


4. Stick to the White and Pale Blue Scheme

White and pale blue are colors commonly associated with the beach and ocean, evoking the serene atmosphere of coastal living.  

Plus, this color combination contributes to a bright and airy atmosphere in the living room — hence making the space feel open, fresh, and inviting.

Summer Beach House Tharon Anderson 18 1 Kindesign Coastal Living RoomSource: Tharon Anderson


5. Bring in Some Palm Trees

Palm trees are iconic symbols of tropical destinations and evoke a sense of relaxation, serenity, and vacation vibes.

By adding palm trees to a coastal living room, you can instantly transport yourself and your guests to a coastal paradise. 

homegoods post holiday 5 Coastal Living RoomSource: Jessica Bruno


6. Opt for a Blue Sofa

A blue sofa can serve as a focal point in the living room, adding visual interest and personality to the space.

Whether you choose a bold navy blue or a soft powder blue, the sofa can become a statement piece that anchors the room and ties together the coastal theme.

Inspired Coastal Living santa barbara design center 4 Coastal Living RoomSource: Santa Barbara


7. Introduce a Bohemian Vibe

Bohemian decor often incorporates natural and organic elements such as plants, wood, and woven materials, which resonate with the coastal theme.

By introducing lush greenery, reclaimed wood furniture, and woven rattan accents, you can enhance the connection to nature and create a harmonious blend of bohemian and coastal aesthetics.

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 15.49.41 Coastal Living RoomSource: Pinterest


8. Consider a Tan Sofa

Tan is a neutral color that harmonizes well with the natural color palette often associated with coastal decor.

It complements the sandy beaches and earthy tones found in coastal environments. 

Navy and Neutral Fall Living Room Tour 2 Coastal Living RoomSource: Sand and Sisal


9. Combine Aqua Green, Tan and Grey

Aqua green, tan, and grey offer a balanced contrast of light and dark tones.

The aqua green adds a refreshing pop of color, while the tan provides warmth, and the grey adds depth and sophistication.

This balanced contrast creates visual interest and dimension in the space without overwhelming the senses.

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 13.28.27 Coastal Living RoomSource: House Nerd


10. Bring Outdoor Furniture In

Outdoor furniture tends to have a more casual and relaxed aesthetic compared to traditional indoor furniture.

By bringing outdoor furniture indoors, you can create a laid-back and inviting atmosphere in your coastal living room. Which reflects the easygoing lifestyle associated with coastal living.

406897575 18402704707061653 7521412352782877958 n Coastal Living RoomSource: Pure Salt Interior


11. Liven it Up With Greenery

Greenery adds a touch of natural beauty to the space, bringing the freshness and vitality of the outdoors indoors.

Plus, plants introduce organic shapes and textures that complement the coastal theme. 

IMG 0118 Coastal Living RoomSource: Pure Salt Interior


12. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Enhance the coastal ambiance by maximizing natural light in your living room.

Use sheer curtains or bamboo blinds that allow plenty of sunlight to filter into the room. Then, strategically place mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.

Santa Barbara Beach Home Design Coastal Living RoomSource: Debra Lynn Henno Design


13. Hang Artworks Remiscent of Nature

Nature-inspired artworks can add visual interest and depth to the living space.

Hanging artworks depicting seascapes, beach scenes, or marine life reinforces the coastal theme. This creates a cohesive look and feel. 
IMG 0113 Coastal Living Room
Source: AGK Design Studio


14. Decorate with Dried Plants

Dried plants add a touch of nature to the indoor space, echoing the organic beauty of coastal environments. Plus, unlike fresh flowers or live plants, dried plants require minimal maintenance.

Navy and Neutral Fall Living Room and Kitchen Tour Coastal Living Room Source: Sand and Sisal


15. Add a Statement Piece

A statement piece immediately draws attention and adds visual interest to the room.

Whether it’s a sculptural driftwood coffee table, a wall-mounted piece, or a lighting feature, it can really maximize interest in the space. 

Upscale Coastal Beach Bungalow Design Corner Plant Coastal Living RoomSource: Pure Salt Interiors


16. Use Light Neutrals

Light neutrals have the visual effect of making a space feel larger and more open.

In smaller coastal living rooms, using light neutrals on walls and larger furniture pieces can help maximize the perception of space. It can help make the room feel more expansive and inviting.

IMG 0119 Coastal Living RoomSource: Pure Salt Interiors


17. Combine Navy Blue and Tan

Navy blue is often associated with nautical themes, reminiscent of the deep blue sea and maritime elements.

When paired with tan, which resembles sandy beaches or weathered driftwood.

Navy and Neutral Fall Living Room Coastal Living RoomSource: Sand and Sisal


18. Add Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books add visual interest and texture to the living room decor.

Plus, books related to marine life, beach photography, coastal architecture, travel destinations, or ocean conservation can serve as engaging conversation starters

IMG 0114 Coastal Living Room
Source: Hamptons in Highfields


19. Opt for a Blueleess Color Scheme

Understandably, not everyone may gravitate towards the typical blue color scheme associated with coastal decor.

Warmer tones such as earthy browns, soft creams, and subtle greens can be used to create a soothing and coastal atmosphere in the living room. 

IMG 0117 Coastal Living RoomSource: Pure Salt Interiors


20. Go for a Beachy Vibe

Beach-inspired decor typically incorporates light and airy elements, such as crisp whites, soft blues, and sandy neutrals, which contribute to a bright and open aesthetic.

You can also implement natural elements, tropical patterns, and beach motifs.  

IMG 0116 Coastal Living RoomSource: Traditionally Coastal


21. Consider a Wallpaper

Wallpaper can introduce texture and depth to the walls, enhancing the visual interest of the room.

Coastal-themed wallpapers often feature patterns inspired by natural elements like waves, sand, seashells, or coral reefs. These elements add a tactile dimension to the decor.

IMG 0112 Coastal Living RoomSource: Serena & Lily


22. Bring in a Wicker Egg Chair

Egg chairs are known for their comfort and cocoon-like design, providing a cozy and inviting spot to unwind.

They add natural texture to a space, evoking the feeling of coastal living by bringing elements of the outdoors indoors

IMG 0120 Coastal Living RoomSource: Pure Salt Interiors 


23. Use Sunset Artwork

Coastal sunsets are renowned for their breathtaking beauty and spectacular displays of color.

Sunset artwork contributes to the overall ambiance of the living room, setting the tone for relaxation and enjoyment.

IMG 0123 Coastal Living RoomSource: Broarts


24. Install Window Seats to Enjoy the Views

Window seats make efficient use of space in the living room, especially in areas with large windows or bay windows overlooking the coast.

Whether it’s watching the sunrise over the water or taking in the sunset hues, window seats offer a cozy and comfortable spot to appreciate the natural beauty outside.

IMG 0121 Coastal Living Room Source: Pure Salt Interiors 


25. Embrace the Hampton Interior Style

The Hampton interior style exudes timeless elegance with its classic and sophisticated elements. 

Embracing the Hampton style involves incorporating natural materials like weathered wood, rattan, wicker, and linen, which resonate with coastal living.

blue roll arm accent chairs Coastal Living RoomSource: Digs Design Company


26. Consider Grey Walls

Grey walls provide a neutral base that allows for flexibility in decorating.

They serve as a versatile backdrop for various coastal-inspired decor elements. Using grey paint on the walls allows other colors and textures to stand out and shine in the living room.

IMG 0122 Coastal Living Room
Source: Pure Salt Interiors 


27. Add Freshness with Beige Sofas

Beige sofas have a light and neutral tone that helps to create an airy and open feel in the living room.

This complements the coastal theme by evoking the sense of space and openness often associated with coastal environments.

Coastal Living Room with Beige Sofas via Pure Salt Interiors Coastal Living RoomSource: Pure Salt Interiors 


28. Make It Cozy

Creating a cozy coastal living room involves incorporating elements that evoke warmth, comfort, and relaxation.

Introduce soft and inviting textures to the space with plush area rugs, cozy throws, and cushions.

Consider adding warm lighting, layered fabrics, and a fireplace if your space allow. 

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 15.15.38 Coastal Living RoomSource: Muskoka Living Interiors


29. Embrace Minimalism

The minimalist design emphasizes the use of natural materials and textures, which aligns well with coastal decor.

By paring down the decor to essential elements, you can highlight the beauty of natural materials.

IMG 2144 1151x1536 1 Coastal Living RoomSource: Life on Cedar Lane


Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 12.21.25 Coastal Living RoomSource: Tahn Interiors 


31. Invest in a Driftwood Coffee Table

Driftwood coffee tables are often crafted from reclaimed or salvaged wood, bringing an authentic coastal vibe to the living room.

In addition to this, each driftwood coffee table is unique, showcasing the individual knots, grains, and textures of the wood

IMG 0115 Coastal Living RoomSource: Patina Interior


32. Incorporate a Shiplap Wall

Shiplap walls evoke a sense of nautical charm and coastal style, reminiscent of traditional seaside cottages and beach houses.

They add textural interest to interior spaces, creating visual depth and dimension.

unnamed file 1 Coastal Living RoomSource: Pinterest


33. Add a Modern Feel

Adding a modern feel to a coastal living room involves incorporating contemporary design elements.

Opt for furniture with clean lines and minimalist designs to create a modern aesthetic. 

Stick to a neutral color palette for the walls, floors, and larger furniture pieces to create a cohesive backdrop. 

Then, choose a statement pendent lighting with modern designs to elevate the overall aesthetic of the living room. 

IMG 0111 Coastal Living RoomSource: Calusa Bay Design


34. Use Sea and Nature-Inspired Elements

Display seashells, coral, and other beachcombing finds as decorative accents throughout the living room.

Arrange them in bowls, vases, or shadow boxes to create unique and personalized decor pieces that reflect the coastal theme.

fireplace 2 676x1024 1 Coastal Living RoomSource: House of Turquoise



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