Why Use a Tempered Glass Window for Commercial and Apartment Buildings

Did you ever notice that most of the injuries children received are from sharp objects or broken glass? So, the question is how you can save your children from such injuries. It’s quite simple! By replacing the ordinary glass with tempered glass. Not just in homes or apartments, tempered glass is also abundantly used in commercial windows or doors, too. The tempered glass window is way stronger than the ordinary windows, so you can save your shop, office, or restaurant from burglars.

If you’re planning to open a shop or to build up any other commercial building, you must be wondering the best glass for windows and doors. In this modern time, everyone prefers glass doors because they enhance the beauty of anything. We also recommend tempered glass windows and doors. As tempered glass is stronger than regular glass, it is processed by controlled thermal and chemical treatments to increase its durability. Tempered Glass is a highly safe material and unbreakable.


Types of glass used for commercial buildings

It’s totally up to you which type of glass you want or considers best for your commercial buildings, but must check its properties before you choose. Every type of glass has its own uniqueness and characteristics but we recommend the best one for your convenience. Here are some glass types which can be used while installing glass windows and doors.


  • Insulated Glass is best to keep the room warm

fdajnc Tempered Glass Window

If you want to install an insulated window in your apartment, it’s a good option as it won’t allow heat to pass and help to maintain the room temperature. Its clear surface allows natural light to illuminate the entire space.


  • Use Plexiglass for a clear view

jndanj Tempered Glass Window

You can also use plexiglass for your windows and doors, it’s a good option. Plexiglass is see-through material with a great property to maintain room temperature, but it’s a little lightweight as compared to tempered glass.


  • Clear glass will reflect natural light and enlighten up space

dadc Tempered Glass Window

Clear glass is the best option for your commercial buildings when you want to display your items. It helps to have an easy view of each and everything and also brighten them up with reflection of natural light. However, clear glass is easily breakable, so don’t use this glass if you are afraid of burglars.


  • Tempered Glass- always recommended!

caDFRE Tempered Glass Window

Having windows, doors, or stairs made from tempered glass is really a blessing, how? Well, it’s the toughest and strongest glass ever made. Almost 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass and have great properties. Let’s consider why to choose tempered glass for windows or doors.


Why are tempered glass windows preferred in commercial and apartment buildings?

ECas Tempered Glass Window


Tempered glass windows are highly durable and safer than any other glass window. Bad maintenance of a store or a commercial building can ruin its reputation. Therefore, you need to make sure that you use tempered glass for windows and doors for the security of such places. Using tempered glass windows is worth it because they are scratch-resistant and are not easily breakable.

This property makes them perfect for a commercial building or even for apartments! Usually, the apartment buildings are very high, so they need large windows and doors for an attractive outlook. To make your apartments more secure tempered glass windows are preferred because there won’t be any issue of burglary or any other frequent maintenance. Tempered glass is used in many day-to-day appliances and here you can find the best quality tempered glass on budget. There are a lot of reasons to go for tempered glass windows and doors, some are listed below.


  • Tempered glass is less fragile!

ncdas Tempered Glass Window

As we all know that the tempered glass is less fragile than regular glass. So, it’s tougher and safer enough to be easily installed in your apartments or commercial buildings you own. Tempered glass is made through slow processing so that it can be strengthened enough.


  • Durable enough to go longer

PictucSASg 1 Tempered Glass Window

If you have already installed tempered glass windows in your home, you can rely on them. Being constructed with a slow cooling process, they are more versatile and durable than the other types of glass used for windows. It isn’t the only option for glass windows but the best one!


  • It is safer and more secure to use!

CDwejpg Tempered Glass Window

Let us give you an additional tip. Before thinking of building up any commercial structure, you must check 2 things, its security, and prominence. Any commercial area looks more attractive when it is decked exquisitely and when it’s visible. If you are going to install glass windows and doors, always prefer tempered glass. With the help of it, you can achieve perfection in your commercial areas; Security and Visibility!



  • They don’t scratch easily!

Picture 1saS Tempered Glass Window

The thermal and chemical reactions make the tempered glass harder and scratch-resistant. This unbelievable characteristic of tempered glass makes it an excellent material for cabinet doors, kitchen shelves, tempered shower doors, and windows. They don’t scratch easily and can be cleared very gently.


  • Perfectly resists heat!

XSSA Tempered Glass Window

Tempered glass can tolerate up to 470-degree Fahrenheit, which makes it an excellent material to use in kitchen appliances. Or other places that come in contact with excessive heat. This way it helps to maintain the room temperature and keep the room warm during winters.


  • Easy to clean: easy to maintain!

XZDS Tempered Glass Window

As glass is transparent, it can get more visible dirt. However, due to its smooth and shiny surface, it’s easy to clean. Now large glass windows can be kept neat and clean with just a single wipe.


What’s the difference between regular glass and tempered glass?

You might be thinking of why tempered glass is always preferred over regular glass. Well, your answer is here.

  • Regular glass

Picture 1 Tempered Glass Window

Regular glass is more flexible to changes because it bears an annealing process that enables it to cool rapidly. You can cut it into various sizes and shapes and can easily make adjustments to it. With the help of a drill, you can make holes in it. The regular glass should be handled with care because it is fragile. Where it’s easy to cut down in various shapes, it’s easily breakable, too. When a regular or clear glass breaks it appears in large and sharp pieces, unlike tempered glass.


  • Tempered glass

Tempered Glass Window

As far as tempered glass is concerned, it undergoes thermal and chemical processes which make it less fragile than regular glass. It is said that tempered glass is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. Once you temper a piece of glass you cannot do changes in it. You can’t cut the polish or alter its shape. When temper glass breaks it looks like a million shattered pieces of glass. They aren’t as harmful as normal glass.


Wrapping up!

Tempered glass undergoes thermal and chemical processing which makes it an excellent material to use for doors and windows. The daily applications of tempered glass are infinite. They are preferred in commercial and apartment buildings and are purely heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable!


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