6 Patio Slabs That Are A Must-Try

Gone are the days when there were only a few choices when selecting patio slabs. In the past, most homeowners use no other slabs than those that were grey, buff, or red. Today, the variety of patio slabs is overwhelming, as it ranges from concrete paving slabs to black paving slabs.

So, what are the best pavers to use for a patio? It all depends on your individual preferences and the space available. It is also contingent upon the home and patio design, and certainly on your budget.

Despite this, there are patio slabs to meet everyone’s requirements. The latest trend in patio flooring is the use of slabs. In this article, we are going into some of the most popular patio slabs that have come out to the market.


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Patio slabs

Budget paving for patios

Choosing the best patio slabs can be daunting because not all slabs are compatible with all patio designs. The other problem is finding cheap paving slabs. If you are unclear about what to do, talk with a technician or an expert in paving.

The cheapest product is utility paving, however, it is not versatile. Anyway, you can opt for utility paving to store shed bases and wheelie bins, but not for more.

If you are on a tight budget, the solution can be Edale or Ashbourne patio slabs. These types of patio slabs are not ugly and are pleasing to the eye. They arguably serve a decorative purpose and replicate natural stone very well.

Alternatively, choose concrete and manufactured molds to spruce up your home outdoors. They are available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and finishes. Plus, they are easy to lay for DIYers, which eliminates the cost of labor.

Another product that can add modernity to your home is textured paving. These patio slabs have a blasted finish and can be found in grey and dark grey that matches the garden wall colors. Other than that, textured tiles are not expensive in comparison with other patio slabs.

Below are the most popular patio slabs on the market today.


1. Concrete paving

Concrete paving is like natural stone. These patio slabs are generally unicolor and have different finishes.

This type of slab is used to add a modern touch. The slabs are available in fashionable grey shades, which keep maintenance low. As a bonus, they are non-toxic and are made from recycled aggregate.

Likewise, concrete pavers give the option to try a more traditional style. These patio slabs look like reclaimed stone, although they are manufactured with 83% of recycled aggregate. Additionally, they have an affordable price tag.


patio slabs garden slabs cheap paving slabs porcelain paving slabs black paving slabs 600x600 concrete paving slabs

2. Carpet Stones

Carpet stones are intended for homeowners looking for a traditional vibe. These patio slabs are cut and laid with less physical effort. Their cobbles are cut to shape effortlessly. Is your garden or patio an awkward area? Carpet stones are a nice option.

There are carpet stones made from granite and sandstone. Laying these cobbles is not easy and requires knowledge. Each set has to be set individually, so it is not a task that can be finished in hours.

3. Porcelain paving slabs

These tiles are increasing in popularity because they are strong and resistant to wear and staining. They also withstand the test of time for years and are very easy to install.

Apart from this, it is a low-maintenance product that does not require sealants, which minimizes eventual maintenance costs. These patio slabs are a cost-effective choice that does not discolor or wear when exposed to rain and sun.

These slabs portray either a traditional or a non-traditional look, but many are compatible with most garden designs. If you want to achieve a more traditional feel, then opt for porcelain pavers such as Vetusto porcelain. These slabs are usually 3 colors and are very durable.

Now, a contemporary flair with these patio slabs can be obtained with the combination of shades and mosaics. Porcelain patio slabs can be found in up to 12 designs. You have options aplenty to express your creativity.


patio slabs garden slabs cheap paving slabs porcelain paving slabs black paving slabs 600x600 concrete paving slabs

4. Black paving for patios

Black pavers are the type of flooring material you would like for the most trafficked areas of your patio floor. They are available in various colors, styles, and sizes. They can also make the garden floor aesthetically pleasing.

As a bonus, they are highly durable and allow homeowners and contractors to mix colors and designs, and use their creativity to the utmost. They are versatile.

Another advantage of these patio slabs is that they withstand the weight of vehicles and large wooden structures.

5. Slate Paving Slabs

Slate paving slabs come in a color palette that is difficult to reproduce in nature. They have been used for centuries to beautify gardens and patios. The imperfections of these patio slabs draw the eye with their copper and iron colors.


patio slabs garden slabs cheap paving slabs porcelain paving slabs black paving slabs 600x600 concrete paving slabs

6. Granite Paving Slabs

Granite is an igneous stone used for home outdoor décor. They are also available in a range of colors and finishes and are one of the most durable natural stones for decorative and cladding purposes. The most popular hues are white and blackish.


What sizes are paving slabs?

Happily, the market is chock-full of garden slabs of all sizes. While there are slabs that are 300x300mm, 600×600 concrete paving slabs are among the favorites and are the most currently used in the concrete flooring industry. Other slabs are even bigger, measuring 900x900mm.


patio slabs garden slabs cheap paving slabs porcelain paving slabs black paving slabs 600x600 concrete paving slabs


Oversized patio slabs are 900x900mm. But that’s not all. There are slabs that measure 800x800mm and are for sale in two blended shades. They are obviously not natural stones but look like them since they are riven.

Other sizes are 800x200mm and 900x150mm and fulfill another purpose. These slabs are long and have a wood effect that differs from those that resemble stone. These patio slabs look like wood and display a rugged profile. They are designed to cover floors of gardens and patios of properties with pastel-colored walls, although they can work wonders in patios of big log cabins.

Wondering about the durability of these patio slabs? They hardly ever degrade or warp because they are waterproof and resistant to chips, which helps save a lot of money.


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