What is Polanight Teeth Whitening?

Polanight is the most widely used dentistry brand for professional teeth whitening. Polanight tooth whitening products include carbamide peroxide formulas Polanight 10%, Polanight 16 percent, and Polanight 22 percent. Kits for teeth whitening can be used for up to 14 days. Carbamide peroxide is used to make Polanight whitening gel. It’s the carbamide peroxide that lightens the color of your teeth by softly bleaching them.

Hydrogen peroxide is used in the majority of tooth whitening products. Polanight was created to be gentle on your teeth and gums while successfully whitening your teeth to their maximum potential. 3 percent carbamide peroxide is equivalent to 1 percent hydrogen peroxide in terms of strength. Your Dental Perfection at-home teeth whitening kit will arrive in one of two carbamide peroxide strengths: 10% or 16%.

For people who have a bit longer time to whiten their teeth, the Polanight 10% teeth whitening kit is appropriate. We recommend that you take Polanight 10% for two hours a day because the results are obvious after only fifteen minutes. Polanight 10 percent can also be used before going to bed for around seven and a half hours. Then, in the morning, simply clean your teeth and mouth tray.

The 16 percent gel is a little quicker to work than the weaker gel. It’s ideal for patients who only have an hour or two during the day to whiten their teeth or who wish to get a stronger shade of white by using it overnight. Both gels should only be used once a day at most.


What is Polanight Teeth Whitening? A Buyer's Guide


Patients can choose from three distinct types of polanight whitening procedures:

1. Over-the-counter kit
2. Dentist-recommended take-home whitening kit
3. Professional treatments administered by your dentist

The oxygen and water ions in pola’s bleaching solution are broken down once it is applied to the surface of your teeth. This is because the discoloration occurs in the dentin of your teeth, which is located beneath your enamel.   Once the oxygen ions have penetrated the enamel of your teeth, they break down the chemicals that are causing the staining. The saliva in your mouth will clean up any remaining discolored molecules.

How to use Polanight Teeth Whitening

Step 1:

Brush your teeth before starting the whitening process. Remove the whitening syringe’s top and replace it with the applicator tip that came with it.

Step 2:

Prepare your whitening trays and calculate the amount of whitening gel you’ll need before starting. A black line on the side of each syringe denotes the three applications.

Step 3:

Gently push the gel up into the tip of the syringe while holding it upright. Aim the tip into the trays’ base and fill each tooth with a small amount, avoiding the back teeth. Remember to start with the darker teeth and keep in mind that crowns and fillings do not whiten.

Step 4:

When you’re done applying the whitening gel, pull back the syringe, remove the tip, and place it in a safe place.

Step 5:

Place the tray in your mouth and wipe away any excess gum tissue. Avoid eating and drinking while wearing your trays, and follow your dentist’s directions for wear time, which varies between Pola Day and Pola Night.

Step 6:

After removing your whitening trays, clean your teeth again and rinse your whitening trays with cool water, allowing them to dry completely.

Step 7:

Repeat this process daily until you achieve the desired tooth shade.


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