Types of Cylinder Mowers

When you have a garden, the eternal dilemma for everyone is whether the grass area is enough or if you could have something else. For everyone except for the one who is in charge of mowing the lawn. It’s always too much. If you are the poor unfortunate in charge of mowing the lawn, you need to find the most suitable cylinder mower for your garden or backyard.

If you are a detail-oriented person and you like to keep your lawn like a golf course, you will see that using a cylinder lawnmower regularly is feasible. Today, these machines are a classic in the garden kit for homes. Do you want to know why? Keep reading this article to delve into the details and benefits of this tool.


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Types of cylinder mowers

Reel mowers are ideal for flat lawns that you want to keep short and clean. They can be electric and gas-powered. Allet Liberty 43 is a reel mower.

In helical mowers, the cutting system is based on blades placed on a horizontal turning cylinder. The rotation of the cylinder generates a highly precise cutting surface, allowing precise mowing even at very low cutting heights.

Most of the helicoidal lawnmowers (cylinder mowers) are for manual use, that is, they are manual lawnmowers in which both the movement of the machine and the cutting of the lawn is carried out with the effort of the user.

If you have a small (very small) garden, you are not afraid of doing a little exercise and you do not mind mowing every 3 or 4 days in summer, your ideal cylinder lawnmower must is the manual one. Under these circumstances, you don’t need an allet mower, which is more recommended for professional use.

On the other hand, a walk-behind mower is a mower with helical blades that works by pushing the operator. Normally it is recommended for surfaces less than 200 m2, but some manufacturers even recommend less than 100 m2. That surface seems excessive and could be limited to less than 50 m2.



Advantages of cylinder mowers

The cut finish is perfect (they are helical mowers)

Enables really low cutting heights

It does not need electricity or gasoline to work. In that sense, it is ecological

It doesn’t make any noise. Believe it or not, it is a huge advantage

Environmentally friendly. There are no emissions to worry about

Cheaper to maintain. There’s not much to maintain anyway, other than cleaning the blades and rinsing off excess grass clippings.

Cylinder mowers are better for the health of your lawn

They do not chop and pull the grass but cut it delicately like scissors.



Drawbacks of cylinder mowers

They are manual. You have to push for the mowing to be effective

You need more frequent cuts than with rotary mowers. Being helical, you have to mow every 3-4 days maximum in summer

Below are two of the best cylinder mowers you could consider for your home.

Einhell GC-HM 30

This cylinder mower is equipped with a ball-bearing cutting cylinder equipped with 5 high-quality steel blades. It is possible to adjust the desired cutting height continuously, which is very convenient.

The wheels of the device are wide to ensure better protection of the lawn. It has a 16-liter collection basket, which is of course removable for easier emptying.

This manual lawn mower is recommended for use on surfaces up to 150 square meters, for small areas, as said earlier.



Einhell GE-HM38

This GE-HM 38 SF walk-behind mower has a design that closely resembles that of its entry-level competitors, even if it has something else that gives it a greater sense of strength and professionalism.

If entry-level Einhell mowers (excellent quality, don’t get me wrong) look a bit like a toy, they look much more serious.

In case you cannot get a ryobi cylinder mower, you can opt for any of these two options.



Manual lawnmowers are gardening machines that cut grass and lawns without the need for electric or combustion engines. That is, they work only by physical force. Thanks to a cylinder of helical blades connected to the wheels, they can cut the grass by rotating at high speed when the user pushes the machine.



The advantages of manual lawnmowers are many: they are quiet and environmentally friendly, they do not require much maintenance. Besides, they are portable and they are easily stored. However, depending on the physical impulse, it is not recommended to use them for surfaces greater than 2600 square feet. Ideally, the cylinder has more than four blades.

When looking for a cylinder mower for sale, it is important to go through the reviews and check the countless options of mowers listed on online stores. The search can be very tricky.


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