Waterfall Countertop: All You Need to Know

Some trends come and go, but waterfall countertops seem to stay due to their design and classy look. These cabinets give your kitchen a classier and trendier look that makes it look like a very expensive kitchen. What differentiates waterfall décor from others is the pattern and the fact that the material, which is usually quartz, continues the same way as a waterfall. Opposite to traditional cabinets, the waterfall does not stop until the end of the cabinets but continues downwards.

This design features a modern or contemporary design in detail. It belongs to modern interiors, so if you’ve got a very traditional home and you’re not mixing in modern touches, steer clear of this trend. But if you have a modern or contemporary interior, then a waterfall detail might be what you’re looking for.


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A waterfall edge countertop is made from natural stones where 90-degree corners can be mitered to create that seamless look from top to side marble. It is really popular because the natural veining in that material can be so beautiful and by creating a waterfall detail, that beautiful veining continues across the top and down to the floor.

There’s a real sense of flow. Look for stone slabs that have a striking pattern where you can really celebrate nature’s art and make a statement without the waterfall edge. The stone might not even be noticed unless you’re up close, but with it continuing on the sides, it’s much more visible.



What if you don’t have a kitchen island?

If you don’t have a waterfall island kitchen, you can still have a waterfall countertop. If you have exposed end cabinetry, you can finish it up with a waterfall countertop detail.

Vanities are another great way to introduce the waterfall countertop. It is amazing to see how the waterfall contains or hugs the cabinetry on either end. A waterfall countertop island looks great with cabinetry that is super sleek and simple.


What if you’re not a fan of natural marble?

Then you can use granite or quartz too. In fact, the popularity of this design detail is being interpreted in other materials like concrete or even wood.

The thickness of the countertop is important. Just make sure you keep the thickness the same. From across the top down the sides, keep the measurement consistent.


waterfall countertop waterfall island kitchen, waterfall edge countertop

What Materials Can You Use For Waterfall Countertops?

The materials to build waterfall countertops are usually difficult to pick. If you choose the materials in an improper way, you will end up ruining your setting. So, what to do? Make sure you mix granite and wood well. Generally, the materials used for this kind of décor are no more than wood, marble, and granite. Quartz is also an option, but it always must be a material with a waterfall pattern or profile.

Because of this, designers do not make the decision harder and opt for quartz, which is maintenance-free and simulates a waterfall. What designers do is combine this material with pigments and resins to make the setting look more like a waterfall. If the veins are tough to blend or combine, the contractor can opt to exclude them, but if they find the combination feasible, then they include them to create the desired effect.

The difference between granite and quartz is that granite is more costly. Both the installation and the material itself are more costly. For this reason, it is advisable to get quartz countertops done. Getting customized waterfall quartz countertops installed is a solution, although the installation has a high cost. Despite this, quartz is still a better alternative, since it is low maintenance.

Here’s an example of a quartz waterfall countertop.


Advantages and disadvantages of a waterfall countertop


  • Waterfall countertops are stylish and futuristic.
  • The edge of waterfall countertops distinguishes them from traditional ones.
  • It is well known that quartz does not scratch easily. You can cook and use your cooking utensils on it, and quartz will not scratch at all. So, waterfall countertops are likely to last more.
  • You can clean these cabinets with just a piece of cloth, rag, and harsh soap, and they will not corrode.


  • You should expect additional costs because you’ll need more material than if you were to have the countertop end along the top as well as additional charges for cutting and installation but in the end, if you’ve chosen your material wisely, you’ll love that clean streamlined look.
  • Combining waterfall countertops is always tricky. Before proceeding with the installation, think of the chairs and accessories you are going to add to your kitchen.
  • If your kitchen has a traditional style, forget this waterfall design. This trend is more suited to kitchens that have a more contemporary décor. So if you are planning to install this design, revamp your kitchen first and make it trendier, and then go for your waterfall countertop design later on.


waterfall countertop island, waterfall edge countertop, waterfall edge
Combining a waterfall countertop with chairs



When looking for waterfall countertops, consider your kitchen color. Is your kitchen light-colored or completely dark? If it is dark, use a white countertop, but if your setting is white, install a dark one.

The size also matters when intending to try this design. Normally, white does not look well in very large kitchens that have a waterfall countertop. To make it easier, use white for small kitchens and dark for bigger ones. However, white can work for decorative accents.

Waterfall countertops look great on kitchen islands because they provide a real sense of purpose and place for your island by establishing a grounding effect in your kitchen. The island is already the center of attention by its very nature of being in the middle, but a waterfall edge countertop draws even more attention to it.

Many homeowners love the simplicity of the waterfall countertops because it hides the surface of the cabinet underneath or the visual mess of chairs while providing a clean flat surface and therefore a clean streamlined aesthetic.

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