What Is A Cylinder Mower?

A cylinder mower (also: roller mower) is a type of freestanding lawnmower. It is used to cultivate ornamental lawns, for example, for palace gardens, parks, and also private gardens.

The mechanics of a cylinder lawn mower specialize in cutting the grass as smoothly as possible while creating a flat surface at the same time. Depending on the model and location, the mower is operated manually (private use), electrically, or with a gasoline engine (professional use).

If you want to trim your lawn with precision and down to a few millimeters, you need a cylinder mower. These mowers are specialized in creating ornamental lawns. You can find a cylinder mower for sale easily on Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. In the latter, most mowers are Chinese.


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The technology of cylinder mowers

The spindle technology is used in lawns that are characterized by a dense, leafy green with thin leaves. Because of their uniform cut, they are generally considered ornamental lawns. This type of lawn does not imply a practical use of the green area but mainly has a visual purpose. The spindle technology is traditionally used to design palaces and landscaped gardens.

On the other hand, the reel mower cutting technology consists of two main components: reel and cutter blade. The axle of the same name consists of several strips of blades and is located horizontally between the driving wheels. When the mower moves forward, the shaft rotates in unison.

As it does so, it scoops up the grass and presses it against a fixed cut, which is used to cut the upper tips of the stem. Visually, this process is reminiscent of the work of a roller, which is why cylinder mowers are synonymous with roller mowers.

Strictly speaking, this technology corresponds to the classic principle of scissors and promises a clean cut without fringes.

Due to their special cutting technique, cylinder mowers guarantee the happy growth of the grass. Therefore, regular and frequent cutting is unavoidable.


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Where to use a cylinder mower?

The electric cylinder mower has always been used in commerce. However, it can also be used for private use.

In the professional sector, the cylinder mower is used for large areas such as sports fields and large parks. These categories include golf courses and palace gardens, for example. While the palace garden is visually enhanced by impeccable lawns, ornamental grass for sports fields meets the requirement of a very smooth but soft subfloor.

For private use, individuals fulfill their dream of a precisely cut lawn in lush green. Like the extensive lawn in the palace garden, the decorative lawn in the front garden acts as a special attraction in a smaller way.

Not only golf courses can be cut with a cylinder mower. A cylinder mower like the allett liberty 43 levels the grass on sports fields and football fields.


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Three Important Buying Criteria for Cylinder Mowers

Buying online makes it easy to see the variety of manufacturers, products, and the vast amount of their technical data.

These are three decisive properties when buying a cylinder mower for sale: width of cut and height of cut, and weight.

  1. Cutting width

The width of the cutting strip is defined by the specified cutting width. To put it simpler: the mowing width information tells you how much area of ​​grass you can cut with one pass. On average, larger walk-behind mowers can handle up to 40cm, smaller models generally peak at 30cm.

Wide lawn mowers are advantageous for rectangular shapes of grass as they reduce the number of walking paths.

On the other hand, we recommend a narrower cutting width for angled or rounded pieces of grass, so that there is no risk of damaging adjacent flower beds with the mower sticking out.

  1. Cutting height

For each model of a cylinder mower, be it from the manufacturer Einhell, Brill, or an Allet mower, there is usually an indication of the minimum and maximum cutting height. With the cutting height, you can determine how many millimeters you want the grass cut.

Since cylinder mowers were specially built for low-rise ornamental lawns, their maximum cutting height of 4 cm is two to three centimeters below the maximum height of conventional gasoline or electric lawn mowers (6 to 7 cm).

  1. Weight

Regardless of the type of drive, cylinder lawnmowers must be pushed across the lawn by hand. For this reason, a low deadlift is always recommended – the lighter the mower, the easier the job is.

However, don’t be discouraged if a gas-powered or electric device weighs significantly more than a simple hand mower. Buying a Ryobi cylinder mower can bring a lot of benefits in terms of weight and physical effort when doing landscaping.


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Since cylinder mowers have a built-in motor, it is inevitable that the deadweight will increase. However, these devices make pushing easier because they rotate the shaft independently and pull the mower forward with it.

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