How to Arrange a Sitting Area in Your Terrace Garden

There are hundreds of different design ideas available on the internet and in magazines on how you can arrange your furniture, or paint your walls and add some extra features to your house. Well, sometimes the house can be quite noisy or even stuffy that you can barely relax your mind or get a good nap. For this particular reason, professionals have begun inventing different small sitting area ideas that can suit your outdoor spaces. Thinking of arranging a sitting area on your terrace or how to choose the right hammock for your garden but not sure where to start?

One nice thing is sometimes the smallest details can make the largest difference, from an aesthetic log rack for ambiance to a hammock to relax in. You can work miracles with the terrace area that you have regardless of the size.

You can work miracles with the terrace area that you have regardless of the size.


Considerations Before Kick-Starting Your Transformation

So, when making your plans for what would turn out to be your outdoor sitting area, here are some of the things you should consider:

  • Get an actual measurement/estimate of the area to be worked on.
  • Work out what you already have from the list of items you need to launch your backyard sitting area.
  • Determine what furniture or item you need to buy from the store.
  • Work out the estimates or actual cost of each item to avoid unforeseen financial costs outside of your budget.
  • The expertise is necessary to facilitate the process.
  • An estimate of the time that the project will take.
  • A vision and purpose of the whole idea.

How to Go About It

Everyone has their own taste and preferences when it comes to the type of designs for their terrace garden or backyard sitting area. Read on to find out what suits you best.


A Colorful Garden Terrace

terrace gardenImage Source- Either Interior 


What a place to escape from the usual atmosphere!

The pop of color from the cushions to the flowers and luxury candles creates a beautiful atmosphere and ambiance to the area. Somewhere green and all-natural can be quite refreshing to unwind right?

Just envying the guys who build their homes in forests. All those trees and the fresh air are something to cherish. For a flamboyant garden, one ought to consider opting for the dandelion killer for lawns to bring out that simplicity and at the same time beauty that can calm your mind after having a long day at work.

The touch of nature tends to provide rich air and also a soothing effect on the overall look. Still, wonder why many prefer camping?


  Cozy Seats Terrace Garden

terrace gardenImage Source- Izzy and Mel


Nothing strikes well than the feeling of laying down to a comfortable piece of furniture. Having your backyard sitting area that’s fitted with quality and desirable seats can help you escape the compact atmosphere in the house.

Incorporating the best design for your outdoor relaxation spot is quite necessary and will go a long way in helping you have that cherished experience. Similarly, choosing the best material that will blend with your general theme is very important. The selection of the right type of furniture e.g. deck chaise lounge, chair with ottoman, rocking chair, Adirondack, and hammock, can be of great impact to your plan.

How to choose the right hammock for your terrace garden

A hammock is a great way of creating a stylish relaxation sanctuary in your terrace garden that you can unwind in. The first step to choosing the perfect hammock is by understanding the different range of hammock types. Your choice of the hammock will depend on your preference and where you intend to install it. Listed below are the top backyard hammocks to help get you started.


Fat Hammock 2 terrace garden


The 5 Main Types of Hammocks to Consider:

  • Colombian Hammock: This aesthetically pleasing hammock is great for both outdoor and indoor use. The fringe on a Colombian is eye-catchy because of its uniqueness.
  • Hanging/Rope Hammock: Made out of spun polyester rope or soft cotton, this hammock will require posts or two trees for installation.
  • Soft Woven Cotton and Canvas Hammock: This is the most popular type of hammock. They are made out of a cotton/polyester blend fabric or 100% plain-woven cotton and comes in all kinds of colors. 
  • Camping Hammock: Usually made of the same material as a parachute, these lightweight and portable hammocks are great for the backyard but are usually ideal for backpacking, wild camping, jungle adventures, and hiking.
  • Hammocks chairs: these are ideal for reading while sitting upright.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hammock

  • Durability: As a major investment for your backyard or terrace garden, the level of durability is important when buying a hammock. There are also risks of getting injured from an inferior quality hammock when they snap.
  • Portability: The size and weight of the hammock are crucial when choosing a hammock, you must take into account the space you intend to install it. If you need it to support the weight of two people, consider a double seat hammock that can hold up to 450 or 475 pounds (lbs).
  • Cost: You do not need to break the bank to buy the perfect hammock for your terrace garden or next camping trip. While there are more expensive options that might offer better quality, most people do not need these for personal use.

Positioning and Additives

How to arrange a sitting areaImage Source- Sonja Olsen


Swaying your way to relaxation!

A great deal is seen in the ability to structure or arrange your sitting area regardless of your choice of design. The right positioning of the seats and working with the landscape of the garden will make the difference. Apart from the seats, issues like shade and lighting are very important as well. A tree can be used to provide shade during the day. A lamp or candles can be hanged somewhere on the tree to lighten up the garden at night.

For fancier approaches, depending on your space and budget, something like a hot bathtub, water features, or a fireplace can create a perfect environment. Just picture yourself swinging on a hammock while enjoying a bottle of chilled beer while viewing the stars or relaxing in a hot tub and sipping a glass of wine listening to your favorite playlist.


How to arrange a sitting areaImage Source- Janki Design


When deciding how to organize a relaxing spot in the terrace garden, a couple of considerations have to be taken into account but you must make sure that your interest is met. Finding the right guy for the job is also crucial because a lack of expertise can result in shoddy work being done.

Consulting with your family members is also important because different opinions can eventually lead to splendid ideas and also such plans are usually long term. Furthermore, it’s a shared place.

Do you have plans to renovate your terrace garden, patio, or backyard to a relaxing spot? Do you have any ideas in mind already on how to arrange your sitting area? How do you plan to go about it? Let us know in the comment section.

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