WPC Doors: Pros and Cons

WPC (Wood-Polymer Composite) is a compound made up of fine wood particles completely covered by a PVC resin, which is used for the manufacturing of WPC doors.

These doors are recyclable and sustainable products with high physical-mechanical properties. They are perfect for all kinds of works; houses, condominiums, buildings, hotels, commercial, industrial works, etc. Due to their thermoplastic properties, WPC is better than traditional wood. It has a long useful life, is resistant to humidity and does not require maintenance.

This system is composed of an innovative material, wood and PVC, which are installed dry to facilitate its placement and achieve an excellent surface finish (Prefinished).

Below are the pros and cons of WPC doors and WPC frame price.


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WPC doors

Advantages of WPC doors

Compared to other types of doors, WPC doors undoubtedly have the best cost-benefit ratio.

  • Waterproof.
  • High strength and durability.
  • Provides thermo-acoustic insulation.
  • Does not require maintenance or painting.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Immune to insects.
  • Does not generate mold or rot.
  • Aesthetic beauty and accomplished finishes.
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Usable with dry construction.
  • Supports the use of pre-frame.
  • Compatible with any type of lock (traditional, tubular, hotels, etc.)


If you need a door for your bathroom, there are plenty of WPC doors for bathroom on the net.


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Drawbacks of WPC doors

While they apparently have the texture of wood, they don’t feel like wood. WPC doors are not resistant to high temperatures and soften easily when exposed to high temperatures.

Secondly, wood-plastic doors are currently emerging products of environmental protection that claim to be energy saving. Since they don’t have a standardized rating system like other doors, they are difficult to buy.

The size of a WPC door frame is limited. Although it can be customized, it is limited by the size of the door profile. You will always find that the WPC frame price is high.

Unfortunately, there are few processing methods for recycling these doors. The plastic content is well-nigh impossible to burn and produces a lot of harmful substances.


The maintenance of WPC doors is easy and requires little time. Neither coat of paint, nor coat of wax, nor special maintenance other than seasonal cleaning will be necessary. However, maintenance is important to increase durability.

Clean it depending on the place where it is installed. As a general rule, do this each season.

A safe choice against burglaries

Mostly equipped with a lock with 3 to 4 closing points, this hybrid ensures the protection of your home and prevents burglars.

When looking for wood-plastic door, find out about the terms of your home insurance contract. The minimum constraints for the number of anchor points of the door are specified there. If your lock is not compliant, you will not be protected in the event of a break-in. The number of break-ins is constantly increasing each year and evidence proves that burglars prefer entry points and garage doors.

Differences between composite and WPC doors

WPC doors are different from composite wood doors.

Composite wood is made of wood fibers and plastic resins. A composite door is made up of two fiberglass walls, which get molded through advanced compression technology. A polyurethane foam is injected between the two panels to ensure consistency and reinforce the insulation of the fiberglass door.

It is possible to combine composite with glass in the construction of wood plastic doors.

WPC doors price

Overall, WPC doors price is the same as aluminum doors. Standard WPC doors can cost between €800 and €1,250, knowing that 1,000-euro doors are the best models.

If you are looking for higher-end models, prices can range from €1,500 to €2,500, however, some can cost even €4,000 or more.

It is difficult to find a composite door below €800. If you opt for an armored door, the price can go up to €4,000.

Although the price of a composite door varies according to the ranges, it is higher than the average of doors made with other materials. This is explained by the fact that the composite is a very efficient material and still new in the market. Several elements will influence the price of a WPC door:

  • Type of door
  • Quality
  • Finishes
  • Dimensions

A wood-polymer door and a WPC frame is a good investment given the quality and durability of the material. The composite can indeed be used for all types of doors, regardless of the WPC door frame. These doors can be added a motorized system.


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WPC doors are sought after due to their composition and quality. The fine and straight lines with custom finishes achieve the highest standards of contemporary designs. They provide great versatility and give warmth to spaces, standing out for their elegance.


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