Artificial Grass and All You Need to Know Before Installing One

It has been a long time since artificial grass went from soccer fields to form a green mat of synthetic grass in outdoor areas of gardens, swimming pools, new flooring for attics, balconies, terraces, public spaces, or hotels.

With the technical advances in its materials, synthetic grass is the perfect substitute for natural grass, with important advantages in its maintenance and with really realistic-looking results.

In addition, fake grass bunnings are perfect in those places where, due to weather conditions or other aspects, it is difficult for natural grass to grow. Keep reading to learn more facts about artificial grass and fake grass cost.


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Artificial grass in parks

Artificial vs. Natural Grass: Advantages and Disadvantages

Don’t get it wrong. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, there is no perfect one.


artificial grass cost, artificial grass for balcony, fake grass bunnings. fake grass cost
The artificial grass requires little maintenance


Advantages of artificial grass

It has a warranty on parts and installation, if applicable. The high-priced ones look natural and nice.

The artificial grass cost is low. You get significant savings in water compared to the natural grass model. The touch can be soft and comfortable.

It is resistant and hygienic. They are already manufactured with techniques for a vertical recovery of the fibers.

An important advantage: You can have the green color all year round. The quality ones are not very abrasive.

Minimum maintenance (savings in money and time). They are manufactured to resist fire (They have various certificates)

Weather-proof: cold, sun, rain, ice. They do not generate bad odors.

The soil is not contaminated with fertilizers and chemicals. They are manufactured to resist UV rays or chlorine from swimming pools.

It is not about the artificial grass price (which does matter). It is more about taste. Each thing has its pros and cons.

A natural garden has nothing to do with artificial grass, no matter how successful the product is. That is the reality.


artificial grass artificial grass price, laying artificial grass, best artificial grass
No fertilizers are used to keep the fake grass in good condition


Disadvantages of artificial grass

For medium-large surfaces, it is necessary to hire a specialized company so that its installation is adequate and lasts over time.

As you normally always go through the same place, over time, the plastic chips start to look a bit crushed (Especially with cheap artificial grass)

Being an unnatural material, it heats up in summer. Above all, when the filaments are of high quality. Some companies offer technologies that reduce their heating under the sun.

The freshness and smell of natural grass is lost

Dirt buildup is more difficult to remove than natural grass.

As the years go by, the initial color fades away.


artificial grass cost, artificial grass for balcony, fake grass bunnings. fake grass cost
Loss of tonality in fake grass after years

Things to consider before laying artificial grass

Before starting to buy a lawn, you must know if you want artificial grass for balcony or a terrace or for a garden. If it will be in a busy place, near a swimming pool, if you have pets or if it will be a playground for children. Take into account the different characteristics to pick up the best artificial grass.


artificial grass artificial grass price, laying artificial grass, best artificial grass
If you have kids or pets, get artificial grass of higher quality


  • Lawn length

The first thing you must take into account is where you are going to be laying artificial grass. If we want it for a terrace, we must choose a lawn that is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, so we will choose one that is no longer than 4 centimeters.

If we want it for a garden, it will be good to choose a model that looks more natural, so we recommend choosing one with a length between 3 and 5 cm.

  • Texture and tonality

The more the colors and textures are mixed together, the more realistic a natural grass will be. One that has blades of different shades of green, but also with some brown and beige. It is the combination of colors that is usually present in high-end models, to offer maximum realism and the best aesthetics. That, obviously, translates into the artificial grass cost. So, in this section, we must consider what we want to spend.

In terms of texture, we must bear in mind that the artificial grass must be soft, but also durable. You should never choose very fine models for very busy areas because they get damaged quickly. Grasses with fine filaments are best purchased only for decorative and little-trafficked areas.

  • Number of stitches

This means the number of blades per square meter that a lawn has. The greater the quantity of these ‘hairs’, the more padding it is and the greater its quality. This number of stitches can vary between a few thousand and twenty thousand.

If you have children, it would be ideal to choose grass of at least medium quality because they are much softer and we will prevent them from hurting themselves.



Artificial grass is perfect for installing on a terrace because it can be installed on any surface, it is highly durable, requires very little maintenance, does not require large amounts of water, does not cause allergies and is free of heavy metals, and is fire-retardant.

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