Rhinoplasty: Who Is It For?

In the medical field, a rhinoplasty is the “fancy name” for a nose job. It refers to the process of reshaping someone’s nose, and it’s more common than you might realize.

The human nose is made of a combination of bone and cartilage. Changing the shape by adjusting the cartilage is a simple process for someone who has the training and the equipment.

So why do millions of people opt for a nose job instead of keeping their natural nasal shape? There are plenty of reasons, and some might surprise you.


Who Benefits From Rhinoplasty?

Have you ever heard of a condition called a cleft lip? This, as well as syndromes such as frontonasal dysplasia, Apert syndrome, Collins syndrome, and many more, are birth defects that affect the nasal area. People born with these conditions may need rhinoplasty to breathe normally.

However, there are lots of other reasons behind nose jobs, and many times, the surgery is cosmetic. Someone unhappy with the appearance of their nose can experience serious mental health issues. They may continually fight depression and fear of going out in public.

With a rhinoplasty surgery performed by a skilled professional, it’s possible that a little tweak your nose is enough. That small change could be all it takes to make you feel better about your appearance.

Or, if you want an entirely new look, rhinoplasty can change the size and angle of the nose. The surgeon could straighten the bridge of the nose, reshape the tip, or narrow the nostrils.

The key is to wait until the nasal bone has finished growing before you get a cosmetic nose job. Otherwise, the new growth could affect the finished look that you had after the surgery. But if you need the rhinoplasty in order to breathe better, it can be done at any age, even in young children.


Rhinoplasty: Who Is It For?


Candidates for Rhinoplasty

The procedure for rhinoplasty is safe and effective. In fact, it’s one of the common surgeries in men and women. Over 200,000 nose job surgeries are performed every year.

An optimal candidate for rhinoplasty is someone already fully grown and in good overall health. Smokers are sometimes denied for the procedure because of vascular complications. Smoking constricts the blood vessels in the body, and for proper healing and recovery, you need good blood flow.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, it can be an amazing change for the better in your life. However, keep in mind that there are some limitations. Even the world’s best surgeon has to work with your facial structure, so there may be obstacles to the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Talk to your surgeon about the risks and benefits of rhinoplasty for you. He or she will advise you as to your options based on your physical health, goals, and medications. They’ll also explain the process to you.

Make sure you know what to expect with every stage of the process, including pre-op and post-op. During the surgery, you’ll likely be under anesthesia, but everything before and after will be up to you to handle.

With a doctor’s expert care and your preparation, you’ll have a positive, successful experience.

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