3D Flooring: All You Need to Know

The use of 3D flooring is gaining popularity in home decoration today. 3D flooring creates a three-dimensional visual effect, which offers aesthetic and impressive results.

If you look up the term ‘floor’ in the dictionary, you find out that a floor is a surface that is static, motionless, and does not move. It is as static as a wall. Floors did not possess any visual effects or attractive motifs. Yet, 3D flooring has changed our perception of floors.

3D flooring is one of the latest trends in home interior design. These floors have the capacity to transform any room. 3D flooring is made of various layers, one on top of the other. It has a self-leveling layer that adds firmness and another layer that has a drawing or image. The third layer makes the 3D floor thicker and harder, while the fourth layer serves a protective purpose.

Although 3D flooring does not seem eco-friendly, it is actually ecological, odorless, clean, and surprisingly, non-slip.  Apart from that, it is resistant, thus it can be installed on parquets and platforms.

If you want to learn more about 3D flooring, keep reading!


3D Flooring: Everything You Should Know About It


Materials to install 3D flooring

You need the following materials and tools to install 3D flooring:

  • Joint filler
  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Primer (suitable for each type of floor)
  • The image you want (better if printed on vinyl)
  • Two-component self-leveling epoxy resin paint
  • Protective varnish
  • Furniture protector

Advantages of 3D flooring

3D flooring is exclusive and provides personality, and originality to any space. But besides that, it has other advantages:

  • 3D flooring is resistant and ideal to make small spaces seem larger.
  • It allows you to customize the floors with the 3D design that you like and transform the floors into authentic works of art.
  • 3D flooring adapts to the design and the dimensions and characteristics of each room.
  • Imagination is the key to 3D floor decoration. 3D flooring can be decorated with exotic or marine landscapes, beach sand, the sea, animals, forests, geometric shapes, or children’s favorite cartoons. Everything is possible in 3D flooring.
  • To create a harmonious environment and give your home more style, combine the floor decoration with the colors of the furniture and walls.


3D Flooring: Everything You Should Know About ItImage source


Steps to create 3D floors

In order to achieve 3D floors with an aesthetic and very attractive effect, follow these steps:

a. Apply self-leveling underlayment to the 3D floor

The first thing you must do is make sure that the floor is smooth and in perfect condition. You will need to cover the gaps that are between the tiles correctly.

To do this, apply a primer to improve adhesion and durability. After applying the primer following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply 1 coat of two-component self-leveling epoxy resin paint.

This paint, which can be a single color, is a base to create murals or drawings. It is necessary to apply at least one coat of paint to provide firmness and security to the floor.

b. Placement of the 3D image

Next, put the 3D image. Regardless of the format (a vinyl, a drawing, a photo, etc.), place the image, which will add the final touch and a 3D appearance.

In this sense, the image should be tough to resist the varnish. Use strong adherents to paste the image. Use a type of glue compatible with the image mural material.

c. Apply protective varnish to the image

Once the image is placed on the ground, add the epoxy resin varnish to the self-leveling water. Since the varnish is transparent, the image is perfectly visible through it. Self-leveling products do not need leveling, as they adapt to the ground.

Next, let the product dry and complete the 3D flooring installation.

Maintenance of 3D flooring

Epoxy resin is a resistant and low-maintenance material. Epoxy resin is appropriate because:

  • It is resistant to both friction and blows, chemical components, and extreme temperatures.
  • It is waterproof and protects the floor from water and almost any liquid.
  • It is easy to clean with water and neutral detergents. However, 3D flooring is not resistant to scratches. You shouldn’t drag your furniture pieces on a 3D floor. To prevent scratches, put bases on the legs of the pieces, so whenever you move the furniture, it doesn’t leave any scratches.


s l500 3D flooringImage source


Ideal rooms for 3D flooring

There are many 3D flooring options today. You have plenty of images and motifs to choose from.

The bathroom is generally the best place to use 3D flooring, but you can put this flooring in other parts of the property. This floor can change the looks of the living room or kitchen. Just be creative at the moment of decorating or choosing the images.

Install 3D flooring in the rooms where you usually take a nap or relax. This is not a type of floor to put in any room. 3D flooring looks better in quiet places.

The best motifs

When choosing the motifs, pick those that are nature-related. If you have kids, the motifs can be associated with their favorite cartoons. For bathroom 3D flooring, water motifs work wonders. Although 3D designs with flowers and grass paths are also common, images of the sea and waterfalls in the countryside are preferred.

Sea motifs look great in the living room. Other alternatives are coral and waterfall motifs. For bedrooms, people often prefer themes that display landscapes and flowers because they convey relaxation.

The kitchen is perhaps the space that uses the least 3D flooring. But if you dare install 3D flooring in this space, decorate the floor of your kitchen with 3D flooring that shows paradisiacal islands and deserted beaches. Just be inventive.

Consideration before installing 3D flooring

It is advisable that the walls wear neutral and bright tones such as beige, light green, pastel tones, and white.

With regard to furniture, 3D floors will stand out more surrounded by light wood or white furniture.

The metal pieces (chairs, tables, etc.) will also bring a lot of light to an environment with 3D floors.

Without a doubt, 3D flooring has great appeal and is pretty versatile.


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